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Bell for their Test side and he says he's got hit but failed to win back


his place on the side -- he says he is gutted. That is all coming up


after the Papers. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are Emma Barnett, Women's


Editor of the Telegraph and Kevin Tomorrow's front pages,


starting with... The Independent says the permanent


members of the UN Security Council are ready to declare common war


against so called Islamic State. A warning


from intelligence officials that IS could be trying to acquire chemical


weapons is reported in the Express. The Telegraph says European


ministers are hoping to tighten Europe's border controls,


in the wake of the Paris attacks. The much-delayed report


into the collapse of HBOS is The Metro's headline is "98%",


a reference to the number of England's junior doctors who've


voted in favour of a strike. The planned industrial action from


the junior doctors also makes on The Mirror headline says this could


be the first walkout of doctors And the Times carries a picture


of Hasna Aitboulahcen, the woman who it's thought may have


been the first female suicide bomber We'll start with the Independent.


The world prepares a grand alliance against ISIS. If this turns out to


be right, it is pretty significant. The received wisdom up until now has


been that Russia would veto any attempt to get a new UN resolution


on bombing Syria, Given President Putin's alliance with Bashar


al-Assad. That is despite the fact that the Russians are already


bombing in Syria -- given. The British government doesn't think the


UN resolution is necessary although it would be preferable. I think it


would give cover for David Cameron and perhaps put pressure on the


likes of Labour to get on board with a bombing campaign involving the RAF


in Syria. This could be pretty significant and what they are saying


is that the French are going to bring forward a draft resolution


which is looking quite positive. It is likely that all five security


members will sign up to it. All five of those members have now lost


members of their community to ISIS. Yes come at the Chinese joined that


group this week. It is a striking picture and it is what I feel I need


to see at the moment and I'm sure many people feel the same. Since the


Paris attacks last Friday, everyone is wondering what's next. We just


need to see some political might and leadership. Since the Iraq war, we


have been a war weary nation, we don't want to do anything.


Airstrikes have been voted against in the comments and this is the type


of resolution that even though there is no detail about who is going to


do what, it at least gives you the sense that the world is together and


going to try to stand up against ISIS -- the Commons. How does it


play domestically? We all know that Jeremy Corbyn has unsurprisingly


been opposed to a Syria bombing campaign. His position is that he


would need a UN resolution. People would be placed firmly in his court


if we did get one. Interesting for the SNP as well. There is some


confusion about what their position is. Overnight they have said they


would look at it. Alex Salmond said there has been no change, they still


want to UN resolution. That puts the pressure on them if there is a UN


resolution to put the money where their mouth is. There is already


lobbying going on by Theresa May along with headlines for the


Spending Review, is George Osborne going to stop cutting our military?


Are we going to have investment if we are essentially going to go to


war? I don't think many people are comfortable with the cuts in the


military budget. This government has gone with the 2% figure. It is the


policing budget. They also need to make sure that community policing is


just as important. The Sun is staying with the events in Paris but


taking their own particular view with a particular reference to the


woman who is now being... Well, certainly reported as Europe's first


female suicide bomber. This says parking, boozing, smoking in boys


and then she became a suicide bomber. She detonated herself in


defence of the caliphate, herself and the mastermind behind these


attacks, who is deathly her cousin but could also be her husband in


this weird world that they exist in. She is supposedly the first


female suicide bomber on European soil. It is a change in strategy for


ISIL who have restricted themselves just to male fighters until this


point although the rules say that if women are going to do anything


violent, issues if they are under attack themselves so when the


nonbelievers came in, that was her course of action -- it says. This is


a woman, 26 years of age, we don't know much about her yet, who wasn't


particularly religious and went within one year to covering her


face. Is is the speed of that change. The speed of her


transformation into this world is astonishing and very bewildering.


The speed with which you go to such an extreme end of the spectrum... It


is one thing becoming religious and about but to carry it to the extent


that you would be prepared to kill people and yourself in such a short


space of time is just remarkable. There needs to be some kind of study


done, it would be fascinating to find out the thought process behind


someone who thinks of that as a logical and sensible course of


action. A very underreported story this week that certainly caught my


eye was the mass graves of Yazidi women found killed by ISIL. Women


that they see as the weaker sex most of the time, they should be inside


and doing all the domestic chores, if they can't sell you for a packet


of cigarettes to be a sex slave, they will bury you in a mass grave.


They are not just committing atrocities here, this is what is


happening to women back in the Middle East. We will link this to


events in Paris, this article in the Guardian has to do with the border


controls in the European Union. It is sort of questioning whether the


proper measures are in place to stop Jihadis returning to Europe from


Syria. This is how Abdelhamid Abaaoud crossed over on at least a


couple of occasions between his home in Belgium and Syria. Obviously with


awful consequences. One of the most striking fact coming up today in the


Guardian is that the French authorities were not informed that


he was back in Europe, even though he was one of the world's most


wanted men. He managed to make his way back into mainland Europe three


days after the Paris attacks. They had no idea that he was back.


Clearly there are serious questions to be asked about how we keep these


people out, or if they come in that we know they are in and countries


work together to share intelligence. There are fears that


so many people fleeing terror... If you have this huge swell of people


trying to get to safety and just a small minority of them abuse that


happened to Europe to cause more terror on European soil, how are


human to deal with that? -- how are you meant to deal with that? It is


so heartbreaking to read about people who are fleeing but this will


also stoke up the very far right rhetoric about what we need to do to


keep people out. This is the classic inflation. Let's talk about other


knees. The hospital strike -- news. The first Doctors walk out in the


history of the NHS. The Daily Mirror have chosen to splash out on this.


They do support Jeremy Hunt. Quite, it is right up their street. I don't


remember them ever having written about a strike before. Three


quarters of the members voted. It is quite funny that the government are


going through this trade union bill which is causing an awful lot of


issues. It is going to make strikes legal, quite easily. Jeremy Hunt had


98% of the workforce against him in the department that he runs. That is


quite a marble. -- remarkable. They're going to have to go back to


the drawing board and there is going to have to be some sort of give and


take because the strikes are not far away. We will have to look at what


side will give. We have to do something because you can't have


doctors walk out on this level. It is unprecedented and has never


happened in the history of the NHS. In the Telegraph, we had a young


woman saying she didn't want to vote this way but she had to and they


know what they're doing is going against the Hippocratic oath, they


want to secure people's lives but you can consider that a guarantee of


you have walked out. It is a very dangerous proposition -- that if


you. The Times has this extraordinary story about


transgender death. In an all-male prison in Leeds. This is the story


of Vicki Thompson who was only 21 years of age. They have identified


as a boy from a young age -- as a woman from a young age. We don't


exactly know what the crime was here, but we know this person had


said to their friends, if I am put in a male prison, I will kill


myself. At the moment, she has been found dead and there is an inquiry


into it. This follows from a recent case where this has happened. It is


going to be something that the justice system has to catch up


with. In order to be declared a different gender, you have to have


something which is known as the gender recognition certificate. If


you have that, you should be put in prison with people of the same


gender as you but if you don't, and perhaps this person didn't, then you


have to go where the gender on your birth certificate it dictates. --


dictates. It is hard enough being in a tough than aria like prison that


being there and wearing female clothing will not lead to anything


other than a seriously difficult time -- scenario. You would think


that someone in the situation, born a man but now a woman, should not be


in a male prison. They are violent and dangerous places for a male


prisoner to be in, but for someone who is living life as a woman, they


are clearly going to be a target. And it has led to tragic


consequences. We will finish on a lighter note. An hour ago, I give


Emma the last word so I will give her the first word on this. German


tomcats may have to go on a leash. I think this is a fantastic idea. I'm


going to be hated by the people of Britain watching this, but I don't


think that people who have dogs, or even cats, think about others who


have no desire to share this world with their pets. And I say this


having been minding my own business in the park recently and the dog


came up and licked my plate. I was having a picnic with nice plates and


the dog owner went, oh that's so cute! Maybe it was a compliment on


your cooking. Full disclosure, my wife and I have two cats. Putting a


leash on the is just morally wrong. Morally wrong... They are animals!


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