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He thought he might never fight again.


But now he's won the WBA World light-weight title.


He stopped the Columbian Darleys Perez in the fifth round, in front


Hello and welcome to our Sunday morning edition of The Papers.


With me are Angela Knight, former Conservative minister and corporate


advisor, and Dave Wooding, Political Editor of the Sun on Sunday.


The Observer reports security chiefs are warning Britain's counter-terror


forces must be boosted if they are to cope with a Paris-style attack.


The Sunday Telegraph says Britain looks set to join air strikes


against Islamic State targets in Syria by Christmas.


The Sunday Times says action could be taken as early as two weeks


The Sunday Express also leads with Syria and says senior


generals believe a full-scale offensive would wipe IS


The Independent on Sunday asks 'where do we go from here?'


with Britain's response to the threat from terrorism.


And the Mail leads on ongoing allegations centred


on a bullying scandal within the Conservative party.


The Sunday Telegraph talking about Britain preparing for war. Bombing


Syria? Depending on the House of Commons? I suspect they are going to


vote for that, because we do need to do something. But it cannot just be


bombing. But this of the past, going to Iraq, we need the partners,


France, Russia, we need this concerted warfare, but also thinking


about the start, and the Sunday about the start, and the Sunday


Telegraph has got this extraordinary map. It is showing the part of


Syria, and the location, under the control of Islamic State. Also, the


surrounding countries, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, we cannot allow


those tales to continue. Do you think the mood has changed? We


constantly talk about bombing Syria. We're talking with the regime, this


is not what has happened with Iraq, is not what has happened with Iraq,


this is a different scenario. This is the issue. Who is going to be the


enemy. I think the mood has been changing. David Cameron is going to


be going to Palestinian meeting Francois Hollande. -- David Cameron


is going to be going to Paris, and is going to be giving his plan, I


think that will pave the way for the vote. Paris itself, absolutely. Last


week, one of the issues, making sure that they have this thing lined up.


Do they call it an exit strategy, the Taylors, the extremism, the end


game. And the thing about the end game. Everybody has got different


objectives. Iranians, Russians, the Syrian government. Turkey. I've


attached to agree. Compromise is going to have to take place. We


forget that the Kurds have been brave. Done well. The commentary,


from some of the former generals. Why do we not looked at the Syrians,


to see who could be changed. Interesting. It has a valid point.


We can move on. Labour split widens. These are actually, do you see that?


Yesterday, Jeremy Corbyn was still as posing, -- espousing, and it is


looking increasingly that Jeremy Corbyn is going to be the one rebel.


This Shadow Cabinet, privately, are going to be willingly to vote for


this. All these reasonable measures. They want to defeat Isil. If that is


part of the plan, as has been explained, that would make it a


legal war. But the problem for David Cameron, the Scottish National


Party. UK security chiefs in a showdown with Jeremy Corbyn. Nobody


wants these cuts. But we have got some visibility, I do not think it


is going to be cut and dried. We are going to have some blood on the


carpet. And now... It is this Conservative seat, that has been


saved. 14,000 majority. Some of them, deeply concerned that the


unthinkable could happen. The concerns, Jeremy Corbyn talking


about London centric issues, and basically, they do not let him


according to the Labour MPs. Redeeming people, -- on the Blair


wing? I have been speaking to some of the new intakes, perturbed about


Jeremy Corbyn's stance. And you think that Ukip could be benefiting?


I come from the North of England, but I can absolutely see why you


have written that article. He will not be appealing, thinking it is


somebody who was in a different sort of bubble. I can just see them


moving across to Ukip. Rotherham has been one of those seats, and the big


vote for Ukip at the general election. You have the leadership,


as one pleases, and the list of them, sombreros. But Corbyn got a


majority. And he keeps telling us to the MPs. Some of them worried about


that. The momentum, Ed Miliband actually said I bet you thought it


was not going to get any worse. Are they going to wait weeks? December


the thought. -- third. The Chancellor has said, Britain has got


the mojo back. Economic security, just as important as the physical


security. Interesting articles. It is still going to be a difficult


week. But good at pulling some of the good pieces, it's out there. It


is not just a 5 year term, seven year. If you are going to do that,


you have to limit the public spending, because the state has


ballooned, and the wound. But not getting the targets. Some people


thought he was not going to be in this position. Assuming it was going


to be the quality. But not getting the targets. Doing some of what he


said. But the timetable could be wrong. Some of the things that have


affected us, as far as the economy has happened, but they somebody ever


wanted to say, what has he done, look at the growth. Very few


countries, have drawn when the United Kingdom out of the recession.


He has done a lot. Corbyn said we are the antiausterity party. We are


going to be watching, to see what happens, and we have seen in these


pieces, it is going to be about security. With national security, in


everybody's thoughts, it is a message that is going to resonate.


His own political future, does he would sit to be the heir to Cameron?


Tax credits? It was strange, this omnishambles budget. Is not a good


moment. But he has done some good work. The last budget, seen as a


success. Tax credits have put, pulled the rug out from under him.


Interesting dynamic. The work is going to be an Theresa May's patch!


Still has not done a deal. I think there's going to find his way. And


politicians have said, I am anti-austerity, I think that is just


walking away from responsibility. But is anybody pro austerity? Of


course not. Somebody has got to pay for that. I think, standing up,


seeing anti-austerity cuts that is poor. The Telegraph. The Archbishop


of Canterbury. Where is God in Paris victim's time of need? Islamic State


film of certainty, and you have got the reader of the religious faith,


having doubts? I am glad he has said that. You look at these things


taking place, Paris was horrific, and you do think, hang on? How can


this happen? If there is a guiding force... Many of us do believe that.


But to see the leader of the Church of England, telling us he can have


doubts, I think that is a good approach. Comforting. I do not think


it detracts from him. TS Elliot said the important thing about religion


is not the quality of these but the quality of doubt. I have covered


many of disasters, and it is a question, when you see these


things, it does strike you. How can you do this? That is going to chime


with people. The Sunday Times... Ladybird books written for adults.


Joining the fitness club, spending ?200, and the husband, useless. Who


is this aimed at? The Christmas market? One of my friends bought


one. I am not entirely sure who it was bought for. But we're reading it


on the train and it was the ladies. -- hilarious. The husband, runs on


beer. The fitness club, trying all of these things. ?600 annual


membership, each visit costing ?200. It is good to have something good to


laugh at. But the book of the hangover? Banana and a glass of


water. Wonder who put it there! And mindfulness. It has taught him to


live in the moment, his studio in the Peak District. These are good


stocking fillers. The printed several million, more than Fifty


Shades of Grey. This is one of these, you want the physical book.


That isn't. Look at tomorrow's front pages every


evening at 1030 and 1130 here on BBC


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