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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are political commentator Jo Phillips and Nigel Nelson, political


The longest serving political editor, is that right? Yes, for my


sins. You will know a political story when you see one. Let's have a


look before we dissect their front pages.


The Observer reports security chiefs are warning Britain's counter-terror


forces must be boosted if they are to cope with a Paris-style attack.


The Sunday Telegraph says Britain looks set to join air strikes


against Islamic State targets in Syria by Christmas.


The Sunday Express also leads with Syria and says senior generals


believe a full-scale offensive would wipe IS off the map in two weeks.


And The Independent on Sunday asks "where do we go from here?"


with Britain's response to the threat from terrorism.


Bright, Jo and Nigel, who wants to begin? Britain prepares for war. It


is certainly a grim front page with a photo of an RAF Tornado, one of


the aircraft that would be used if we go into bombing raids against


Syria. The story says ministers believe we will be warming Syria by


Christmas. Downing Street in all The Papers say no date has been set and


after failing to get a vote last time, Mr Cameron will want to make


sure he has backing, but I think we will talk a little bit about the


surveys that show a huge growing public support for action, but what


this is really about is, what do you do apart from bombing raids? It has


to be something on the ground and that is increasingly the message


from the fence chiefs. Lord Dannatt is writing in the Telegraph, a


former chief of staff of the army said the same thing the other day,


you cannot just go win and do that, and I think we will now see some


fast politicking. Deals that have to be done with people we might not


necessarily choose to. By which you mean President Assad. That was the


basis on which David Cameron last asked the House of Commons to


authorise action in Syria and they said no. Then it was Assad and his


forces, now we have a threat from Islamic State. I think Jo is right,


things are moving at a huge rate, so with the UN resolution last night


that is clearing the way to start bombing, Cameron meets Francois


Hollande on Monday with a strategy on what the doing, President


Hollande then goes to Washington and Moscow, so we can see it welding up


but David Cameron still has to win a Commons vote and it is not yet


certain. I am sure the whips are running around as we speak to check


who is doing what but it is not certain. There is also this light


misinterpretation of the UN resolution which was rapidly passed


last night but did not come up with the chapters seven clause. I was


talking to a UN expert on Saturday for BBC Radio four, who was


convinced it does, and he says people are briefing in Newark, do


not panic, this is symbolic but does not have any legal teeth, and the


experts are saying, at least this one says it has got that authorities


if people want to use it. It is open to interpretation and therefore


misinterpretation. That adds to the nervousness amongst some, Nigel may


say what are we getting ourselves into? The essential thing is Russia


and China coming on board, only on Wednesday David Cameron said he


thought the Russians would veto it, so he might go ahead without a UN


resolution. The Westminster bet is where it moves to as far as David


Cameron goes, but the problem is we are now talking about sending ground


forces in and people are saying this was never on the cards before,


people are making it clear in the vapours tomorrow, the military


chiefs, Liam Fox that former Defence Secretary, you cannot win a war from


the air, you have to be on the ground. Let's move on to pages two


and three of the Independent on Sunday. They have done a whole of


public opinion on the world's leaders, if they have a favourable


view of the following leaders, and poor Francois Hollande, to be fair


is doing better but still a long way behind our back Obama, who has not


taken the lead on this. Interesting that Angela Merkel is split down the


middle. Vladimir Putin is the world's favourite baddie. Like


Marmite! You were thinking of venture might. Barack Obama is not


figuring in what is going on, this is a European thing, Putin is going


to Barack. Russia has a pivotal role in what is happening in Syria


because they are allies of President Assad and as Jeremy Greenstock, our


former ambassador to the UN, he says the UK will have to learn to support


the devil, and whether that is Russia or Assad, whether it is even


Al-Qaeda forces and the Free Syrian Army and all sorts of other


coalitions, but a coalition of the least worst options. Nigel, would


you endorse the suggestion Cameron will unveil a plan within days? If


there is going to bomb by Christmas we will need to get a vote through


the House of Commons quickly. The express says they can beat jihad is


within days. We only have the first page of it but it is military


commanders training officers to beat Kurdish fighters, they support


tougher British action in Syria, 60% favouring a ground war and that is a


huge shed. The question is, as ever, this is one survey but is it


indicative of a trend? And immediate reaction to events in Paris. We are


now getting some idea of people stiffening their resolve and


hardening to the idea we might have to do it. It would be a shift if


that was sustained, given the Barack aftermath has been a sense that


British public opinion would not wear boots on the ground.


Circumstances have changed because of Paris, but I think politicians


might have more thought this time than last time, so the key thing


Cameron will have to produce is, what happens afterwards? We cannot


leave states to descend into civil war as we did with Libya, Iraq and


we will have to see in Afghanistan. Pity the Chilcott report will not be


out in time! That is not so much about intervention in Syria at about


defending Europe. That is how he will fetch it. I am assuming, he


will be listening to these military voices. It is clear they know what


they are doing and they know how to win. It is whether we want to do


with. Let's look at the Observer, this is the other side of this, not


so much what you'd do in Syria and whether you do anything but what you


might need to go back here to make the UK's safe, given that Islamic


State seems willing to take the battle to western Europe. The


Observer is talking about the comprehensive spending review on


Wednesday, and the police want, especially counterterrorism police,


they want the kind of resources they need to do the job, ?200 billion,


and are worried George Osborne might take it away and given to defence.


We know we need that kind of material, George Osborne still wants


to stay on target for his ?10 billion savings by 2020, he will


have to do sleight of hand to achieve that. It will be a battle


between defence and the Home Office because if the defence review is


tomorrow, isn't it? Then you have CSR on Wednesday, so if you give


this money for fighting terrorism that should come out of defence,


perhaps it is the time to say to the police force, maybe we need a


national lease force. Given the controversy at the creation of a


lease Scotland's... Police England might be too far. 43 in England and


Wales, it seems ludicrous, a small country does not need 43 police


forces and two in London. Metropolitan Police and city police.


As you know. In the old days of Fleet Street, now all journalists


drink water but in the days when they got drug at night, the city


police would take them just over the border, away from Fleet Street, the


Met with, long and put them back again into the city area, they would


go backwards and forwards all night. By which time they had sobered up


and nobody had to deal with that! Let's go back to the Telegraph, this


comes out of another BBC programme, songs of praise. This is the


Archbishop of Canterbury in a PC has done for songs of praise, who said


the attacks in Paris left him asking white God wasn't there and he said


it is a chink in his armour and I think that is incredibly honest. I


think he is a terrific Archbishop because he has had a life outside,


he has been... He has beat on the side of Mammon as well, but I think


it is brave to say his faith was tested. There I say, if this had


been Rowan Williams saying it, for Robert Runcie, some of The Papers


might have taken it, it says something about the personality of


the man. He is likeable. He is a modern Archbishop. I think Rowan


Woodhouse the same sort of thing, there are occasions in the matter


how about you are that you out, the one thing the church hate is


complacency. Doubt is fine but people who do not care they worry


about, so to have Justin Welby say that the facts, he does not have the


answers, I think that is very honest. Does it make either of you


out or are you not religious? I'm not. I am but I know what doubt is,


I think that complacency thing is the worst kind of response, you want


to engage and then decide which way to go. You have to wonder, given


these atrocities in the name of a religion, it makes you doubt that. I


would have liked to ask him if he could forgive them. A good question


for eight all a lot interview with the Archbishop. Thank you both very


much. We will be back again in Endatime for another look at the


newspapers and we might have some more front pages by them. At 11pm,


Brussels is on high alert after receiving intelligence on a possible


attack with weapons and explosives,


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