18/11/2015 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Cup next year, but he says he still wants to play as well. That is


coming up in Sportsday in the next 15 minutes, straight after The


Papers. Hello there and welcome to our look ahead to what The Papers


will bring us tomorrow. Let's have a look at the front pages. The


Republic strikes back. After a major police operation in Paris in the


early hours of this morning. An French police are on the front of


the Financial Times there. The Telegraph claims David Cameron is to


get a plane with ?10 million for use on long haul government trips.


Migrants hoping to come to the UK to join their spouse must learn to


speak English first, according to a court ruling reported in the


express. The Paris police raids are the main story on the front of the


Metro. It claims Charles de Gaulle airport could have been the next


target for the attackers. The Guardian highlights the uncertainty


of whether the alleged ringleader of the attacks was one of those killed


in the raid this morning. We will start with the eye. The Republic


strikes back. Islamic State mastermind killed in Paris police


raid, intelligence sources say. It is not clear that is the case. We


are not sure if that is the case, but what an amazing story. A


seven-hour siege. The entire apartment building appears to have


been blown up. It is like something out of die-hard. The Metro has a


similar eye-catching cover. The Republic strikes back, terminator


terminated. They are both showing defiance at what has happened in


Paris. The Republic strikes back. Lots of question still present abode


failures when it comes to the French authorities. They are playing catch


up. They are. They do not know how this guy went from Syria, they do


not know how he got back again, how he masterminded this from Belgium


and ended up in a flat in Paris. From what we are reading, it sounds


like the lead to this flat was evidence from the concert hall.


Revenge is an extraordinarily powerful feeling and that would be a


sense of catharsis from this. A lot of people in France will be we are


doing something at last. But this is a firefight in a suburb in a major


city. It is an extraordinary event. After five days of extraordinary


events and we are still having these major, major incidents and this I


say as the music man, news stories as well. They were plotting an


another attack on the Charles de Gaulle airport, the second busiest


airport in Europe. They were tempted to wait to see them going into


operation, but the thought that would be too dangerous. They ended


up going in and as we know the ringleaderAPPLAUSE


Cousin blew herself up with a suicide belt and it appears that she


was trying to put herself off as someone who was innocent and the


security forces were smart enough to not trust it and then she blew


herself up. They stopped what would have been a


horrific follow up. I think it was good intelligence. The suggestion


here from two papers that the supposed ringleader, the mastermind


of the attacks last Friday, that he is somehow dead as a result of that


raid this morning. Let's go to the Guardian. Police attack group that


was ready to strike. You mention the business district and Charles de


Gaulle as well. That is the real fear, that as long as the prime


suspects, two of them, are still on the run then more attacks could well


be being planned. This is the big question. How many heads did this


Hydra have? We do not know how extensive the Islamic State


operation on mainland Europe is war in the UK. We do not know how well


coordinated it is. It could be that each time they will seek revenge


themselves if they feel the French police and security services are


making progress in tracking them down. There are big questions about


the comparison between British security services and French


security services. Are we better or worse? We do not know. They had


Charlie Hebdo and yet it is France which has been targeted again. There


are questions, without slurring the authorities in France, about our


date using the same techniques we are using at GCHQ, do they have the


right powers they need to do surveillance without infringing on


the word liberty, which is at the heart of the French way of life.


These are difficult questions for the French government. Can I just


picked up on the one part of the Guardian story? We are both


intrigued by the front page of the Guardian. Why did they put the


mustard in the middle. It looks a little strange. They did this last


night as well. We are talking about it and that was the idea. In


particular, the French president repeating to the French Mayers that


him saying France is in a war. They were targeting what France


represents. I had that because when I was at the State Department, the


US was widely condemned for Bush using the words that we were at


war. This was after September 11. I still have people say, the problem


is that Bush should never have called it a war and the response was


what would you call it when you are attacked? It is also not a police


menu fur, you are not sending individuals to get evidence, it is


not a crime scene for fingerprints, you are at war and that put you on a


different setting. It is fascinating that the French have gone straight


into the war paradigms the same as the US did. Does it take a direct


attack on the homeland for that happened? We had seven July. We did


not use the word war. It is just interesting that Francois Hollande


has used it and used it consistently. I also note that there


are still quite a few people in hospital. 195. 41 in intensive care.


Three on life support. There are still thoughts and prayers needed.


They have only now established the identities of everyone who died. The


front of the Telegraph. The key EU border scandal. This man was the


alleged ringleader. How did he get to Paris question what he was


supposed to be in Syria, he seemed to come and go freely. Questions


here about the EU borders. This is the issue of Schengen, of having


open borders, the free movement zone within mainland Europe. Britain is


not part of it. Is it sustainable? Is it sustainable because if you can


enter through Greece or hungry just to pick two countries at random and


end up in Paris to carry out a terrorist atrocity, can that be


continued? The European Union have said that Schengen should state, it


has advantages for the majority of people. Anyone who has gone on


holiday where you can drive across the border from Holland into Germany


or from Belgium to France, it is a wonderful thing. You are now coming


up against whether we had to sacrifice our liberties to stop a


minority and that is a difficult question. That is precisely what


they want. The Telegraph is fairly Eurosceptic and they have gone with


this because it is a way of attacking Europe as well. I can


understand why they have done that. This is not just about Schengen


itself, but the whole structure of the European Union. Is that also


sustainable? The European Union is still sustainable. Just because they


taken the borders during this difficult time, I do not think that


brings down the whole EU project. You can still have free movement of


goods and services but say we will have stronger border controls during


this time. I think the European Commission indicating that they will


resist any attempt to try to strengthen border security at this


time is not politically the best thing for them to say. They need to


say that take another look at this, let's look at what we can do in


these serious times. White not? It is the cornerstone of European


integration as far as the French and Germans see it. It just means that


we still have to go through security check at the airport. Why can't that


be done at the border? Then it is not a free movement zone, is it?


You'd still need a passport. Just like we do at the airport. We still


have two show our passports. How long have we got? Interest rates


will rise. I am more interested in Cameron and his playing. I am an


expert on this. I have flown on a plane with Tony Blair, with Gordon


Brown and with the David Cameron. We are the only leading nation which


does not have our own play in for the Prime Minister. We do not have


an Air Force One. Tony Blair signed off for two U aeroplanes, one for


the Royal family, one for the Prime Minister. Gordon Brown said we


cannot afford this and cut it off. I have landed at word summits and you


go down the land -- line and you have the changing plane and all


these jumbos and we have this tiny little thing. Downing Street


chartered a plane from an American chain of bars. We turned up in a


plane from this company. I have also shown an extraordinarily expensive


private jet they have charted. One I bought it and they asked if I wanted


champagne. The bottom line is that David Cameron will get his own


aeroplane. There are a lot of people will say that if you are making


cuts, you cannot get a private plane. It saves money at the end of


the day. It is surprising, but it saves money. We will be back in an


hour. We were at the latest on the police raid in Paris following the


terrorist attacks in the French capital. For now, it is time for


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