27/11/2015 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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also have the rugby results and a look at some winter sports action.


That is after The Papers. Hello and welcome to our look


ahead to what the papers With me are David Torrance,


columnist for the Herald, and the writer and broadcaster,


Alice Arnold. Many of the front pages


are already in. The Independent leads with claims


by four senior Labour MPs that Jeremy Corbyn's leadership is


"unsustainable". The same story is on the front


of the Times which says that senior Labour figures have sought


legal advice as they plot unprecedented discounts


until Christmas in the Telegraph. The Mail also focuses on Black


Friday but says it was a flop on the The Daily Mirror prints


a letter to Father Christmas from seven-year-old Christian


Hickey who was shot on his doorstep. We have to start with Jeremy Corbyn


who is on the front of many of the front pages. Here is The


Independent's headline. The left winger is accused of putting the


party in a terrible mess. We should be talking about the prospect of


people in the comments by air strikes on Syria, but no. It has


three when the spotlight back on to Labour. The Independent has Labour


MPs breaking cover and calling for Jeremy Corbyn to go. It seems as


though things have come to the crunch point and this has been often


predicted since Jeremy Corbyn became the reader. It has not taken long?


No, but it shows you how unpredictable politics is. The


attacks in Paris and throw in the Labour Party into turmoil. The focus


is on splits and the split is multilayered. There is a split


between Corbin and the parliamentary party and the parliamentary party


and the Labour membership and between the party and the general


voting public. It is complicated. Hilary Benn was suggesting that it


was complicated but they can come to some accommodation editors it is a I


am not sure what Jeremy Corbyn is meant to do about this because he


doesn't think that we should be sending air strikes into Syria. He


is the Leader of the Opposition and the government think that we should


be. It seems to me that as the Leader of the Opposition that is a


reasonable position to hold and it is a position held by many members


of the Labour Party, so he may be representing his Shadow Cabinet but


he probably is representing members of his party and and every Mac --


and a free vote is probably the way he will have to go. Otherwise people


will think he is representing them. The party and the Cabinet is split.


The Times says there is a secret bid to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn and they


have been told that they can dump their leader. Do they not just need


to have the vote to get rid of him? They have to make sure he is not on


the ballot because they get on the ballot there is every chance that he


get re-elected. They need to find someone to lead instead. Not an


obvious one. The lack of an obvious and compelling alternative could


sustain Jeremy Corbyn for longer, but there is a precedent for


political geeks like me. In 1980 new clinic was challenged by Tony Benn


for the leadership and Neil Kinnock wiped the floor on that occasion.


The fear is that they as Tim and then he is re-elected because he is


extremely popular with Labour Party members, all the polling shows that.


No one is named in any of these articles. No one is mentioned in any


of them. The Daily Mirror has an exclusive poll showing that the PM


has failed to convince people about war in Syria. If David Cameron has


managed to convince people then they are supporting what Jeremy Corbyn is


saying, that there is not a good reason to carry out these air


strikes because it might make things worse for us here. For all the


difficulties the Jeremy Corbyn is getting, he is more closely aligned


with public opinion than the Prime Minister. It is early days and the


vote may not be told next week, but the polling so far, and a detailed


one in the mirror, shows that the majority of people are not convinced


that we should go for air strikes and 59% think that if we do it will


increase the risk of terrorist attacks in the UK, which is an


important point. 59% of men want to go for air strikes that only 38% of


women. That did not take me by surprise. We have seen the


intelligence, we know what the threat is. We have been there before


and we know. The general public are not hugely in favour of this and


someone needs to represent them, maybe Jeremy Corbyn is doing that.


The SNP will be against. That has been very consistent. Nicola


Sturgeon said she wasn't listening mode and rather not last very long


and now they will march into the no lobby. One of the papers shows that


20 Tory MPs who were potentially going to be Dell have fallen into


line. -- that were going to rebel have fallen into line. Were you


tempted? I mean in the shop. There are several pages of this in the


mail. It is mostly talking about what happened last year but it does


talk about people queuing up in their pyjamas. I thought, how long


does it take to be close on? Why would you go in your pyjamas?


Perhaps this person. They were going to be in a crash and they had to be


there early. Quite a lot of people work at five in the morning and


managed to get dressed. Why would you go in the cold and the wet and


queue outside the shop until you open it when you can do it online


and have it delivered. Some shops opened early because they thought a


lot of people were going to come through the door. Braehead in


Glasgow opened at 5:30am and there were only 30 people waiting.


Virtually no one apart from the media turned up. The journalist got


some bargains but no one else. The consequence of this is that we are


going to have sealed the last until Christmas, so will we need the


Boxing Day sales? It is The Telegraph. Were we need the Boxing


Day sales? Know one will have any money left. This is a new thing


since the Black Friday thing was imported from the States, this ill


start before Christmas, which is Great to want is you can do your


Christmas shopping cheaper, but it does call into question whether


there is any need. The New Year sales of Boxing Day, but in the old


days it was New Year and January when people got rid of the winter


stock. Now they may not be doing that. As someone said on Twitter


earlier, they do not care, they will sell it online. Some shopping is


done online and that has been general trend. Another trend has


been the gradual expansion of post-Christmas sales to


pre-Christmas sales and now the last month. Part of me regrets the Boxing


Day sales going, it is a bit of a fixture. I used to enjoy it. I'm too


old and tired for Boxing Day shopping now. But on Boxing Day you


couldn't do your Christmas shopping. But is that not messing up the whole


concept in prose Christmas sales start before Christmas? They will


need to change the name. In the Financial Times David Cameron is


under fire for green cuts. One person is saying that they should


stop changing the subsidies to renewable energy as people cannot


plan and does not inspire confidence. It is worth remembering


that when Cameron was first Tory leader and Prime Minister he


promised to be the greenest government and history, but that is


a thing of the past. The basic thing is planning. Lots of companies


including Tesco have signed this letter to the Prime Minister has


spent years preparing beds for green funds and now we see from the


comprehensive spending review that another billion pounds of money has


been scrapped. All that planning has gone down the tubes and they're not


happy about that. Next week we have the climate change conference and he


does say repeatedly that it is incredibly dangerous and it is one


of our main priorities. He did the same with wind energy and people


invested in that of any he took away the tax breaks and people were


left. People like security, they like to know what is going to


happen. There is a gap between the rhetoric and the practice. A record


number of countries have committed to some really serious cuts in their


admissions, some very ambitious targets, and we are among that


number, so they have to do something. The Scottish Government


makes great play off its ground-breaking carbon reduction


targets, but they have not met them once. It has become a cynical


political trick. Make the headline commitment and it looks like you're


doing something but then there is no follow-through. I expect the UK


Government is going down the same route. It is easier to make the


commitment that actually do it. Finally on the Financial Times,


Osborne's stealthy tax White gives top football is a kick in the


testimonials. Please explain. This is about testimonial matches which


in the old they were held for retiring sportsmen, cricketers or


footballers, who did not earn a lot and their careers and then they


could earn some money in the last match to set them up in business


afterwards, to give them a retirement fund because they have to


retire so early. I had no idea that these were not taxed, but apparently


they haven't been. Some surprise and players are getting there. Wayne


Rooney is due to have his testimonial, just occasion his fault


when he starts earning his salary, and is expected to raise ?2.3


million. I was deeply surprised to see that they were not taxed. They


are income, like a little retirement pot, but I did not know they were


not taxed. But now someone in the Treasury has noticed it. It shows


how counterintuitive George Osborne can be. A lot of his critics depict


them as a Thatcherite, but Heery is going after wealthy people which is


not with you would expect. Testimonies are still held for a


county cricketer who would have a modest income I don't know what they


would expect to earn. There is a detail that says they will, the new


rules, take into account a lot of the proceeds can go to charity. That


is what Wayne Rooney is doing. Even I wouldn't notice that.


Thank you to my guests, you'll both be back at half eleven


for another look at the stories making the news tomorrow.


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