30/10/2015 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Glasgow as the men go for gold at the gymnastics championships, and


also in Mexico where Formula 1 makes its return for the first time since


1982. -- 1992. Studio E, check. Green dress, check.


Thank goodness for that. Hello and welcome to our look


ahead to what the the papers With me are broadcaster Bonnie


Greer, and David Williamson - the The Times says foreigners will be


forced to pay to use an ambulance or visit A in a crackdown


on so-called "health tourism". "A great day for justice" is the


Daily Mail's take on the release of Shaker Aamer after 14 years


in Guantanamo Bay. The Independent says a new House


of Lords revolt is brewing, this The Express highlights the case


of a 91-year-old widow who faces being deported from the UK,


saying it reveals deep flaws The Daily Telegraph says the deaths


of up to 25 patients have come under investigation after a scandal


involving the 1-1-1 helpline. And the Sun says just 25


of the 650 MPs in the House of Commons have given


their ?7000 pay rises to charity Let's begin with the Daily Mail and


the Shaker Aamer story. He has returned home to the UK after 14


years in Guantanamo Bay. Bonnie, this is a story the Daily Mail has


been very tenacious over, securing his release. I cannot Express what I


feel about the Daily Mail on television, however you have to give


them the respect for this. They did this for the family and the campaign


and reprieve of the organisation, the campaign to get him out, and


amazing effort and they deserve the respect. We, unfortunately, are


reduced to Guantanamo Bay now. We call it Gitmo in the United States


but it is an abomination, our modern day Gulag and this extrajudicial


horror this man was kept in. He was exonerated, OK, by George Bush,


Obama, the FBI, the CIA, MI5 and MI6 and he still was not let go. There


is talk he may be June compensation, not surprising for


many people? Absolutely. If we look at the Birmingham six, the Guildford


four, in this case he wasn't even charged. In the war of ideas, as


well as one of national security, sacrificing the moral high ground is


one of the greatest tragedies you can have. What the Daily Mail has


done again, to give it its respect, hard for me to do but I will, is


that they upheld the principle of PBS corpus which was begun in this


country -- happiest corpus. This is a great triumph for them and it will


be interesting to see what he does now. A very particular man and it


will be interesting to see what he says. Let's move on to the Financial


Times. Tweet signalled TalkTalk floors. Signalling their


vulnerabilities. Where did this come from? Possibly a customer service


worker, tweeting about the vulnerabilities in this huge


organisation. Like saying to a group of bears, there is some honey over


here, let's explorer. On the forums as a much discussed topic and low


and behold there appears to be a slew of potential teenagers who


decided to explore this. This amazes me about Twitter because there are


many people who do not know what it is or understand what Twitter is.


This could have been someone who thought he or she was speaking to


another person and did not realise everybody can see you, and, yes, it


is literally a publishing platform with all the rules of publishing and


this is what happened. Now they think a bunch of 16-year-olds, two


16-year-olds have actually done this. Quite amazing. The other story


in the Financial Times, a rival of generation rent Knox links out of


the house moving chain. So many people who need to move house at the


same time, they are suggesting that phenomenon might not be necessary --


dieback. Apparently not that long ago one in ten house sales were in a


chain, and that was something like one in three saw it shows how many


people are in this huge renting thing, myself included. I am


renting, too. This is, you know, if you're 25 to 35, you may as well


just, there is an expression but I will not say it, this generation,


the Next Generation, the ones who will actually support people like me


and all that is being encouraged, there are not finding anywhere to


live, and it is not OK, not an acceptable thing, but it seems now


that they are going to be led to believe this is normal for them,


this will be a normal situation. In many countries in Europe, though, it


is normal not to on your own home. Don't we just have a bee in our


bonnets, a bit? America and great Britain are property owning


democracy is. The idea of your children, your money. If this is to


be changed for the generation who is actually the one in work, powering


the economy, the ones who are the future, there is something that has


been turned upside down. Absolutely. And apparently a huge mentoring of


the market is by two letters selling to other by two letters. -- dieback.


I live in the West End and it is not for the young -- buy-to-letters.


Jeremy Hunt planning a crackdown on the hospitals which should generate


?5 billion. I feel like I have read this headline a few times before. We


should expect foreigners to pay for health care they receive on the NHS,


not just emergency care. Absolutely. An EU citizen, you hand over your D1


11 card and the doctors, for a start, they don't like it that much


-- E1 11 card. If someone gets on a plane to disappear there is a


limited amount of things the Government can do to get that back.


If someone turns up and asks for a life-saving care, you cannot ask


them for their credit card there and then. You know what, they don't even


do this in the rated states. If you get through the emergency and you


live, they might start asking you for the money, but even in New York


City they don't ask you in an emergency for your card, saw how


they do this will be very interesting. Another example of the


shambles that Jeremy Hunt and his predators have made of this great


World Service -- so how they do this. But a lot of people will


think, if you don't live here, quite right, why should you get free


treatment? There is something called the Hippocratic oath. But someone


has to pay for it. They do, but the doctor takes care of the person.


Passed an emergency that is another question, but in an emergency, you


know, I am sure they are hopping mad about this. That I'd newspaper. --


The i Newspaper. Special forces sent to Syria, with reluctance, one


imagines, David. Yes, and for John Kerry who served in Vietnam, sending


military advisers and this snowballing into greater


commitments. I imagine he will see this as a defining element really of


his career that he can avoid that type of escalation. The other part


of this is that Vladimir Putin has arisen because he was kept down by


the sanctions and all that was going on and this is his way of returning


now on the side of Hazard. His traditional ally -- Assad. So we are


now doing a major party, big party power games again. In Vienna, of all


places, that place where they always meet. To determine the world, in


Vienna. . , this probably will not be the end of it. It strikes, to


nothing -- but this probably will not be the end of it. If it is


mission creep there is likely to be something else down the track?


Indeed. The whole question is whether David Cameron tries to


introduce British involvement. Now the Americans have special troops on


the ground it makes the fact there is not even a pretty as a patient


from Britain for people who very much regret the fact that two years


ago Britain did not join in, and embarrassment, almost. Obama has to


be careful he does not get sucked into this. This is Putin's mono a


mono, so he has to be careful he does not go there. Especially since


this is the end of his presidency, he does not want this to be one of


the things remembered from eight years. He has to be member about


that, and John Kerry as well. Let's move on to the Independent. New


Lord's revolt looms over surveillance, this controversial


draft bill in the opera house, a move to defeat that. David, tell us


a bit about this. Basically the Security service has realised this,


how on earth do you regulate and explore what is going on online?


Where are the rules for this? During the last quality and there was an


attempt to actually put in this, the modern equivalent of getting a


warrant to open your mail or tap your forums? The Smithers Charter,


say the critics. -- Snoopers' Charter. To log director of every


website you have been to, and it has already created mass of


controversy. The Lib Dems will probably sees this as a real Civil


Liberties cause. The Semites hilarious part about this is that in


the coalition the Lib Dems tried to get an elected house and the


Conservatives did not want to do that and of course they are no


screaming about this House. How much of this revolt is because the Lord's


are emboldened by what happened over tax credits this week? The Lords'


job is to advise and scrutinise and that is what they are doing and they


are being very reactive about it. It is not the first time. They were


active in 2008, 2007, so there it is, duties. As I say, the Lib Dems


did try to introduce it into the House and the Conservatives said,


no. There you are. One of these grand irony is that you have eight


Lib Dem MPs and oodles and oodles of... Yes, that is the way it is. To


the daily Mirror. We have seen a number of footballers, in


particular, sports stars, speaking about their sexuality and saying


they are gay. Here we have John Fashanu CN, I paid my brother


?75,000 in hush money, this is Justin, his brother. You know a


little bit about this? I do know from the theatre there was a play


going around for a while in the mid-1990s about Justin and about his


fate. He died in the United States. He went over to become a coach and


ended his life there. There has always been something around. I find


this very interesting, and I don't quite understand. The headline


suggests John paid his brother this and that of money not to speak about


Justin's on sexuality. It is interesting that has come out now


because Justin has been gone from long time. This seems to be the


continuation of a story a lot of people have known about and it


is... It would be interesting to see what Justin, sorry, what John wants


to say no. And the timing of... Exactly, very interesting to see


what he would say -- now. Thank you to Bonnie Greer and David


Williamson - you'll both be back at 11.30 for another look at the


stories making the news tomorrow. At 11pm we will have more on Shaker


Aamer, who has arrived back in the UK after a decade detained without


charge at Guantanamo Bay.


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