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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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gymnastics championships, and Formula 1 makes its return for the


first time since 1992. Hello and welcome to our look


ahead to what the the papers With me are the author


and playwright Bonnie Greer and David Williamson, the political


editor of Wales Online. Tomorrow's front pages, starting


with The Times, which says foreigners will


be forced to pay to use an ambulance


or visit A in a crackdown "A great day for justice" is the


Daily Mail's take on the release of Shaker Aamer after 14 years


in Guantanamo Bay. The Guardian says he'll sue the


British government over its alleged The Independent says a new House


of Lords revolt is brewing, this The Express highlights the case


of a 91-year-old widow who faces being deported from the UK,


saying it reveals deep flaws The Daily Telegraph says the deaths


of up to 25 patients have come under investigation after a scandal


involving the 1-1-1 helpline. And The Sun says just 25


of the 650 MPs in the House of Commons have given


their ?7,000 pay rises to charity. On the front of the male, Shaker


Aamer who has spent 14 years in Guantanamo Bay. Up to 14 years


without trial, the papers have been quite tenacious about campaigning


for his release? Absently, they have run with this. It is similar to the


Stephen Lawrence campaign. At last, it has paid off. They have kept him


in the public eye -- absolutely. It is a great result for freedom,


except nothing can really compensate for nearly 14 years away from your


family. He is a very articulate man, he has been very focused on


understanding what is actually going on at Guantanamo Bay. He spoke out


when there was a two bit on American television. Very articulate, saying


things like he wants to reclaim his name, because in what time of day


you are called by your number. Now he is going to sue, which is the


Guardian's headline. He has called in the heavyweights of human rights


and prison act that he freedom -- activity freedom. There have been


many abuses of human rights, his lawyer has fought and won. He and


the people in his cab, his family, he has gotten some compensation


towards the end. Before he was released? He says that he can prove


that during his torture allegations, there were British officials,


police, security services. That would be a violation of the law in


Britain -- camp. Interesting. The Chilcott investigation is coming up,


he has said that he wants to settle this quickly as it is in the


interests of the country. Whether you want to have your experiences


made public, that is the question? That's right. Apparently he was


interviewed by some officials, they really wanted the entire story to


come out. He's going to a foundation, that's what he wants.


You can see the incentive to bring it to light, it's a story that has


to be told. Some people still feel, he was in Afghanistan, he says it


was fought charity work. Some people feel he has been canonised? This is


bigger than he is. He is trying to highlight the fact that Guantanamo


Bay is an extradition will are -- extraditial anomaly. We have to


understand the law, it is outside the tourist action of the United


States -- jurisdiction. If the US was implicit, that has to be


highlighted and dealt with. That is what he wants to bring up. It is


noble work if he does that, because it is about the law and the rule of


law. The Sun, an exclusive, it says. 25 out of 650 MPs have been


given a pay rise of ?7,000 and given that to charity. We did this idea


come from? I was about to say that. -- where? I think there was a court


order or something. We did this come from that they gave it to charity?


In the wake of the expenses scandal, they said we should stop setting our


own salaries. Lo and behold, we have this. I think the question is, where


did the tipping it to charity thing come from? Why should they have to?


When you have public sector workers, who have paid for so long, campaign


for so long... People say, if you are working in a hospital on a


ground level job, you are worse off. To see a cheque for ?7,000 lending,


it sticks in your crore. The headline is 25 out of 650, as if it


is an obligation as opposed to a donation. It is a good donation,


they should do it, but the headline is very bizarre -- craw. They are


the lawmakers, they decide on the laws of the land. Shouldn't they be


paid a decent amount of money? Public sector workers should be paid


a decent amount of money. Just 25, did they go around and ask them? The


headline... By a newspaper tomorrow and find out, it should be on page


two. -- buy. Jeremy Corbyn is appealing to Labour Party members,


those left in Scotland, because he is unsure about the future of


Trident. This is fascinating because Scotland is because a great


heartland of Labour, now there is only one MP. The question is, how do


they revive themselves? They might need and almost fully independent


Scottish Labour Party. They could be a post to Trident. That begs the


question, if there is a future Labour government, will you have


English MPs who are signed up on a keeping Trident platform? It is


almost like a piece relationship. In Scotland, this is the Scottish front


page. You will see a different version in the rest of the UK. He is


placing himself alongside Nicola Sturgeon, who... They have long


talked about getting rid of it? Jeremy Corbyn has campaigned against


this for all of his political life, it would be ridiculous for him to


change that now. He has to be consistent. The collision would be,


the leader of this party is in favour of a multi- deterrent. A lot


of the shadow cabinet. He has to get the shadow cabinet to be with him.


Jeremy Corbyn is right, and the Scottish Nationals are, Trident...


We were say that if there is any nuclear buttons to be pushed, they


will be pushed in the bunker in The Pentagon. We are in an age of


asymmetrical warfare. What the unions are saying is that there will


be a loss of skill base. That is serious and important, why is the


skill base being transferred to build our nuclear infrastructure,


instead of the Chinese? I can't answer that question, and frankly, I


don't have to. Going to the FT, a lack of encryption discussed online


which TalkTalk says it was not discussed. This is somebody who


decided to go on Twitter, they don't know they are publishing on Twitter,


they don't know what they're doing. They think they are talking to their


mates. Suddenly it is all over the world. That is what happened here.


You have to remember which social media platform you are writing on.


You do, and you have to understand how Twitter works. It sounds like


somebody having a chat about something they found out, and the


hackers got in and started having a very good time. Somebody exploited


it? That does seem to be the case. It's interesting parallel, we were


talking about the fear of the security services sneaking on our


data, and here we have this... It really is a question of, all of our


data has been turned into wine -- binary. This is one of the great


questions of our time. It is a great provocation, because if you put a


problem on Twitter, there will always be someone who wants to test


it. That is what's happened here. There are some very clever people


out there. Generation rant knocks links out of house moving chain --


rent. There are huge numbers of houses that have to change hands on


the same day for the chain not to be broken, it doesn't seem quite the


same now? Millennial 's are starting to get used to the fact that they


probably won't own a home. They will never own a home, they are being...


Not prepared to own a home. If you are 25-35 in this country, it is not


a great place to be. So, the fact that we are in a homeowning


democracy, like the US, and our future generations won't be able to


be a part of this... We have been brought up to expect that the


majority of people will own a home. That aspiration still sits in many


peoples minds it was interesting during the party conference season,


David Cameron cast himself as the defender of the property democracy.


If, in half a decade's time when he steps down, this has totally become


a pipedream and nothing more, then that entire British landscape in


terms of politics could be recalibrated. We talk about


immigration, in fact, we have a generation who are being given


another country. It has to do with their expectations, they will not


have the life that their fathers and grandfathers and grandmothers have.


It's not going to happen. The Times, foreigners to pay for emergency


healthcare. Jeremy Hunt wants a crackdown on health tourism. A lot


of people will say, quite right? If you don't live here and pay for it,


you should not receive free treatment. Certainly, Jeremy Hunt


has this strong front page and will probably be happy tomorrow to see


this. It comes after what has been quite a torrid week for the Tories,


with the tax credits and such. Certainly, a very macho story. There


are questions about it. The figure actually includes, I think, being


combined with existing charity. Even in the US, you'd better get your


credit card ready. You are at least allowed to come out of the emergency


room. How do you do this in emergency? Doctors are saying, what


are we expected to do? Get our debit card machine ready when they are


wheeled in on the trolley? How is this going to work? There are


practical considerations, certainly. Lovely to see you both, thank you


for talking us through the front pages.


That's it for the papers this hour. Thank


you Bonnie Greer and David Williamson. Coming up next, it's


Coming up tonight: South Africa take the honours in the third place


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