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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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north-west of the UK by Christmas. -- which may nudge into.


And a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment. Here are the


headlines. David Cameron has hinted that the EU referendum may be held


next year seeing the UK will fundamentally change Italy strip


with Europe. The Prime Minister said he was a step closer to getting


their changes he wanted. 2016 will be the year we achieved something


vital fundamentally changing the UK's relationship with the EU and


addressing the concerns of the British people. The UN Security


Council agrees a peace plan for Syria but without addressing the


future of President Assad. Britain's last deep coal mine


stopped production with the loss of 450 jobs. There was high emotion as


workers worked their final shift. Energy giant empower has to pay a


record fine. Half a million customers where wrongly billed.


Coming up in Sportsday, is this the man for the mean time at Chelsea?


Guus Hiddink flies in for talks but not in time to take charge of the


match tomorrow. More reaction to the sacking of Jose Mourinho. And more


news about the European rugby. Welcome to our look ahead to what


The Papers will be bringing as tomorrow.


The Financial Times leads with the David Cameron EU negotiation story.


The paper says he has cleared the way for an EU referendum membership.


The Sun says the number of foreign passport holders living in the UK


has reached 5 million for the first time.


The Times says doctors are handing out Botox perceptions without


face-to-face consultations with patients.


A mockery of justice is the headline in The Mail.


The Telegraph says leading academics are claiming British universities


have become to put it we correct. The Express claims some stores are


offering discounts of up to 80% for Christmas shoppers.


Let us start with the EU vote. Britain to decide in summer. Cameron


says referendum can be held next year after good process. I am sure


bookmakers are running audits on this about when exactly it will


happen. What intrigues me about this story is that David Cameron is not


daft. Ack walked about him is that he is a poker player. He only bets


when the Carter in his favour. He is not the kind of person who publicly


goes into a negotiation without knowing he is going to win it. And


yet these EU leaders are still coming out saying they will not give


him what he wants. How is he going to achieve this effectively by


February in order to get a referendum on the table in June?


What does he know that we do not? Do you know? I do not. This is part of


the thing. From the outside it looks that he has been cack-handed in his


negotiations and then suddenly he has pulled a rabbit out of a hat and


although he leaders have sat around. They are not going as far as he


wants them to go perhaps but he is definitely where he wants to be.


Maybe he does not what he is doing. What are you hearing. #


This headline that Britain to decide in summer seems fairly certain.


Earlier in the week I heard from Tory sources in Europe saying


September was the date. That was largely by a process of elimination.


That is stretching some are a bit. They are saying June or July. There


are elections in May. It is very close to then have another thought


in June. In July you get into summer, people go on holiday. The


Scottish school holidays start at the end of June. He will be in


trouble if he has to have it in July. The SNP will kick-off. Idea


not predict. I suspect it will be later than June or July. What about


the red lines on in work benefits for migrants? That four-year delay


between arriving in this country and being able to clean? No where near


doors. He has got an emergency brake. Donald Tusk has given him an


emergency brake summit of public services are going to be


overwhelmed, I do not know who decides that, he will be able to put


some sort of break on immigration. Is that a temporary measure? I am


not sure of the mechanics but it is something, moving in the late


direction. In February we have got the next European council meeting


and then he says that will be the deadline then we will find out if he


has been cack-handed. But legislation has got to be put in


place to allow this to happen. That is the other thing. Do we then have


a referendum based on an actual Agreement in stone or based on


promises that things will change? Then other countries have to ratify


it. That is a different proposal. Let us not get bogged down in that


just now. The Independent, we are looking at a


story here, part of our wider story about industry and the relationship


between the banks and Government. The picture is of one of the miners


after the last shift at the coal mine that closed today. There are


still a lot of coal but it is more expensive. It is a very sad story.


People of my vintage remember miners strikes. A huge union with huge


power. NUM is down to 100 members. It is poignant. Christmas is around


the corner. It is a sad story. You wonder why so many redundancies take


place just before Christmas. Never a great time to lose your job, but


Christmas as well? It is a great picture on the front of The


Independent that such a sad story. We are reading elsewhere about mad


Friday, people going out tonight and drinking lots and shopping lots and


at the scene time people are losing their jobs. If we can set aside the


devastation to that mining community for one seconds we now that the days


of coal are numbered. We were hearing in Paris on the last week.


True, but we are still using an awful lot of it. But is still in the


ground. Let us look at The Telegraph. Politically correct


universities are killing free speech. Academics are speaking out


about censorship on campuses of anything that causes the slightest


bit of offence is what The Telegraph says. I am not sure who the student


centres are. They seem to be the spectral idea, people saying you


cannot do this or that, but they do not seem to pin down in this article


who these centres are. I am not sure about the work banning in stories


like this. I hear about this being banned from literally festivals


because of our character being too sensational, it turns out they have


not been banned, they have just not been invited. I often wonder idea


where that millions of other people also have not been invited to


address students or appear at a festival. I have been banned from


every university in the country in that case. Devastated. How far it is


a ban and how far it is just an exercise of wanting to see someone


speak or not I do not know. What are the up in arms about? Lots of things


apparently. Some vehicles. The Sun. David Starkey. Cecil Rhodes. A


statue of Cecil Rhodes. Indeed. Apparently some people want to take


down the statue of Cecil Rhodes. Historic Bingen see it as a subject


of historic interest. It is an object of historic interest. It is


the balance you have to meet. This is what we do in society, finding


the balance between something of historical interest, it just so


happened that has a statue of a man who did terrible things in South


Africa. Maybe it should be taken down now. But if we together thing


down that cause somebody offence there would be nothing left. What is


the barrier? What is the benchmark for offence? That is what we do as a


society. We find that level. It changes over time. As banning


somebody from wearing a or because they are not Mexican racist? Were


they really banned? How can you bounce a buddy from wearing a


sombrero? Is there somebody at all police at East Anglia University? It


is an interesting issue but I never quite sure of where the actual


balance is. There is another aspect to this story which is glossed over.


It is a line that says because universities increasingly see


fee-paying students as customers they do not bear to stand up to a


small and focal minority. I have heard of people teaching at


university who say that because students are paid so much money they


expect certain grades and certain achievement and they do not expect


their teachers to say, you have not earned through your work. It does


seem to be a difficult issue of balance. The students now think the


customer is always right. Something is going on on the campuses but at


the minute it becomes a story about banning somebody was it is reduced


to simplistic terms,. Boris Johnson could be made Foreign Secretary.


When and why? Here is a man who knows about nuance. Boris Johnson.


After he steps down from his term as London near in May it is expected


that David Cameron will give him another job in or around the


Cabinet. Foreign Secretary is a new one although The Telegraph generally


know what they are talking about. Do we really want Boris Johnson


stumbling around Europe as the face of Britain? But when he was mere of


London he did a good job. That he not embarrass us at the Beijing


Olympics? He would certainly be memorable on


the world stage. If you have him in the cabinet you keep them close. It


would be a good platform to stand against George Osborne. Does David


Cameron want that? I am not sure. Daily Mail, riot suspects who


refused to give names in court have charges chopped. What do you do to


make somebody reveal who they are in court? I do not know what to make of


this story. He has not everyone tried that? How difficult can it be


to establish you sundered it is? A computer. Indeed. We are told to be


very careful about our identity, that people can piece it together,


yet these people went to court and refused to say who they are. If that


is true it is outrageous. If you are somebody whose House or business was


smashed up in these rights, and presumably they are men, they turn


up, say they will not tell the name and walk out, that is outrageous. It


then Quartz and MP. If you have to go to Peter Bull for the court it


suggests your story might be desperate. Why? Be careful. He is a


great man and a great MP that he is quite easy to get Quartz from. But


this is the kind of thing you would expect to have a strong opinion on.


If it was a stronger story you might have a stronger court. Maybe he is


speaking up for a lot of people who could agree. Surely they could


prosecute at another time anything to these people are. It is not worth


the time to go after them and spent lots of resources. It needs more


flesh on the bones. Daily Express, January sales started today. I know


you cannot contain yourselves. Up to 80% of as stores/places. I cannot


stand shopping at the best of times. What are we doing? 80% off would not


tempt me to go to the shops today. I would not go near the place. I get


all the shopping done beforehand. What do they do in January or Boxing


Day? They will sell as bikinis judging by the weather. It gets


earlier and earlier. I can remember when the January sales were in


January. Then 20 Boxing Day. Now it is before Christmas. But a lot of


shops have there sales on. There were some quite strong fumes


on my train as I came into work. We will be back again at half past 11.


More on the UN Security Council adopting the resolution on a Peace


Process in Syria. Coming up in the programme:


Hiddink's heading back


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