18/12/2015 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Sunderland tomorrow. No reaction to the sacking of Jose Mourinho, and


European rugby championships. That is inspired after the papers. -- the


reaction. Hello, and welcome to our look


ahead to what the the papers With me are the literary editor


of the Independent on Sunday, Katy Guest,


and the Westminster correspondent The FT leads with


our main story tonight - The paper says the Prime Minister


has cleared the way for a referendum The i leads with the same


story, saying the historic vote The Sun says that the


number of foreign passport holders living in the UK has reached 5


million for the first time. According to the Times,


doctors are handing out Botox prescriptions without having


consultations with patients. 'A mockery of justice' is


the Mail's headline after three suspected rioters,


who refused to reveal their identities in court, had


the charges against them dropped. The Telegraph says


leading academics are claiming British universities have become too


politically correct. offering discounts of up to 80%


for Christmas shoppers. Let's start with the story on the


Independent, the story we have been looking at all day today. That is


the closure of Kellingley Colliery in North Yorkshire, and a picture of


one of the miners who did his last shift at Britain's last deep coal


mine. Very sad box pops we hope. Not knowing what the future holds for


them. -- box pops we heard. I was then a couple of miles from


Kellingley, so it is my family's story, neighbours and grandfathers.


I went down this mine once and it was exhausting, horrific as getting


to the bottom. 800 feet. It is the end of a community. They were


horrible jobs, and the community is now left wondering what it will do,


not just for Christmas but in the future. We heard lots of people


saying they came from generations of families that have worked on this


articulate coal pit. But we knew it would come to an end. Not yet,


admittedly, but how much longer can we keep producing expensive coal?


Not at all now. Given all of that, it is not an economics story but a


human story. People remember the miner strikes and miners being a


huge force. Within my lifetime, the last mine has closed. It is the end


of an era. It isn't over used word, but it is historic. That is an


amazing statistic. Those pictures from the 80s when those strikes were


on, thousands of people took part to try to save the pits. Now just 100


members. A lot of people from our generations can't help but have a


visceral and emotional reaction to a photograph like that of a miner


coming up from a mine for the last time. It still calls for enquiries


during the strikes. It is still part of our nation. What will happen in


this community? The mining communities in the 80s really


struggled to find something new to replace it with. Hopefully they will


get a lot of help from the local authority and government etc. I hope


so. There is a stark juxtaposition with this other story, fatcat


Britain and the economic difference between the richest and poorest in


Britain. It is getting bigger. The richest 1% of the population have as


much money as the poorest 57% combined, and the fact this gap is


getting wider since 2012 is really shocking. And George Osborne has


stepped up his private meetings with representatives to the UK's big


banks. Where is the evidence for that? And then from -- a source from


the Financial Times. And now David Cameron's Brexit vote. The


suggestion is that it will happen next summer, this vote. We have


elections in May. It can't happen too soon after that. There is a


suggestion it will be next summer. My sources tell me otherwise, and I


stand by then it may be September rather than summer, but we can be


fairly sure it will be 2016. The Prime Minister corrupt agent saying


next year would be vital and the moment when concern address the


concern of the British people about our membership. February is the date


where he has to get his ducks in a row and get his negotiations done.


Things don't crank up again until January. I can't imagine them


working faster than that. We have absolutely no movement at all on the


key reforms, the idea of migrants from within the EU not in claim in


work benefits for four years after arriving. That was supposed to be a


line in the sand. He had four key reforms, and everyone said the first


three were fine. I wonder if he was thinking it would be like when you


sign the terms and conditions, that's OK, I can't be bothered, sign


up for all four. But everyone says it is a line in the sand and they


will not accept that. Cameron has come back saying we have made


progress towards having an agreement. Is he managing


expectations, and telling us it would be really hard work, I will


have to argue all night with them, I will not let them sleep until they


agree with my demands? Then he can come back as the conquering hero and


say, I have one against the mean old Europe people for you. His


negotiating tactic is to go in fully. You go in, and maybe this is


why he has made progress this time. Go in with a full bladder. I might


try that before I go on air. Too much information. Don't start. You


wait if you think that stronger, you wait until you hear what I have


coming up. -- blogger. Doctors prescribe drugs


they prescribing Botox to without meeting was like anyone who faces


it. The fascinating thing, when you look into the history, the medical


Council were supposed to bringing the rules about prescribing of Botox


in 2012 after another investigation either BBC found the same thing,


that little-known to ask, Botox is a medicine you have to have on


prescription, and in theory, you are supposed to have a face-to-face


eating with the prescriber, which could be a doctor or dentist. --


meeting. It is toxic, isn't it? Not just a beauty therapist, who can't


prescribe the medicine, only very out the procedure. The beauty


therapist has cold a doctor and the doctor has said I will prescriber


and has not seen the person who is going to receive it. The Times has


uncovered that there is no medical supervision in some cases. Not in


the building at the time, certainly. They have to be registered. It is


not surprising that it is going on, it is surprising that it an


illegal. There are serious regulations around it. Let us look


at the Telegraph. Politically correct universities are killing


free speech. Academics are concerned about the amount of censorship on


campuses, to do with who can speak at events, the subjects they can


talk about. It seems this is in the news a lot. There is an issue here,


but I am not sure what it is. British universities have become too


politically correct, but I would suggest you can't be too politically


correct, because politically correctness means not offending


people if you don't have to. It has become a pejorative phrase. These


alleged incidents about not wearing sombreros because it may offend


Mexican students. They want to pull down a statue of a horrible man who


did terrible things in Africa. According to some. Some people will


say he was a pioneer. He is not just Cecil Rose, who was just a horrible


man in Africa. But they say these statue has historical interest,


which it does, so it is how do you find the balance? In universities,


there has to be more latitude for people to examine ideas? Yes, but


University has a responsibility to think carefully about what it is


seen to endorse. And so by inviting someone to speak whereby a statue or


keeping a statue of someone, does that explicitly say we endorse this?


Is that the right thing to do? One college was paid for by Cecil Rose,


wasn't it? They are in a bind. There are lots of institutions like that.


They can't deny the fact they were paid for by one of their famous


alumna. There are lots of educational establishments where


money is tainted. What do you do about it? Funded on slave trade


money. It is too difficult to be a front-page story. It should have a


university dissertation about it. Someone will write their Ph.D., and


someone else will ban it. I hope you're not feeling too prudish at


the moment. Why Colonel bogey but it right about Hitler. That is the


chewing, we know the words. It turns out the notorious wartime song was


right all along. Adolf Hitler really did have only one testicle. Well, he


had one undescended testicle. I love this job sometimes. That is a story


right there. Apparently incontrovertible truth has been


discovered by a historian. When it hit that was examined by a prisoner


doctor, the doctor examined him and found he clearly had an undescended


testicle on the right side. -- Hitler. Previously the side that was


thought to be understanding. -- understanding. Fascinating that


people are still interested in this. There we go. None of us were around


at the time, but we all know the song. It is part of our history. Any


word for it I tour you earlier? Monorchid will stop only having the


one. I learnt it from my English teacher. It has turned out to be


useful all this time later. Will you be rushing out to grab a


bargain? No, I would not go to the shops if they were giving out stuff


for free. Tomorrow was panic Saturday, apparently. Another day


with another name. I think they make them up, everyday there is a new


one. I think this one is all our own panic. True, proper, original


British panic. What do we do on Christmas Eve? It is not really a


panic tomorrow. I once met someone who was in a panic on Christmas Eve


who had fallen asleep on the train, got off the train in a hurry and got


home and realised all his Christmas presents were on the train. It was


Christmas Eve. That is it. Thank you very much. Katie and James, nice to


see you both. Merry Christmas, whatever you would like me to wish


you. Coming up next,


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