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South Africa. He said he is gutted. That is coming up in the next 15


minutes after the Papers. Hello and welcome to our look


ahead to what the the papers With me are Emma Barnett, Women's


Editor of the Telegraph and Kevin Welcome to both of you. The


front-pages, The Independent said the permanent members of UN Security


Council are ready to declare common war against Islamic State. And


warnings Islamic State could be trying to obtain chemical weapons.


European ministers are hoping to tighten Europe's border controls.


The report into the collapse of HBOS is the lead story in the Times. The


Metro says 98%, a reference to the number of junior doctors who have


vote toed strike. That also makes the first front of The Guardian. The


Times has a picture of the woman who is thought may have been the first


female suicide bomber onnure seen soil. -- on European soil. Emma,


kick us off with that striking headline in The Independent. Yes


this is about the news that permanent members of the UN Security


Council are poised to declare common war against Isil, which I feel


grateful for. I don't know about anybody else, since Friday I have


been wanting to hear some leadership and how we are going to stop what I


hope won't be a reality of a similar attack on home soil here. What I


think is fascinating is it talks about the fact that there is an


alleged execution of a Chinese national, so Isil has slaughtered


citizens of all five Security Council members. It seems like a


slow awakening, and yet we have seen these attacks going on now for


years. And you know now is the time to act. You still don't get the


detail on how it will happen. The implication is there could be


agreement. Yes the feeling until now was that Russia would veto and


possibly Chinese would veto attempts to secure a UN resolution to


authorise bombing of Syria, given Vladimir Putin is an ally of Assad,


the Syrian leader. If there can be found a way that all five members


could get around a common cause to bomb Isis, that would remove that


barrier and then the Independent said what makes that interesting is


that although David Cameron has said that he doesn't believe that we need


another UN resolution to authorise UK involvement, it would put Labour


and the SNP in a trickier spot. They have used the need for a UN Security


Council resolution as a means of saying we won't support it unless.


If there is a UN resolution, it throw is it on to Jeremy Corbyn and


would he support it? It will be interesting. A lot of his supporters


don't want war at any cost. Even if the UN support it. It would be


interesting to see how it plays out. We will cover the coverage in other


papers. The Times talked about the Paris ring leader. But also has the


photograph of the woman who was with him. Who blew herself up. Yes. A


26-year-old woman, who we believe is the first suicide bomber for Isis on


European soil. 26 years of age. There is confusion about whether she


was the cousin as well as the Jihadi bride of this master mind that has


been confirmed to have been killed. What is interesting about this is


Isis or Islamic State whatever you want to call it, when they have


their rules for women and they put out the propaganda videos, this


marks a departure for what women are meant to do. They're only meant to


be there to state build and produce the next generation of Jihadis keep


the home and go back to this. What is interesting having spoken to


people who monitor this, they think it could be a turning point in women


being used as fighters as well as men. She didn't break if rules. So


Isis rules state a woman can only detonate herself or attack if she is


under threats or needs to defends somebody else in the caliphate. She


stuck to the rules. This explosion was so strong it is said her spine


was out on the street after. So you know, this is is potentially


strategically a different direction. Also the point about the four more


attacks and the idea being we have somebody who the argument goes


surely people should have known more about before last Friday. Well yes,


and what is worrying is that it is mentioned in a couple of papers is


that the French authorities were not informed of his presence on the the


European mainland until three days after the attacks in Paris. So the


French intelligence services who were aware of this man obviously,


but were not told until three days later that he was actually in


Europe. And obviously a major threat to French national security. So


serious questions being raised about how h he could come and go. That


takes us to The Guardian and talk of EU border controls. Yes, the


political ram if ifications are potentially huge with the free


movement and there is calls understandably for the external


border of the so-called Schengen area to be tightened up to keep


track of everyone who comes and goes throughout Europe. It seems that


Abdelhamid Abaaoud was able to, he boasted of coming to and from Syria


at least twice into Europe and then was able to co-ordinate these


afabbings and make it into France and was planning a follow up to what


happened on Friday in Paris before he was killed. What is concerning is


he was on a migrant route, whether it is migrant or refugees, we seem


to conflate the two, but the fact that he was able to abuse the route


that people were taking to escape terror to come into Europe to create


terror is a horribly perverse irony. That is obviously conflating two


things which are plaguing Europe and plaguing people's lives and makes it


more complicated to to have as a part of Europe these open borders.


It is the issue about the whole, so many people coming, flee being


terror, but the fear is among them maybe people who looking perpetrate


terror. And what it might mean for freedom of movement within the EU.


With see the rise of the far right and the national front in front are


on the rise and their core belief is that France should regain control of


its borders. That goes against the EU principles of freedom of movement


a lot of these partives will - parties will gain popularity. The


Express talks about Jihadist wanting to gas us. It feels very much like


we are at war. I don't know if even else feels like that. Since what p


had on Friday, and on Thursday in Beirut, 43 people died, on every


front and you hear about gases. I am not sure what your meant do with


that information. It is frightening and it is on The Express. But it is


a frightening prospect and it is building on a layer of what are we


going to do to responds. Now let's change the superintendent. Subject.


The Metro, 98% is the number headline. And it is about junior


doctor. It is a resounding result, the BMA strike ballot for junior


doctors, 98% pack backing -- backing industrial arcs. Action. It shows


the strength of feel and it is a vote of no confidence in Jeremy


Hunt. It is the entire workforce of the NHS have turned agains him. Yet,


it will put him in a difficult position, but this profession


striking, they took a hipcratic oath not to put anybody at risk. If they


go on strike there will be lives put at risk by their being a walk-out of


essentially the NHS. And they still unlike teachers, interestingly,


because they have done this before, I think the public are siven thetic


and there -- sympathetic and there is good will when firemen go on


strike there is a Huang reaction. Huge reaction. Do you think there is


a sympathy. But what they're doing is risky. That might change if the


action happens and people see the effect of it. Who knows? All these


things are always, there is always... A resolution reached in


any industrial dispute. So there will be one. It just dependses


whether it is before strike. Now cats. You're not a cat lover. We


have two cats. The Germans as efficient as ever, have decided that


there is an over population of stray cat and they want to keep unneutered


male cats on a leash. It is a fantastic idea that all animals


should be on leads. The amount, I had a dog come up to this woman,


having a picnic and lick my plate clean. Not acceptable. Letters to


Emma Barnett on that one. That is it for Papers. We are back at 11.30.


Coming up next it is Sports Tay. S Day.


Hello, I'm Olly Foster, here's what's coming up


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