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option to withdraw from the match. And Andy Murray defeats David Ferrer


in the tennis. That is coming up. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are the broadcaster


Penny Smith and economics The Telegraph reports that


Chancellor George Osborne is to warn about IS cyber attacks


against Britain. The suspected mastermind is


the front page focus on the Times. It reports that Abdelhamid Abaaoud


had boasted of planning attacks under


the noses of Belgian authorities. The Mail has a similar report,


calling his boasts sick taunts. The Guardian leads with


President Hollande's speech to The Financial Times says Monsieur


Hollande demanded sweeping new Europe at War - that's


the front cover of the i. It reports


the public has been warned of The Independent pictures just one


of today's tributes to the attack victims


and quotes the French revolutionary And the Express focuses on the Prime


Minister's revelation that Britain's security services have foiled seven


attacks in the past year. The Independent sums up the most


significant thing of the day, really. A moment of silence amid all


of this political talk of what we do next. The victim is very much the


focus. And this was not just in France. It was elsewhere. This is


the picture with the headline, "To arms, citizens." There is this new


state of emergency being extended for three months and that involves


quite draconian levels of what they have the right to be able to do.


They can prevent people from gathering, they can have curfew,


limit the movement of people, close public spaces. We know that some of


those things have been already happening. That is three months


right through Christmas and New Year, very big time in the Christian


calendar, and it is just a very... It has been said before that this is


the fight of our generation, and it will be said again. It is going to


be difficult for the president because there is a huge population


of Muslims in France and it is going to be that community which will be


the most affected. The biggest percentage of Muslim citizens, of


course, of any European country. The headline is the first line of the


chorus of the French national anthem. And as well as the security


measures that many referred to in the state of emergency that


Parliament will vote through to allow it to last three months, he


also has to navigate the diplomacy here, and he is saying tonight and


in the papers tomorrow that the air strikes that we saw in Syria will be


escalated. And yet, and yet, America is downplaying that idea. That takes


us nicely to the Guardian. Barack Obama and Francois Hollande


face-to-face. And the French President of course wants to be seen


to act. France struck already on Sunday. Ten fighter jets and 20


bombs. Many may say that was to assuage public opinion. And yet


Obama is saying in a reference to US failures, many would say, in Iraq,


he is saying that such an offensive would be a mistake not because, he


says, our military could not march into Mosul or a grade Ramadi, but


because we would see a repetition of what we have seen before. This is a


complete reversal of the state of affairs we have been used to, with


France as the aggressor and America as the appeaser. Terrorism will


never destroy the Republic because the Republic will destroy terrorism,


he says. And he also says that this is not a war of civilisations


because these assassins do not represent any civilisation. But then


we have President Obama saying it is very clear that we do not art


equating the issue of refugees with terrorism, touching on the fact that


we still don't know about this suspicion that one of those


assassins actually came through in Greece, claiming... One amongst


millions. One amongst millions but nevertheless claiming to be a Syrian


refugee. There has been thought about this before. And yet many


people in British politics are saying, yes, we can close down the


Schengen Agreement, we can end passport free travel across the EU,


and yet... We were talking about 7/7 earlier and the people who brought


about were born and brought up in the UK, so it is very difficult. And


we are not just talking about people with explosive devices around their


waists or AK-47s. We could be facing cyber attacks. This has been the


worry for some time. There was the cyber attack on the Pentagon. Is not


as though we don't know that these things can be done. But we think


North Korea is more guilty of that than anything else. Of course. But


what you realise is that our computers operate so much more than


just, I don't know, things that we don't consider to be part of our


life, as it were. We are talking about power stations, hospitals, all


sorts of things that we have not really thought about whether they


could be controlled from far of. They could crash planes by getting


into computers at air traffic control. All of those things. And


that is so scary. There is almost a state where you get so scared that


you just say that it is what it is. We had David Cameron giving a speech


tonight when he laid into Jeremy Corbyn, of course, the Labour leader


questioning any move to shoot to kill. And we have George Osborne


giving a speech tomorrow at GCHQ on those ideas that Kenny has just been


outlining. -- Penny. The government says they want to introduce up to


10,000 new intelligence operatives. That would take a long time to train


them, even if you bring them in as IT specialists from the public


sector. And we have ?2 billion, apparently, a figure being used


tonight, for the SAS. That is out of a total military defence budget of


?33 billion. That is a 6% increase in the defence budget. Someone was


saying tonight why they did not do this before. If they have this


money, why are we doing now? Win the point is that it is not as though we


have not known there was this risk before. -- when the point. This is


not going to stop now and it is not going to stop any time soon. The


Times has more information about those behind the attacks and it all


starts to sound familiar. Where they are from, disgruntled people... With


little hope of doing anything with their lives. Quite often they are


petty criminals. And young. And then radical imams get them and turn


them. There was an interesting article on the BBC about somebody


who had been looking at the pieces of information, the propaganda,


coming out of ISIS to tempt people to go out there and how it was


targeting different people. For example, there were images of people


picking fruit in sunshine, for example, in some of them, going to


market piled high with and produce, trying to say that this is the


promised land and it is wonderful in that it is a land of plenty and


really a lovely place to come and live as a proper Muslim. You have


that propaganda coming in from one side and then you have those


extremist imams as well spouting... And they are using social media for


propaganda for radicalisation in many ways, and you would think that


intelligence services would have a field day with that. The Times is


pointing out that the brains behind Friday's terror attack slipped in


and out of Syria and boasted under the nose of the authorities. There


will be tension between not wanting to have a blame game and then


individual countries at the same time pointing to the other. There


are stories circulating that German police, for instance, pulled over a


guy who had an address in Paris plunged into a certain as I did but


full of assault rifles -- and a car trunk full of assault weapons. And


finishing the G20 meeting tonight in Turkey, politicians have been saying


that they want to tighten borders and have more intelligence sharing,


crackdown on financing of terrorists. Much of the domestic


debate in the UK as well as the usual knockabout between the


political parties will also focus on the implications for the EU and the


Schengen Agreement. It strikes me that this is going to become a very


live debate in the UK over the coming weeks and months. And these


comments are on the Daily Express. Britain Foyles seven terror


attacks. I think -- foils seven terror attacks. I think many people


will find comfort in that but they have to get it right every time. And


those are the headlines that scare us because we think that they have


foiled seven terror attacks and terrorists only have to be


successful once. And these are the kind of headlines that will allow


the government more latitude as it looks to bring in more draconian


measures, which under normal circumstances many people even in


the Conservative Party would resist. Jeremy Corbyn is certainly


not happy about that. Indeed. Also picking up at interview on the BBC


tonight. He has had a backlash over his comments that he does not really


see any need for a shoot to kill policy against terrorism. When he


was asked about the use of drones to kill so-called Jihadi John in Syria,


he said he would only authorise actions that are legal in terms of


international law, so he raised questions about that. I don't think


a free vote is something that we're going to be offering, he said, when


asked if he would allow Labour MPs to vote in favour of RAF air strikes


against ISIS. And then when asked when -- whether those air strikes


would work, he said they may well make the situation worse. This is


not just a one-off interview to the BBC. These comments were two Sky


News, ITV News. Jeremy Corbyn is not holding back. This is right across


the media, saying what many people in the hearts will have some


sympathy with what he is saying, but many people will also find


offensive. And many people are still angry about the shooting in London.


Finishing with the French newspapers, the permanent state of


emergency. Although we know that it has been extended, that is the


point. We are now living in a world where we are almost in a permanent


state of heightened awareness, I suppose is what we can call it.


Don't you think we have been anyway for the last ten years? It is like


all of these things. For example, we have this would match tomorrow


night. Security is going to be so tight that people will spend hours


getting through. Ring of steel at Wembley. But we cannot keep that


state of preparedness, that state of emergency, day after day after day.


We just cannot. And that is at the big events as well. But what Paris


has told us that they will go for the bars, restaurants, shops and


streets. Eagles Of Death Metal were not a big band. This was a minor


function. That is what makes it so scary in many ways. We have the


three prongs of the French response. The extra surveillance,


air strikes in Syria, which President Hollande would like to


escalate. They may have trouble getting international agreement on


that. And then the permanent state of emergency. Le Figaro does point


out what Francois Hollande said, that this is going to be a war on


many fronts, because that is what we are facing. Justice, military and


security. He is not getting full support for it, however. Well... But


you are always going to have that. You are always going to worry. That


strike was pretty quick. It was Friday night these atrocities


happened. Sunday night these 20 bombs were dropped. There will be


people who say that is ratcheting it up and it will just escalate the


situation. And we have the French presidential election in 2017.


Marine Le Pen, even before this, it looked like she could easily prevail


in the first round. She will certainly be involved in the second


round of any French presidential election. There is a lot of fear in


the country that this will only enhance her support going into those


elections. Thank you. France say they'll be playing


England for the Paris victims.


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