17/11/2015 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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news. Disappointment for bed and name -- for some who have been


deprived their chance to represent their country. That will come up


later after the papers. Hello and welcome to our look


ahead to what the the papers With me are Tom Bergin,


Business Correspondent at Reuters and Journalist Lucy Cavendish who


writes for the Times. Tomorrow's front pages, starting


with: Images from the England versus


France friendly at Wembley is the choice of many of the front pages -


the Metro has chosen this from that match - and mentions the


security fears that caused the front of the i - but the main


story is about David Cameron's decision to press for another vote


on airstrikes over Syria. The Financial Times looks at Russian


President Vladimir Putin's instruction to his naval commanders


off the coast of Syria - to establish contact with French forces


there and "work with them like But its main story focuses


on Barclays and allegations it strikes on Islamic State in Iraq -


along with an image of Charlie Sheen, who's announced that he's HIV


positive. Let's begin. Similar pictures from


when Billy on many of the pages this morning -- Wembley. It is very


poignant. Black armbands and I think it is a clear example of the


heartfelt grief and the outpouring of sympathy you were seeing around


the world for France. President land will be travelling to the United


States and Moscow. -- president land. A huge amount of Saint Aviva


France. -- Francois Hollande. It is other divisions that probably


need to be solved to move forward from a policy perspective and that


may indeed happen when President Hollande goes to Moscow. Really what


is amazing is something like this can bring people together. Standing


together, quite a young team that we have fielded and I think it is a


wonderful thing to do. It has real meaning. Ten tension to cancel that


must've been huge. Prince William went, David Cameron went. It has


obviously gone very well and it is great to see people standing


together. And being together in a way when such a painful thing has


happened. It is slightly cathartic. Football has captured the


imagination of the front pages. The French and English teams on the


front of the Daily Telegraph. Let's move on to their main story. The


headline is that Cameron is ready to bomb Syria. David Cameron of course


preparing the Commons for a vote on air strikes and the Telegraph said


before Christmas. It seems that now is the time for him to do this. It


was Hume Uniate in -- it was humiliating before. I imagine he now


has the Commons behind him and now he will get it through. It does not


look like it will be quite as simple as he thinks. Jeremy Corbyn is not


necessarily going to come on board and various people are going in


different directions and there is a question over whether it would work.


He says it is getting rid of the head of the snake and it is


protecting people here, but lots of people question whether that is the


right policy. Lots of people are already bombing there and how is


that working? If we move on to the i, a similar story, very interesting


use of language. Picking up from what Lucy was saying, interesting


they say, the Labour MPs are ready to defy Jeremy Corbyn and back the


PM in a Commons vote. The newspapers are expecting that some


conservatives will vote against the government and not in favour of


going, but the government is hoping they can get enough Labour MPs to


defy Jeremy Corbyn on this. It will be interesting to see how that works


out. It has interesting elements elsewhere insofar as Jeremy Corbyn


has clearly said he is sceptical about the value of bombing and


whether his personal position in the Labour Party may be affected eye


this vote. He will be very exposed. -- by this vote. There could be a


vote of no confidence in him. But amid Putin says that France is now


an ally. -- Vladimir Putin. This seems a slightly strange, you are


puffing your cheeks. I am puzzled. These are two completely conflicting


ideas and loyalties. The lack of unity. How can they be allies when


apparently they have different objectives, France is part of the


Western alliance and wants to see Bashar al-Assad go as a


precondition. There is a question over that, recently they met up and


the idea was maybe he could stay in as a temporary person in charge, as


a caretaker government. Let's move on to the express, we are whizzing


through them tonight, we will have more time at half 11. What is this


one about? There are 30 jihadis in Iraq. Affected in this bombing. It


is so confusing. What I would really like is something that pulls the


whole thing together so we have some idea of who is bombing watch and


everything else. This is a good story, people will be happy that the


RAF are in there, they have been doing a lot of support with


intelligence in Syria. Rates may begin by Christmas, not good for


some people obviously, members and services. Charlie Sheen makes the


front pages of quite a few of the papers. His admission today on


American television that he is HIV positive and was blackmailed to keep


it a secret. It is very sad to find out he has contracted this illness.


He seems to be living well with it. He is reacting well to treatment.


The question that is being asked by a lot of the US media is the way in


which he has shared this information with his partners. He himself


famously talks about how many partners he has had. There is the


potential risk, but it is a country with a high degree of litigation,


conceivably if he has not taken care, then it couldn't lead to legal


cases. -- then it could lead. Very briefly on the front of the


Telegraph, party drunks can now blame it on a faulty gene. It may be


a prescient headline for this sort of time of year. It is not because


we cannot handle our alcohol or because we have drunk too much, we


have a dodgy gene. 1 million of us cannot hold our drink. Anyone who


needs an excuse, this is it. Great to talk to you both, we have ran out


of time, but I know you will be back with us at quarter past 11. Coming


up we have sports


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