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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are the political commentator


Jo Philips, and Nigel Nelson, politics editor of Sunday People.


The Observer reports that leading Conservative Eurosceptics have


branded David Cameron's attempts to reform


the UK's relationship with the EU as a farce, and warned that the new


National Living Wage will undermine efforts to cut immigration.


The Mail on Sunday leads with the resignation


of the chairman of the influential campaign group Conservative Way


Forward - a victim, it says, of the bullying row sparked by the apparent


The Sunday Express carries the news of the death of Jimmy Hill on


its front page, while also detailing the number of household guests the


The Independent on Sunday says as many as 50,000 children


in the UK are being home-schooled, and warns that many may be


Women will be allowed to take part in frontline combat within months,


according to what the Sunday Telegraph says are radical


Let us begin. Who wants to start? The Observer, the story that has a


familiar feel to it. We are getting back to yet another what is the


Labour Party going to do with Jeremy Corbyn? I think it is being slightly


reheated. Quite an important person saying things today. It is a


speechwriter and strategic for Tony Blair who is now a headmaster, and


he wrote an article for the Observer today, which is a mouthpiece to get


to the Labour Party. He says the demise of new Labour and the


election of Jeremy Corbyn will kill the Labour Party unless there is


something, a new progressive project. Where have we heard that


before? We heard it before with Tony Blair, Mendelssohn, and it is a


devastating critique of Labour's use and values. I think it is more


interesting than the stuff about Jeremy Corbyn, where he says Tony


Blair squandered the chance to wrap the Tories out of power and ensure


the 21st-century was a Labour century. That is perhaps more


instructive. He says labour under Jeremy Corbyn is to parties, and


there is no way they can come together. There are the Jeremy


Corbyn supporters, and then the rest, a moderates. Not happy. The


last thing the Labour Party want is to have another election. The


Parliamentary party are determined not to do that. But it seems to be


is a gamble on Jeremy Corbyn getting fed up and quitting, and there is no


suggestion he will do that at the moment. He seems to be loving the


job. He will stay at least until 2020, I think the man himself is


saying. I believe that. I think he is enjoying himself. His smile has


gotten a little bit ago. He does not smile often, but he is a bit more


cheerful. -- a little bigger. Labour MPs can't do much about him. They


can nudge a leadership challenge, pass a vote of no-confidence, but


they cannot keep him off the ballot paper, so the membership and letting


in again. It comes back to the same thing. Do you want to be in power,


would you want to carry on being ideological leap perfect? I work for


the Liberal Democrats, we are much more comfortable opposition. Let's


move on to the Telegraph. The headline says it all. Women soldiers


to go into combat. We think we know what this is


new determination it should happen. The idea is that will happen to get


there we thought. The Telegraph is talking about within the next few


months, rules will change allowing women to serve on the front line. To


my mind, it seems entirely sensible. If you decide to join the army or


navy or air force or whatever, I would think it is not the whole


range of jobs to be there for you. Maybe you want to be a medic, but if


you are a bloke medic and want to serve on a front-line, you can.


Women can't. In the age of equality, they must have the right to do that


job if they want to. It seems to be eminently sensible, and it has taken


too long to come around. This is David Cameron are going to Ministry


of Defence to do this, apparently. Are you happy with this's yes. It


seems anchors but if you join the force you cannot go into combat. --


bankers to me. Some people say it is not such a good plan. A lot of


people do think that. They need a good reason. Women are police


officers and go into extremely enters situations risking their


lives. There are an endurance crews, fire crews. -- endurance. We are


talking about picking up guns and shooting. Isn't it just about


employment rights? It is a special drug, but the fact that it is part


of the job, should not both genders be allowed to do it equally if they


choose? It is like saying if you want to work with a bus company, you


can only be a bus conductor. I know they don't exist any more. There are


plenty of women drivers. But once upon a time, people said women could


not concentrate in traffic. Drivers facing tougher fines in the Daily


Telegraph, if they want to cut mobile phone accidents. I agree. I


am sick and tired of seeing people drive with a mobile phone in their


hands. This is saying drivers who flout the law will be fined ?150,


and will have no points added to their licence. This is not


hands-free, this is holding it in your hand. Lorry drivers will see


the maximum number of points double up to six, and others will face a


driving ban. This is coming from the government and is going out to


consultation next year after not very many, 500 accidents, but it is


that level of irresponsibility that people think the car is then living


room. It is comfortable, it is nice, they have navigation, they can play


music, and they are in to other drivers. You only have to stand


outside a school and see that people ignore parking restrictions are now


on their phone. -- immune to other drivers. I am happy for a crackdown


on this. But you are talking about banning them. I would like to see


that. It makes a nonsense of the that. It makes a nonsense of the


justice system. People go to jail for longer for murder than


burglary. The same thing must apply for drink-driving where it is in


immediate then when you are caught. If we decide about phones are up


there with drink driving and are as bad, they should say so and have the


identical penalty. I was reading headlines that the police say we do


not have enough officers to enforce this. That will be a difficulty.


There is a perfectly valid argument to say, do you want to use police


resources, who are already stretched, and other it now


important things, but a short and sharp campaign of instant burns or


an instant six points on your licence, that... -- bans. It is the


degree of the offence. A survey showed recently if you are using a


mobile phone while driving, you are more distracted than if you are


drunk. In which case, they should change the offence and make it the


same. Let's move on. Sorry about that. Good to hear a vigorous


expression of views. The front page of the Sunday express. A very famous


face, to me Hill. Dying at the age of 87. -- Jimmy Hill. I remember him


mostly for much of the day, and reading the obituaries that of, at


today, it was starting to find out how much he did for football. --


match of the day. They say he created the modern game of English


football. Things like doing union work when he took on the maximum


wage which was at one time ?20. Now they get ?20 per second. That was


who did yours, and he paid the way that be raised. He introduced three


points for a win, making the game more interesting. It seems so


obvious now, and yet obviously he was the pioneer for this whole


thing. And football pundits, he got retired football players into the


studio, which we take for granted now. It was his idea. He changed the


way we broadcast and cover football in the same way Cliff Morgan did. I


think it was in charge of outside forecasts. He was part of the fabric


of our Saturday afternoon on Saturday evenings on the television.


-- outside broadcasts. It is sad someone so vigorous and inventive


and pioneering should be struck down with Alzheimer 's disease and uses


lie. A lovely men. He grew a beard, didn't he? It was a trademark in a


way. He recognised one of our sports experts were saying that football is


part of entertainment, entertainment for the whole family. That was his


biggest contribution. Yes, and it was things like back when he first


started on match of the day, he had to see the game and then fly back by


helicopter to do it. That was part of the entertainment value, as well


as introducing games on Friday. One must throw. A lot of papers talking


about this. -- one last story. There is a picture of Cambridge that could


be spring. What is going on? Who knows? I have people coming for


drinks and I am thinking about not serving motorail or stop it is dark


at 3:30 PM, but it is as warm as summer. -- mulled wine. It is


exceptionally mild, and it is playing havoc with guidance. It is


incredibly wet. ! Gardens. People in Korea and Scotland know that. It is


playing havoc with farming. Vegetables are rotting in the


ground. Gardens open to the public have nothing to show in March


because the daffodils will have been and gone.


I was a bit of a climate change sceptic for a while. All you have to


do is look at the climate has become to know there is something really


happening out there. We have to leave it there.


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