27/11/2015 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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sets. Kyle Edmund took two sets before losing 3-2. We will also have


a look at some winter sports action. That is after the papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are David Torrance, columnist for the Herald and the


writer and broadcaster, Alice Arnold.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with...


The Independent leads


with claims by four senior Labour MPs that Jeremy Corbyn's


The same story is on the front of the Times, which says that senior


labour figures have sought legal advice as they plot


Shopping analysts are predicting that consumers will enjoy


unprecedented discounts until Christmas,


The Mail also focuses on Black Friday but says it was a flop on the


The Daily Mirror prints a letter to Father Christmas


from seven year old Christian Hickey who was shot on his doorstep.


Cuts to green subsidies are under the spotlight in the FT.


And finally The Sun's top story is that staff at Easyjet are


on high alert after Arabic writing was found daubed beside fuel tanks


We will be rather predictably with the Jeremy Corbyn issue and the


plot... So many plots tonight. The Independent, the foreign secretary


contradicting his stance on airstrikes. This story won't go


away, we might be talking about the potential action and what it would


look like in Syria? The actual issue might be talked about, but instead


we are talking about the Labour Party. I think that is probably an


agenda from some of the media outlets, to get at Jeremy Corbyn.


They will keep doing it and looking for his weaknesses. Helped by senior


figures. The deputy leader in the Shadow Foreign Secretary. Half the


shadow cabinets don't agree, but presumably the other half to. The


Independent isn't the most obvious paper to be picking at Jeremy


Corbyn? -- Cabinet. There is a question about whether the Labour


Party can form a solid opposition. That is a serious issue, because we


do need one. If the Labour Party is in a terrible mess, as it says on


the front of The Independent, maybe something has to happen. As an


opposition party, they do have to formulate policies. You have to


build a consensus around that. There doesn't seem to be one of these


airstrikes. The trouble is that even if there was a consensus, there are


divisions about Jeremy Corbyn's leadership. I am sure that is true,


but inevitably any policy decision has a range of views. It is striking


thinking about those who opposed his stance are not really giving reasons


for that. It has become about the leadership, which seems a


distraction from issue. It will be interesting to see what happens on


Monday, the MPs have gone away on the weekends to talk to family


friends and constituents. The comeback on and feed weather that


has swayed them at all... The general feeling, and this is in the


mirror, they have done a poll to see whether people think that we should


have airstrikes in theory or not. -- in Syria. The general opinion is not


strongly in favour -- Mirror. Jeremy Corbyn is actually speaking for a


huge amount of the British population who do not want to see


extracts. They need somebody speaking for them. The Jennifer


Saunders has twittered, why is the news about Jeremy Corbyn rather than


rights and wrongs and airstrikes? People are clearly thinking about it


for themselves, this poll would indicate they are not convinced. If


you think back to Iraq, public opinion was initially in favour of


action. From this poll, which is quite comprehensive, appears certain


-- it appears that certainly divided. 59% of men support


airstrikes, only 38% of women. 59% of those questioned by the Mirror


think that sending in more planes would increase the risk of terrorist


attacks. I think that is a crucial consideration. It has been sold as a


matter of national security. Those attacks happened in Paris just a few


100 miles away. Jeremy Corbyn has always said, he thinks it could make


it worse. There have been other commentators who have said the


same? The attacks in Paris were also not from Syrians who had come to


attack France, they had only come from Belgium. I think we are all


aware that if a terrorist attack were to happen in this country, it


would likely come from within the country. That is why the


intelligence services are so important, they have stopped


attacks. I think it would rather we put our resources into that. The


reason people are sceptical is that it has happened in the past and it


has not helped situation. As with our international partners, don't we


have to be part of the group of allies? That is one element of


certainly the conservative argument, we cannot outsource foreign policy.


We have to stand with our allies. That was also Tony Blair's argument


with Iraq. It doesn't necessarily end up in a good place. Beyond the


security indications, there are the military objections. Many military


specialists say it but we would not make much of a difference in a


strategic sense. A secret bid to oust Corbyn, lawyers telling the


Labour MPs that they can dump their leader. Why does it need a legal


underpinning? They are trying to work out a voting strategy. The one


thing about all this story is that nobody is saying he should be the


leader. It is a bit like saying we want to get rid of Islamic State,


but we don't know what the final solution should be or what we want


in our. You need an alternative. Nobody has offered an alternative or


put their name forward. Perhaps Hillary and then might emerge,


probably his most prolific critic... He will emerge. The son of


Tony Blair, not known for being critical. Looking at the Sun, four


planes in a scare. Do we know what the Arabic sayyid? We don't yet. A


translation has not been released. -- said. If you think about it, for


someone to daub graffiti near fuel tanks, they need access to the fuel


tanks. It doesn't really matter what language it is an. Somebody knows


what they have written, but they haven't released it -- in. It is a


security worry. Something like 80,000 people work at the airport,


and you think, that's an awful lot of people to keep track of. Those


people have access to planes, the crew are complaining they don't have


long enough, they only have about seven minutes to go through a safety


check. Saying it is not nearly enough time to be safe. The pilot is


responsible for the internal parts of the plane. A slightly alarming


call from the aviation International, they said they know


there are people working in airports with extremist sympathies. If they


know that, you would think, surely they could get them a different


job. Perhaps they could work in the canteen or somewhere else. It is a


worry, I think everyone is terrified. It is so variable all


over the world. You realise how tight security can be in some


places, like Israel. The daily express, MPs pushing for a four-day


week on the same pay. That would be nice. Who is pushing for this? It's


coming from various quarters and for different reasons. At the moment,


Fridays in the Commons tend to be taken up with private members bills


and stuff that isn't really going to go anyway. A lot of MPs, for


different reasons, want to spend Fridays in their constituency. They


are in the Parliament in Westminster Monday to Thursday, but they want


Fridays to do other things. So, they wouldn't be working four days a


week, four days in London and one in their constituency. If it introduced


general idea of MPs being lazy, having lots of holidays. It's just


not true. Even when they're not at Westminster, they are still working.


The express says they want to take their first class flights home to


Scotland a bit earlier. Douglas Carswell said we need to change the


whole culture of MPs, they should just be part-time. Various MPs have


jobs as GPs as well. I quite like MPs to have a full-time job running


the country, I don't need them to give me my flu jab. I would rather


they were concentrating fully, once they are an MP, to have their full


attention. There was an argument that they could cut the recesses and


have shorter breaks, but do a four-day week so they could spend


the travelling time at home. That is the point the SNP are making quite


legitimately. They do have to travel a lot further to get home. The Mail,


and the Telegraph, the Black Friday flop. Deserted High Street stores


leave piles of am -- unsold goods. After the violence of last year, you


can't blame people? I did, I went online. There is a problem though,


because all the websites started crashing. Some companies have lost


about ?2.8 million in lost revenue. If this is going to be more an


on-line then, and I think the scenes last year really puts people off...


The cold and the weight. It was quite unseemly. Some people got up


overnight. Some got up in their pyjamas and when shopping in their


pyjamas. It's a little bit crazy. To save ?30 on an iPad. Not worth


losing your sleep over. I love the detail in the Mail, the only people


who ended up outside this flagship store in Oxford Street were


journalists. Should have stayed at home. The daily Telegraph says we


have sales until Christmas? Cyber Monday apparently. I don't know what


is super Saturday? This cultural phenomenon of shopping has passed me


by. I have a nostalgic fondness for the Boxing Day sales, but as the


Telegraph says it is now completely superfluous. We are spreading out


the sales from yesterday or today until after Christmas. It is about a


six-week thing. Price reduction. We will finish with a lovely picture.


This was requested on Twitter, we don't normally do requests but I


could not resist this one. John, you know who you are. This is a


hedgehog. Hedgehog numbers are in sharp decline, apparently we can


make simple changes to attract them to our gardens. You just said you


have them in your garden? I think it is because we never clear the


leaves. I don't think my garden is big enough. I was clearing the


leaves up and an enormous toad was underneath them. Not quite as cute


as hedgehogs. We mustn't feed hedgehogs milk. You can give them a


bit of dog or cat food. It is good to help the service broadcasting.


Don't give them bread or milk. I like the juxtaposition between the


hedgehog and Jeremy Corbyn. He is in a much better place, the hedgehog. I


knew that would be popular. Lovely to have it here.


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