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well and we will show you how he beat David Ferrer. That is coming up


on sports day in 15 minutes after we have looked at the papers.


Hello and welcome to look ahead at the papers.


We are joined by the broadcaster Penny Smith, and


economics commentator, Liam Halligan.


Paris dominates but less reflection on what happened and more about how


to stop what happened. And what happened next and how much will be


spent on it. We have already heard that there will be almost 2000 more


security staff and there will be ?2 billion for the SES. That is a


massive number. That is 6% of the military defence budget going on the


SES. We are talking about a shoot to kill policy. Jeremy Corbyn, the


leader of the Labour Party, saying that he doesn't approve of that side


of it and everything has this horrible feeling of trying to


contain something which is like an octopus with his legs and tentacles


everywhere. There is so much going on and all the papers report on it


in different ways. The Guardian put Barack Obama and President Hollande


is with what I would describe as to opposing views of how we should


react to the attacks on Friday. The quote from President Hollande is


that terrorism will never destroy the Republic because the Republic


will destroy terrorism. He also says that we are not in alternate war of


civilisation because these assassins do not represent any civilisation.


Then you have Barack Obama saying that is as important that we do not


equate the issue of refugees with terrorism. One of the assassins is


believed, and we still do not know this, to have come through Greece as


a Syrian refugee. There is domestic opinion in France and President


Hollande has said he will obscure the French air strikes. We saw air


strikes in Syria over the weekend, but Barack Obama and The Financial


Times is referring to US failures in Iraq and then playing the notion of


additional air strikes in Syria, not because our military could not march


into places like Raqqa, but because he was here repetition of what we


had seen before. That will annoy people on the Republican side in


Congress. Here we have the French looking for more air strikes and the


Americans trying to put the brake on that. It is a reversal of the


situation in Iraq. According to the Financial Times, President Obama is


not happy about the discussion of more troops. This is why we did not


engage in the war in Syria when it first erupted. It is still a mess.


This is the problem. We were just talking outside and saying the


problem is that this was a mess before it started and when the land


was carved up by the colonial powers it had already started by then. It


is difficult to see where you go from here because although everyone


is saying we have a state of emergency in France, Francois


Hollande is saying that it will be extended, we just had a quick look


see what that meant and it is the right to set curfews, the right to


limit the movement of people, the right to establish secure zones, the


right to close public spaces, and you just think this is in Europe


when we are not a war with anyone. While the row goes on about air


strikes not just in France but also in the UK, Jeremy Corbyn and David


Cameron, the G20 in Turkey all the leaders were there, you have


proposals coming out to do with tighter borders and intelligence


sharing and a crackdown on terrorist financing. These are obvious things


to say but that does seem to be a real sense of the Western world


completely torn about what its response to this atrocity in Paris


should be. In the Daily Telegraph they are saying that Isil are going


to kill British people by using our computers against us. Just as we


were coming near we heard a report from Washington that Isil are


putting videos on the Internet is unbearable to target America. It is


a PR war. All of these front pages are going to be pored over and


enjoyed. Tomorrow night we have a friendly football match between


France and England at Wembley. We just heard the French team have


turned up and are willing and ready to play. The tabloids are printing


the first verse of the French national anthem today. Think of the


security implications of that. The Prime Minister for countries saying


he wants to go to Wembley. Various dignitaries are saying they want to


go to Wembley to show their solidarity. That is the only way to


beat them because the way that the win is by making us of doing the


things that we want to do. Imagine the security operation at Wembley


tomorrow night. People are going to be told to turn up early and there


will be back searchers. People will go. It says something about ours. It


is exactly what we should be doing and we should be supporting Paris as


well. We should go to Paris and take are to this money there. If we look


at The Times we are also hearing a lot about those associated with the


attacks and ready come from. They are talking about the problems in


the community. These are young people who are able to hide and


become radicalised easily because of the struggles and edge amenities.


The time said that the mastermind boasted of planning terror attacks.


He is in this area, not in Belgium, so we're still in danger. This is


what the extra intelligence officers the Prime Minister has announced, it


will take months or years to get those people in place even if you


are recruiting IT specialist from the private sector this'll have to


be vetted at the highs level to this kind of work. That is bound to take


a long time and this is what Francois Hollande's state of


emergency is about, it is not just about trying to stop mass gatherings


and so on it is also about how searchers. Last in front of the


state of emergency like this was in 2005 during the riots in the


suburbs. If you wants the state of emergency to last longer than 12


days, the president will have to get Parliament to vote that through and


I'm sure they will do it. They are putting on Wednesday. I was surely


the front page of the Daily Express. It quotes David Cameron saying that


Britain has filed seven terror attacks in the last year. That


revelation from David Cameron as he announces more investment in the


intelligence services to recruit more intelligence officers. That


reminds me of the famous saying regarding the diary, we need to get


it right every time. -- the IRA. The next paper is focusing on what we do


next and how we stop it from happening. The headline translates


that the centre for France's on many fronts. Then there are the pictures


of the police officers going on their raids, right into the circle,


and then there is the central one of the warplanes and moving towards the


coalition with Russia in the United States, and then you have President


Hollande talking about beefing up racing in Parliament. Even since the


atrocities on Friday, the French prison carried out 160 raids and


happy 22 people in custody and 104 under house arrest. We are going to


see more of this in the country with the big business on population in


Europe. This is going to be very difficult for French leaders and a


lot of the French population to handle in the days and weeks and


months to come. Thank you for taking us through the papers. We will do it


again at 11:30pm. There are more developments coming in from Paris


and Washington and Russia and Britain and the rest of the world.


Do stay with us. At 11pm, President Hollande steps up the military


campaign against so-called Islamic State, as she had just heard on that


review of the papers. We'll be analysing that and getting more


reaction. There is no time for the sport this hour but we will bring


you all the latest of that later ran and how they are reacting to the


Paris terror attacks. That will be at 11:45pm. I hope you'll join us


for another review the papers.


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