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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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of the US team at next year's Ryder Cup, but he says he still wants to


play as well. That's all coming up in Sportsday in the next 15 after


The Papers. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are former


US State Department official and law professor, Colleen Graffy,


and the political editor The i's headline is The Republic


Strikes Back, after a major police Armed French police are also


pictured on the front The Telegraph claims David Cameron


is to get a plane worth ?10 million for use


on long-haul government trips. Migrants hoping to come to


the UK to join their spouse must learn to speak


English first, according to a court The Paris police raids are


the main story on the Metro. It claims Charles de Gaulle airport


could have been The Guardian highlights


the uncertainty over whether the alleged ringleader of


Friday's attacks was one of those A poll in the Mail claims 60%


of Britons would support air strikes in Syria,


in the wake of the Paris attacks. Finally, the Independent's front


page tells the story of 'the battle of Saint-Denis'


in words and in pictures. Police close in on terror cell. The


sense that the authorities possibly stop an attack on Charles de Gaulle


airport, and possibly on the financial district. A major success


after a lot of criticism of the security forces in France. And this


extraordinary firefight in the early hours of the morning in one of the


world's most beautiful cities, in one of its suburbs, and dozens of


police moved in and they were... There will be a sense in front of a


catharsis. At last we're doing something, adding back on the front


foot. It will be seen as revenge. Whether they did take out Abdelhamid


Abaaoud we don't know. They say it was such... 5000 bullets fired, it


was utterly merciless scene. This woman died when she decimated a


suicide vest. Apparently the first female suicide bomber in Europe and


we hope the last. -- detonated. His cousin and potentially his wife. I


haven't heard that one before. But while the suggestion is that this


man might still be alive, they don't know for sure that his remains are


in the room, there is still the potential for more attacks. But all


credit to the French. This is a fantastic story in the Times. This


was an attack that really looked like it was about to happen at


Charles de Gaulle airport, the business section. Over 100 police


and 5000 bullets, you can only imagine. They have interviews with


the neighbours who said they thought it was war breaking out, they didn't


think they would leave. It must have been amazing. All credit to the


French. -- would live. Swift detective work. All precautions.


School trips were cancelled on advice of the government. That's the


French government saying the other is not to come in, which is pretty


gutsy. By all accounts they found a phone at the back of an arena which


apparently had a message on it from the jihadist saying, let's move.


That helped them moved to this area in Saint-Denis. Yes. It was a phone


left by the attacker. Amazing technology. I'm not an expert.


Incredible detective work, as you say. The front page of the Sun and


the Mirror. These papers and a couple of others seem to think that


somewhere in the remains of that building is the body of the


mastermind of last Friday's attacks. The cops kill terror mastermind.


They have" " kill terror mastermind". -- they have in quotes.


They go out on a limb and say they have got him. Interesting details,


if I can sing the praises of my paper at the moment, a warning that


there are others on the loose still. One of Friday's attackers is on the


loose and they are searching for the bomb expert, the one who makes the


lethal killing machines, including the suicide vest. They are trying to


find him and they are worried he has gone to Belgium as well but they


aren't sure. They had success this morning, but we do not know. There


is still a sense of terror hanging over France like a dark shadow.


There is a little first person piece by my colleague about how he jumped


in a taxi at 4:30 a.m., rushed to the scene and he says it was surreal


seeing that many troops in a capital city like this. It is extraordinary.


This bomb maker from the Peruvian, it is extraordinary gain of him so


well. They know he lives in northern France. -- from the Caribbean. Why


didn't they pick him up earlier? It was interesting listening to a


French commentator talking about that today. The suggestion is the


emergency powers Francois hole want extended, they have allowed people


to be picked up at random and held for as long as they want. --


President Hollande. But they have not had any concrete evidence that


would allow them to arrest them. It is an MoU with these emergency


powers that they can scoop them up. For civil libertarians, they would


say this is disgraceful. You can't have these measures going on beyond


the period of emergency. A decade ago, Tony Blair wanted 92 days. For


the civil libertarians, they will say they haven't picked anyone up,


but until they have a linkage... Now they have one. Of course he should


be picked up. No, I'm not saying they are complaining now, but as was


the case after 7/7, Tony Blair wanted to move forward with similar


powers as the norm, as it were, there was a lot of anger and


reaction to that. Of course the problem is that you're not looking


to punish them for a crime, you are trying to prevent what would be a


huge massacre because of the techniques and bombing. This is the


debate we have to have and we will have it over the Charter. Which will


potentially save peoples' lives! We have to balance how many of the


liberties are part of a culture which ISIL is trying to attack. I


don't disagree with that but don't use a pejorative term. I can if I


want, if something is going to impinge on my civil liberties. That


not balance, by calling it the charter... I won't use that term. I


will just sit here and listen to U2 go at it. It is a lot of fun. -- to


you two. But there is a serious debate. This is frankly going to


continue for some time. Let's go to the Telegraph. EU border scandal.


How did most wanted get to Paris? This man is now supposed to be in


Syria. -- was in Syria. He ended up in Paris. One assumes he didn't


flush a pass but, and question marks here The Daily Telegraph suggests


about EU border policy. Yes. It comes into question within the EU we


want freedom of movement of goods, services and people. Not when you


come to a time when terrorists are moving back and forth, bringing


truckloads of weapons, is it time for us to consider whether there


should be further checks? It doesn't mean you can't have freedom of


movement, it just means there will be checks. Just as we come via


airport to the UK from the mainland, there were checks. That still


freedom of movement. The European Commission indicates it will resist


any attempt by France to try to strengthen the border security


within the Shannon free zone. But I'm not sure that's the wisest


decision to make in these times. -- Schengen agreement free zones. I


guess this has always been the line by those against the free zone, not


having to show a passport or whatever. That you can just move


terrorists, not just bananas. You can. And the different countries


have different monitoring powers and different levels of surveillance.


Obviously that can stop at a border. One of the argument is you could say


you need a bigger Europeans surveillance agency. If you have


open borders, you need a more collective response from the


European states. I come back to what I said earlier, the vast majority of


people... The Schengen agreement has made life easier and has worked.


Including blokes like this, apparently. Exactly. They see it as


a weak link and they will go through it. The Telegraph is a Eurosceptic


paper. I don't think it needs to be Eurosceptic to say this is a soft


underbelly of the EU, to have terrorists to be able to move...


Like the bomb maker, going from northern France to Belgium. We could


have picked him up by now if he had stopped at the border. It sounds


like incompetence, really, missing him. A car load of weapons. I don't


understand that. Seems like there is a bit of human error. But there's a


lot of fallout from what happened in Paris. The suggestion that there has


been a bit of a backlash against Syrian refugees coming here. Now we


get this on the front of the Daily Mail. We should bomb Syria, say 60%


of Britons. A sense that we need to deal with them over there, so we


don't have to deal with them here. It is also interesting because it


was the Mirror that also said David Cameron is ready to bomb Islamic


State terrorists, with or without approval. As a law professor, I am


curious as to how that one will be... Which is precisely why we have


qualified people like yourself on The Papers to explain such


situations. Does he need UN approval? He could say it is an act


of self-defence under an article, you have the right to defend


yourself. That's what we'll be argued. We will see. But has the UK


been attacked? No, France, what is France calling this a war? They are.


Are they asking for assistance? There would be the self-defence. It


is self-defence, acting with France. OK. The political side of this is


that there are a lot of Labour MPs who will be willing to back military


action but on the condition it has UN approval. I think if Cameron goes


to an election it will be harder to get the boat through the House of


Commons. The course he needs Labour. -- vote. The Labour Party is split


on this. There's enough of them there to get it through, with the


Conservatives. But the mood has changed in Parliament on this. But


they all still say they need to see the strategy. You have the Americans


and the Russians in there. What does it mean for Assad? Are you now


siding with the Assad regime? Do you still want him to go? There are many


questions to answer. This poll is interesting, but it is one done


without the questions. I would also be late that to the political


atmosphere with regard to Jeremy Corbyn. He be the odd person out if


60% of the population and his MPs... Where does that put him? Yes,


in a difficult position. The Telegraph. David Cameron will get


there. Britain, or whatever, he will get his own plane and it will cost


?10 million. Does that make sense? In terms of what he has to do in


flying around the world. Do you have any experience in this?


I love the story. I have flown with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and


David Cameron. The charter anything. Once they chartered hooters and. --


Hooters Air. They were very well clothed, the hostesses. Spending ?10


million of a plane during massive cuts will be controversial. We have


all of these massive jumbos. In terms of international prestige... I


am sorry. It is not about David Cameron, it is about the Prime


Minister of this country. It is the office. For people to attack him


personally is not wise. It is a bit weird that Tony Blair did not get


this. He was described as written's first presidential Prime Minister.


-- Britain's. He said we were going to have this, two new jets, one for


the Royal family and wonderful the Prime Minister. -- one for the.


Gordon Brown cancelled it. And ended up with Wawrinka instead. -- Hooters


Air. Even though it sounds like a lot of


money, when you think of the time of the Prime Minister with commercial


planes, it does not make sense. It is incredible to see the whole of


Downing Street go onto it plain. -- onto the plane. They operate on a


charter plane. It has been great having you in. Looking at some of


the stories behind the headlines. Thank you. Now it is time for


Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday -


I'm Olly Foster. Rugby Union mourns the passing


of one of its greats.


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