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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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champion. And England keep faith with Captain Cook, describing him as


the best man to lead them into the Cricket World Cup. More details in


15 minutes. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are broadcaster


Penny Smith and journalist and broadcaster, Petrie Hosken.


Tomorrow's front pages. The lead in the Times and in nearly


all of the papers tonight is the recall


of Parliament to vote on British airstrikes in Iraq. The paper says


bombing could start within hours of Friday's vote. The Guardian says RAF


Tornado aircraft would be used if such an attack were sanctioned. It


also has a picture of a 19`year`old boy from Brighton. It's feared he's


become the latest British jihadi to die in Syria. We must deal with


these psychopathic murderers, is the headline in the Telegraph.


It also marks the death of the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, the


last of the Mitford sisters. And in the Mirror, Britain on the brink of


Gulf War III. The Mail breaks away and leads with


David Cameron's apology to the Queen after saying she purred down the


phone to him over Scotland deciding to stay in the union. And it has a


picture of Alice Gross, missing now for four weeks.


And finally, Jason Orange quits Take That. They will carry on as a trio.


Let's begin with the Times. Many of the headlines are catching the


phrases that people like David Cameron and President Obama want us


to remember, the important messages. Calling for war on barbarians. The


Mrs is that this is not just the West against Muslim states in the


Middle East. `` the message. And dealing with these psychopathic


murderers. The danger is that by making them sound like lunatics,


perhaps what we are not doing is looking at how seriously they are


operating. They are under the command of people who used to be


high up in the Iraqi military command, and therefore, they know


how to operate. They can arm and train people and are doing so in


areas where the satellites cannot see them. They are clever. They are


not a bunch of lunatics. And so when we talk about war on barbarians, of


course he talks about cruelty and beheadings, rape, he says it is


horrific and totally medieval in character, the problem is that it


makes the rest of us think that they are medieval in brain and in their


thinking, which they are not. They are clever. Look how much money they


have got. And in such a small amount of time. And they cannot even be


pushed back into one little corner. Al`Qaeda was this disparate group of


people, and ideology, really. Anyone could be Al`Qaeda. This group are


very well organised with a proper chain of command. I'm not glorifying


them but we should not underestimate them. These are not just shepherds


with come off the mountains and have decided they want to cut people 's


heads off. They are being run by callous and experienced warlords.


That is what Mr Cameron has to careful of. And it could take many,


many years to ferret out. But how do you wipe out an ideology? You can


perhaps kill the member can you the message? The front page says that


the UN has also passed a resolution calling for nations to make


travelling abroad for jihad a criminal offence. The Mirror calls


it Gulf War III. One year ago, President Obama was talking about


pulling troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq, but now he is literally


talking about sending them back to a degree, except for groups on the


ground. In some ways, the war was never over. When we did the first


Gulf War, there were so many people who we interviewed who all said the


same thing: We have to know our exit strategy. We have to know what we


will do if we win. We won surprisingly quickly. And we let the


Kurds down in the first Gulf War as well. Yes. And we are essentially


reaping what people want us we would when we started selling these feeds


in the first place. Do you think `` selling `` sowing these seeds. Do


you think we took our eye off the ball? There were these warnings. I


think we actually got war weary, weary of all of our soldiers, men


and women, going over there, losing their lives for what seemed like


something that had not been there in the first place, these weapons of


mass destruction. I would urge journalists at the moment to


consider that headlines like Gulf War III are a little bit


scaremongering. We are not putting boots on the ground. I worry about


the devilment, sometimes, from journalists who want to shake things


up a bit. This is an important vote on Friday on just one aspect. And


David Cameron says if we are going to be talking about Syria, is


another discussion. This is just Iraq, this is just because we have


been asked to do it. By Iraq. And so we will not go any further. I just


go... When I see headlines like Gulf War III... And speaking of there


being so many fronts in this war, the Guardian focuses on one of them


that also David Cameron, President Obama and other UN members have been


discussing tonight, which is how to stop jihadis from leaving the


country and fighting abroad. This is a young man, 19 years old. A family


who came from Sierra Leone, war`torn Sierra Leone, who came here arrived


in the UK in 2004, and this is a 19`year`old who went over and fought


for... Well... And affiliate group of Al`Qaeda that has fought against


both the Syrian president and against other Islamic State, Britons


in the country's civil war. The whole thing is just back `` against


other Islamic State factions in the country's civil war. It has not been


confirmed that it is him but she believes it is. We have more people


going out there. I'm afraid we will have more coming back in this


condition. Dead. This is a really salient story, actually, that young


people need to pay attention to. Do you think a person can be


derecognised? I have done so many interviews on this topic and spoken


with people. People who have been in cults. This one woman was in a cult


as a child and it'll power her entire life to try to do programme


herself from that cult. `` it took her entire life. I don't know how


you could test that it has happened. Once an ideology is so


entrenched in somebody, it is very difficult to persuade them


otherwise. The Daily Mail steers away from this subject. David


Cameron's apology after saying the Queen purred down the phone. Why did


he even say that? Just stupid. It kind of gives the lie that it is


women who gossip. Men are just as bad. This is without precedent for


serving prime minister, this apology. He said he would be


following it up with a personal phone call. In case you don't know


what we are talking about, this is because he said the Queen purred


down the phone to him over the Scots vote. We do know that she was quite


thrilled with the result, naturally. But nevertheless, the


Prime Minister says he is embarrassed and extremely sorry to


have aired the Queen 's private views to someone during a


conversation he did not know was being picked up while he was wearing


a microphone. Gordon Brown... So many lessons to be learned. It is


one of the first things you learn on radio or television. You are never


alone with a microphone. Especially the Prime Minister, talking about


the Queen. We have had confirmation of this story, so to speak, from


Downing Street. Downing Street has confirmed that David Cameron will be


offering an apology in person to the Queen. He was chatting to Michael


Bloomberg in New York. Downing Street has already contacted


Buckingham Palace to offer his apologies but it is understood he


will apologise in person when he meets Her Majesty for one of his


regular audiences. That is going to be an awkward on the station. How do


you move on `` awkward conversation. How do you move on


from that? Do you want another biscuit? Maybe she would just laugh.


The Independent focuses on a man who became a bit of a hero at the Labour


Party Conference. Not Ed Miliband. There he is on the front page. And


this is why. We must never, ever let the NHS free from our grasp because


if we do, your future will be my past. I'm not Apollo vision... A


politician, a member of the elite `` I'm not a politician, a member of


the elite or a financial guru, but my life is your history and we


should keep it that way. Say it loud across the country, Mr Cameron, keep


your mitts off my NHS! The best speech of the conference. He


apparently took some advice from Ed Miliband the night before his


speech. Maybe it should have been the other way around, perhaps. He


was talking about his sister who died from tuberculosis when she was


ten because there was no NHS at the time. He had people at the


conference in tears. But what an amazing man. The NHS will be the


battleground. If I were to advise Ed Miliband, firstly, I would say don't


forget important things in your speeches, but I would also say don't


forget the NHS because it is an incredibly emotive subject. I live


in a very safe Tory seat. They decimated the NHS in that area and


they lost their safe seat to the Labour Party. And men like him


standing up and speaking out passionately and personally about


our health service, that is a vote winner. Have you noticed that this


is a subject people...? We only have to say, does anyone have an opinion


on hospitals and phone lines light up immediately. And it is your local


hospital. Even if people have not used them yet, it is that safety and


security. That security blanket. He went and voted and voted for the


creation of the NHS and that is why it is such an emotive speech. It was


personal and passionate and it was real people. It looked quite off the


cuff as well. We are tired of politicians going blah blah blah.


The Telegraph. A wonderful portrait of the Dowager Duchess of


Devonshire. The Mitford sisters were rascals of their day. Scandalous and


friends with Hitler and Winston Churchill and hanging out with


various other... But it didn't do any harm. A good innings. Dying at


the age of 94. She really led life to the full and write to the end.


She was perhaps one of the quieter ones in the end. She married the


Duke and then turned this whole estate around and made it a success.


One of the first and only to make these big houses actually make


money. Very bright and absolutely beautiful and I have been coveting


those eyebrows on her. Look at those eyebrows! We will have to leave it


there. Eyebrow tips. Thank you. Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm


Katie Gornall. Coming up: Spurs come from behind to fell Forest, on a


night packed with goals in the League Cup. On top of the World `


Sir Bradley Wiggins claims the one major title to have eluded him, and


is the new


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