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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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where there was a real humdinger between two former world champions.


Sportsday in 15 minutes after the papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are guests joining are the Times Columnist Matthew Syed


and Melanie Eusebe - Professor at the Hult Business School.


Before we get into discussion, let us look at what the papers lead


The Times leads with news that so called Islamic State fighters


have captured large parts of eastern Afghanistan.


The conviction of Maoist cult leader Aravindan


The same story dominates the Mirror's front page -


focusing on the dramatic testimony from Balakrishnan's daughter.


"PM may be forced to back Brexit" is the Telegraph's headline.


The paper claims David Cameron has said he may have to campaign to


leave the EU - if other European leaders ignore his demands.


Meanwhile the FT claims there are concerns at the


European Central Bank about David Cameron's plans for treaty change.


According to the Mail, thousands of European doctors


and nurses will be allowed to work in the UK without checks


Finally - the Express says the UK is bracing itself for "the wildest


All of that and more but let's start with the story which pops up in a


lot of papers, the Daily Mirror captive slave for 30 years by my


dad. This is a horrendous story but it is rare but it is intriguing and


fascinating and horrifying. The story is shocking for so many


reasons. Yes, the abuse lasted for 30 years but it was in a communist


collective and she was kept in the collective for 30 years where he


made her believe that he was God and she would be killed by lightning or


spontaneous combustion if she disobeyed him or left. I can't


imagine the reign of fear she was living under. He was convicted.


Let's see what the sentencing says but from where the Daily Mirror


comes from, there is no punishment dear enough for him. January 29 is


the date he will be sentenced. He has been told to expect a


substantial sentence. It is an extraordinary story. What does it


tell us about society, is it a freak one-off? It tells us about the power


of mind control, this sadistic egomaniac kept him in prison in the


house and gave her these messages consistently, coupled with physical


abuse and it is inevitable you will start to adopt and take on these


attitudes because she had no access to other sources of information. He


didn't want the to leave so he could continue to entrench them in


invisible handcuffs. I'm so glad he has been caught and will be


convicted and sentenced. It is relatively rare to see this extreme


end but cults are a widespread phenomenon. And people who want to


control other people will use the most extreme methods and it is vital


you have laws. How did it go undetected for this long? Very


manipulative and pretty clever in terms of his statistic aim. It is


extraordinary, when we think of cults we tend to think of a farm in


the middle of nowhere, this was in the middle of the biggest city in


the country. Exactly and one of the biggest cities on the planet and


gentrification in the area, Brixton is a cultural Mecca and so I don't


understand... I really don't understand and I feel for her


because I... The invisible handcuffs, to know the world is


outside and to not be exposed to it and have access to it and to


honestly think I will be hit by lightning if I don't obey this


person, for 30 years, I can't imagine the fear she was living


under. On a positive note, I don't know if you saw the interview with a


daughter which was a compelling interview. Partly because she made


so vivid the reality of her life but also because of her rationality and


her love and forgiveness. She quoted Nelson Mandela saying I don't want


to take the hate with me. I want to be reconciled with my father and the


interviewed somebody who helped her to deal with the emotional trauma


and said she is coming on well and she will be able to live a full


life. In fairness to Maoists, a Maoist cults. There is no mention in


the Little red book of this. He was guilty of a lot of things, famine


and cultural Revolution but he wasn't somebody who have


supernatural powers. Wright, moving on to another significant story, the


Independent. Sharia courts, the inside story. What we make of this?


So, essentially it is an Expose explaining there is a parallel


system of Islamic justice and it is operating in the shadow of the law


and with this, when because sharia law is quite... I can't think of the


word. It is quite certain... Prescriptive in terms of marriage


and the sanctity of marriage and what that means is on the flip side


when there is a case of domestic abuse, women can be locked into


abusive relationships under this shadow sharia law operating in the


shadow of British law. A study was done by a legal scholar in the


Netherlands after attending 15 hours of hearings at Islamic Council in


late as well as Birmingham Central Mosque sharia. The reason I struggle


with my words is because sometimes when I have to be careful because it


feels like it can be loaded particularly regarding what is


happening right now and so everyone knows I am a feminist however I


would like to know more about this story before I make the poll. It


gets to the heart of multiculturalism and issues. I will


be less careful, I do not think the root cause of the problem is


courts, it is legal -- religious doctrine. They are saying to women


you need to stay with your husband, the woman is entitled under the law


to seek redress from the courts were divorce if they have a plausible


case. But they feel they cannot go against the judge because they have


religious authority and therefore it is morally unacceptable to go


against it. If we put our faith in the judges because they have some


religious baggage or ancient scriptures rather than rationality,


science and what we think about morality and the secular laws, we


will go wrong. That is the root cause. I could see you listening


with interest. A lot of people will feel instinctive reaction to this


story. Most definitely. And the story lends itself to an instinctive


reaction however there are choices as well that these women have made.


It isn't just necessarily about the judges and courts and the law is not


listening to them, it is also them not reporting it because that is


their belief system. That is why I have to be careful and all of us


should be a bit more careful when we report on these. I don't think any


religious scholar disagrees if you look through the centuries of


religions they have often been used as tools by men to repress women.


This is a manifestation of something which is a deep history, I am not


saying all religions today do that but it has had that historical


dimension. I have never seen from page based on 15 hours of data and


research. Blatantly it says after 15 hours of hearings and you are on the


front of the paper. That needs to be more... The scholars are never


allowed in. This is the first time they have had the access. The Times


newspaper, this is basis. Isis invaded Afghanistan. Islamic State


fighters have captured swathes of eastern Afghanistan. Another one of


these images, Isis fighters in training. A powerful story and it is


about the extension of the caliphate, about the extent to which


Isis can further its objectives by having more geographical territory


and Anthony Lloyd, the Times reporter has been kidnapped and shot


by fanatics but it continues to go out to reveal the truth. At a time


when journalism has quite a low reputation, I think it is important


we see the truth at ground level and do not just rely on what the


government tells us and this is a vivid story and troubling. Anthony


Lloyd is one of the great modern correspondence. Goodness me, every


day we hear another story of Isis or Isil or Islamic State and this move


into Afghanistan is troubling. Yes, they have said that due to the


withdrawal of the Western combat forces and the splintering of the


Taliban, this is the expectation and has caught everyone by surprise did


terms of that move and in terms of the way they are governing the area,


it is quite public. You can find it on YouTube, public beheadings,


strict adherence to Koranic teachings and it's quite surprising


because it is quite open. Moving to something different, the Financial


Times, Cameron EU currency call alarms the ECB. The ECB is the


European Central Bank, European Union... With your business hat on,


what do you make of this? Well, it is quite straightforward. We have a


treaty and 19 out of 20 member states Right now have a common


currency with Denmark and the UK opting out that. And so now says he


wants the union to be more of a multi-currency union however the


ECB, marry a drag be says this will open up the slippery slope for the


EU having more than one or two or three currencies and some of them


would also... They said the Polish premier describes the Euro as a bad


idea making Poland a second grease. You can see the splintering


throughout the EU regarding whether we should have won currency or many.


Good news. It is crazy to have one interest rate and currency for a


number of nations that have different faces of the economic


cycle. It gives an advantage for the countries outside the Euro zone. Of


course. It will devalue instead of staying at a high interest rates in


the middle of a recession. There is no problem with having a single


market and consistent set of rules for competition but having a single


currency goes against everything I learned in macro economics. That is


true however if you look at... It would be unevenly split. How do you


apply or determine who should have the single currency and two should


be without? Let individual countries to side and then you have consistent


balls in terms of markets and retail and regulation but you have people


deciding on their own interest rates. This will be the debate David


Cameron will be having. I want to look at the Aravindan Balakrishnan


story. And the Oldham win is buoyant for Corbin. It was a big victory. I


am not somebody who is a big Corbin supporter but I feel sympathy, if


anything went wrong it would be the Corbin effect, Labour bombs out.


They increased their majority from a respected former MP. They say it is


the new guy, Jim McMahon. There is nothing Corbin seems to be able to


do that makes a cut through. I'm not saying I like his policy but it is a


significant achievement for the Labour leader. As an independent


observer, is the media ganging up on Jeremy Corbyn? Yes, I do. OK! On


that succinct analysis, we will see you later on. Those were the front


pages. That is it for this hour. Thank you to my guests. We are back


at 11:30pm for another look through the stories making the news. Stay


with us on BBC News. At 11pm, more on the mass shooting in California,


being investigated as an act of terrorism. Next, Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday - I'm Matt Smith.


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