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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the political commentator Jo Philips


and Nigel Nelson, Politics Editor of Sunday People.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with...


The Observer reports that leading Conservative Eurosceptics have


branded David Cameron's attempts to reform the Uk's relationship


with the EU as a farce, and warned that the new National Living Wage


will undermine efforts to cut immigration.


with the resignation of the chairman of the influential campaign group


Conservative Way Forward - a victim, it says, of the bullying


row sparked by the apparent suicide of a party activist;The


Sunday Express carries the news of the death of Jimmy Hill


on its front page, while also detailing the number of household


guests the Queen is expecting for Christmas.


says as many as 50,000 children in the UK


are being home-schooled and warns that many may be at risk


Women will be allowed to take part in frontline


combat within months, according to what the Sunday Telegraph says


are radical plans to be unveiled this weekend.


So, let us begin. A story we didn't mention in that lot but here we go


again. It is the Observer. It is yet again Mr Corbyn dominating our


thoughts. Peter Hyman was a speech writer and as chief strategist to


Tony Blair and is now headmaster. Is writing in a personal capacity in


the Observer but also because of his closeness to Tony Blair. He is


warning, and the headline says it all, struggling labour may need to


split to survive, because he says there are two Labour parties, he


says one, the supporting of Corbyn, and the other lot which other


sensible, progressive lot, which seems to be the mother of MPs in the


House of Commons and it is possible to see how they could work together.


Peter Hyman is looking to something like the SDP Mark to because how are


these two strands that are so different but of course the idea


that saying project will send a shiver down the Albany stilts. The


SNP was a disaster. Yes, that is why it won't happen. Peter Hyman's


analysis is spot on. The parliamentary party is completely


spit. You have the people around Jeremy Corbyn and everyone else.


That is absolutely right. The one thing that every single Labour MP


and Shadow minister has told me is the one thing they don't want is a


split. They don't want to go back to another SDP. So, the idea is they


really would like to keep the party together. Those against Corbyn just


want to get rid of the leader and that is posing a problem because


there is no mechanism they can use to do it. But if he has lost the


confidence of his parliamentary party, surely they can get rid of


him? They can put a vote of no-confidence down, they put at


Challenger up. The problem is that Jeremy Corbyn would probably winds


again. As far as Labour member ship goes, they seem to like him. Ice


here whispers -- I here whispers and he says he will not quit before 2020


at the earliest. That is right. A lot of MPs and ex-shadow ministers,


they have been counting on the fact that he would get fed up with the


job but he looks like he is rather enjoying him. Well, he doesn't look


like he is enjoying it. That is his manner. That is enjoyment for


Jeremy! Smiling grimly through! Let's move on. It seems to me this


story doesn't actually move very fast, to be honest. People saying


the same things over and over again. Everyone is waiting for something to


happen and nothing will. Now, an old subject. The Sunday Telegraph and


the headline says it all. It does indeed. Women soldiers to go into


combat. The Sunday Telegraph is saying they have cleared the way for


this to happen within months. I would have thought unequivocal good


news. Women should be able to do combat roles, it has been far too


long they have not been able to. I'm assuming that that is exactly what


women soldiers want to do. I think this is long overdue and the sooner


we do it, the better. An awful lot of people don't think that. I agree


with Nigel. I think if you join up to be in one of the services, or


zero EU want to go to where the action is. -- presumably you want to


go. It brings us in line with Australia and America. But of course


there are lots of people, and it has to be said, a lot of them are men,


who think it is a bad idea here, they think women in the front line


would be a distraction, they question women's ability, physical


strength, endurance and all of that sort of stuff. Women do play a very


prominent role. Medics risked their lives to help other people in


situations, bullets whizzing about and so on. It is not as if there


aren't women used to battle. Yes, and as you say, doing stuff,


driving, being out in the front line, piloting submarine and


aircraft and what have you. I get the sense this is the underground


stuff but why not? One of the arguments is that if women are


injured, there was something in the male psyche that says you stop and


help and that may not be the right wing to do. I've never ready quite


believed that. If you are trained for the front line, then you would


know there are certain things you do and don't do. I would point to


Israel where you see women soldiers there, they blending perfectly, they


have been fighting wars there for a considerable time. And as far as I


can gather, totally successfully. Let's move on again. The Independent


on Sunday, as so often, has very much its own story but it is an


interesting subject. Home-schooled children, but what are they being


taught? I'm surprised at the Independent on Sunday because I


would have thought they were slightly classier paper. What they


are doing is falling into the trap or even fuelling this sort of


paranoia and hysteria that anybody who can't see this being


radicalised. When you break this past story that takes up all of page


six, all of that front page with a good photograph, actually what the


story really is is a bout the fact that is the law stands at the


moment, if a parent decides to educate their child at home, they


don't have to let the local authority know, unless they have


applied for and therefore the then declined a place at a school. If you


decide you don't want your child to go to school, there is nothing to


stop you doing that. You may say that is bonkers because nobody knows


where these kids are all the level of schooling they are getting onto.


But I think this has come out, really, because of an stepped report


last week about the unregulated and unlicensed schools that are teaching


quite sort of hardline Islam. Madras us. The interesting bit which is


rather hidden away in this story is that actually it is not about the


home-schooling. Fears have been raised that parents are claiming


their children are being home-schooled when they are actually


being taught at the legal religious schools which is a slightly


different thing. There is a collision course with lots of people


who -- who educate their people -- children at home and perfectly well.


It should work that children and schools are expected and the Trojan


Horse cases and so full,... But children being educated at home,


there is no one keeping an eye on them. Until I read the story, I was


unaware that children could basically slipped through the net,


through the system. It seems to me, of course people have every right to


educate their children at home if that is what they want to do but it


does seem to me they should be registered. At least you put the


children on the radar. This comes from Nicky Morgan, the Education


Secretary who wants a review of home-schooling, the last Labour of a


mad, Ed Balls, he wanted to do a review of education and it was


conservatives, amongst others, who stopped it. And at the same time, we


are seeing more academies and free schools opening up and certainly


with free schools, they don't have to abide by the national curriculum,


they are not governed at the same way by the local authorities. They


will be inspected, yes, but you have to think this through. Are you going


to have Ofsted inspectors going into somebody's house? I think perhaps


somebody should. Do you! I think you should keep an eye on children, the


idea that you don't know what the children are doing all day under the


brother of education, I don't think is satisfactory. The Sunday express


has a picture on the front page which will be in a lot of the


papers, have every famous face, Jimmy Hill dying at the age of 87.


It was extraordinary what he did for football, I was quite proud of this,


apart from having 11 men and kicking a ball around, he seemed to have


invented everything else. The headline in our paper is the man who


created modern, English football. Reading his obituaries today, I was


amazed about the number things he did. He seems to have done


everything in football. Right from the early days of stopping a maximum


wage of ?20 which seems extraordinary, paving the way for


the superstars and the millionaires of today. These things are hugely


important, three points for a win, that changed the whole face of


football as well. He and I did everything that has happened. Are


you a football fan? Yes, West Ham. Even for those who are not football


fans, everybody knew him. Yes, he was that face, voice, and


everything. And the chin. And the chin. It was Mike Yarwood who used


to do the impressions. He was a part of our lives, the Saturday afternoon


Grandstand and all of those sort of things. You do wonder, don't knew,


people like that are such 1 million miles removed from the awfulness of


Fifa. That is the point. Decent, proper, good bloke. Binary, Joe, I


think you were talking about this. -- finally. What is happening with


the weather. The Observer has a front-page picture which could


almost be summer. What is happening? I'm not an expert on the weather.


There was somebody to do that. Crazy highs of 17 degrees, what is


happening in your garden? Everything has gone nuts. It is interesting


that the trees are bare but there was stuff coming up. There are a


pink flowering in my garden. I've got loads of roses and I thought I


had done all the pruning. It is causing havoc for vegetable growers


and farmers covet is still so very wet which means a lot of stuff will


rot in the ground and we do need a bit of Frost for the bugs. By


example, daffodils, if they all come out soon, there won't be any in the


spring. That would be miserable. I haven't got a garden but I do have


an overcoat and I have been leaving it behind for the last two weeks. It


is the first time I can remember ever in December being able to go


out just simply in ordinary clothes. That will be the next thing, you


will get some great bargains on winter Cokes, it will hit the


retail. And something a bit serious about the economic impact of it. It


doesn't always apply everywhere. There are some people in some parts


of the country who no doubt are getting chilly rained upon


enormously. The rain is coming from the same mild weather, as I am sure


the weather forecast experts will tell us. And she very much indeed.


That is it for this hour. We will be back at half 11 for another look at


the stories making the news tomorrow. Coming up next, it is




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