24/01/2016 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Reuters Business Correspondent and author,


Tom Bergin and broadcaster Joan Bakewell.


You have become an author in the build-up!


Tomorrow's front pages? The Financial Times focuses


executives warning that leaving Europe could damage


Metro leads with the killer storm in the US - saying Britain is poised


for new floods as the storm crosses the Atlantic.


The Telegraph's headline says patients are being given hips made


the wrong size after its own investigation


IVF hope for older women is the i's lead, saying a controversial cell


technique aims to make older eggs young again.


The Independent features a picture of one of four dead whales -


which have washed up on the North Sea coast.


The Express looks at why diet is key to beating arthritis saying that


simple changes could ease agony for millions.


Osborne in ?3 billion vow to beat malaria is The Times' lead story


which says taxpayers are to fund the bulk of a new deal


And the Guardian focuses on the treatment of asylum seekers


in the UK saying arrivals in Cardiff are being issued with coloured


We can start with the independent and this next IVF regulation. It


says older women are more like to have babies and makes older eggs


young again. I do note that the IVF success rate is very low and costs


and friends who tried this have been disappointed over and over again so


anything to improve the chances is welcome but the secret to this story


is it involves the mitochondria, which is an important part of the


cell. And to intervene with this presents all sorts of opportunities


for eliminating illness but also sets up resistance because people


feel this is a slippery slope, tampering with nature and not to go


down that path but one in 5000 people have mitochondria disease in


this country so crossing the frontier and dealing with this will


make a big difference. That is where the controversy lies. Do we know how


expensive this is? Available on the NHS? These questions might come out


because of these tests but it will have an impact on a lot of people


and the demographic trends are people are having babies older and


this is because of increased participation, people cannot afford


to get married until later and often older women having IVF is depicted


as being very selfish and took them a long time to get their act


together but this is a natural function of the world today so this


is potentially good news for a generation. It is just one clinic


that has applied for the licence so this is an early start and we do not


know if it will be granted a licence but this is a move that might be


around for some time. The Financial Times, a couple of stories, leaving


the EU with damage the UK's global influence, says big pharma.


Remaining as part of the EU for the sake of research, this helpful


voice? This was before the bankers became the pariah of the business


world, in terms of corporate scandals which we have covered, big


pharma has had its big share. When the bankers came out to support the


stay in campaign, the Brexit campaign said these are not the


friends we should have so we're not worried about big pharma but this is


an example, David Cameron said to the business community, it needed to


get behind the stay in campaign so this could be just a reflection of


that. Aren't we seeing all global companies saying we need it in to


stay in Europe? Because we deal with Europe and dealing separately with


Britain would be quite a difficult thing for global companies to do. We


are part of the European enterprise and slowly, all these big companies


will come out in favour of staying within Europe? How cohesive are both


camps was back not at all. Everybody seems divided. They both have to


sort their act out and I see that Nicola Sturgeon suggests it does not


have the referendum yet because both sides need to get organised properly


and present the cases we can really understand. Staying with the


Financial Times, Iran poised to launch their boss jets in a business


bonanza. It was a short time since sanctions were dropped and these


huge deals are being formed? The Iranian 's were waiting, the moment


the agreement were settled, to lift the sanctions, businessmen were


pouring into Iran and contracts are being done, quick off the mark.


Absolutely, interesting with this story, these jets, this is a sign of


not wanting to replace the existing fleet that they want to become a


major interconnecting spot for international air travel and that is


reflection of the fact that Iran wants to be a regional superpower, a


big way, to take up some of the roles of some of the regional


neighbours have got. This is part of a bigger thing that will continue to


worry the neighbours. And back on the map for tourism? I would love to


go, very interesting and there is plenty to see in Iran. Tom has! Yes,


it is a beautiful place. The Guardian. The mark of the asylum


seeker, wristbands for food hand-outs. If you want to qualify


you must wear them bracelet? Asylum seekers get pushed around and it


often come in a terrible traumatised state and they have left terrible


issues behind and they tend to be pushed around into immigration


centres and anything that humiliates them further is sad. Someone says


wristband is discrimination, clear and simple. We are made to feel like


second-class humans. Life is tough enough already. I would think that


there might be other ways? If you are human, you deserve food? What is


the justification? There was a time when I went to nightclubs and we


would have these kind of things. But you volunteered! This is the point.


It is a simple and practical way to identify people so I can understand


this but we also understand that when it comes to receiving welfare,


people don't want to be stigmatised by making it very public. We


understand that we should be sensitive about these issues so it


is strange that this system, although effective and efficient and


cost-effective, why there might be problems with that and also in this


case, some of the asylum seekers say the concern for security because it


might identify them to people who might not like asylum seekers. The


red door effect. They will have to change the colours of those doors.


Navel-gazing... The Times. The BBC will plead with pensioners to give


up free television licences. This is because the cost of the free over 75


TV licence will rest with the BBC after a deal done with the


government? This is interesting and that is a of money, it will be


difficult for the BBC to make that up so this is possibly one way. But


wealthy want welfare pensioners will pay for this and not accepted. And


will not accept this giving it free. These campaigns do not work very


well and have a look at things like the winter fuel allowance, people


said we should refuse it. It does not tend to make much of a financial


difference and while it could help solve this particular problem of


funding, I would question how many people would actually accept to pay


winningly. I declare an interest as a BBC employee and a pensioner and


in the House of Lords I did raise this and other people spoke up. It


is full of pensioners! It was generally agreed that something


should be done to help the situation that could not be retrieved. It


should not have happened because the government has used the licence fee,


paid by viewers, that BBC belongs to viewers, they pay for it but the


government has seized part of that licensee to implement its welfare


policy. It has no right to do that. When Gordon Brown decided that


anyone over 75 will get a free license, that could have been


perceived that the cost of that could have been moved at any point


and it was up to politicians to make sure it was presented in a way that


it could not be off-loaded on the BBC for the next government. It


should not have been off-loaded onto the BBC, it is bringing together two


entirely different functions of the state, one of which is the licence


fee which belongs to the BBC, a civic institution which is governed


and the government through the licence fee and it has been doctored


by the government to take this money for its welfare purposes. We will


find out what will happen to the licence fee later, we know what will


happen with charter renewal but the idea is famous people, maybe like


you, Lord Bragg... Terry Wogan, they will be wheeled out to encourage


everyone who can afford it... And me! Thank you very much! You will be


encouraged. Of course. It is worth it and I shall pay it. That is one


we have got back! We shall look at the final story, the Metro. The US


storm will dump six inches in one day. We have seen what this


extraordinary storm has done Indian added states and it was stalling


over their and we will get the melted variety. It would be nice to


have some snow. It is going to be rain for us! I would rather like the


snow and Seward the children and people who like to wake up and the


world is white. No greater moment than that. I had a tweet from


someone investor Virginia who said they could have spent less than


seven hours -- could have done something else than shovelling the


snow, it has been deadly. About one week ago we had a smattering of


sleet on the ground and spent one hour making a 12 inch snowman with


my children so it would make my life easier but only for that one hour...


Parts of the country here really do not need any more rain. And when you


think that America, three feet of snow, what happens when it melts? I


hope somebody is across that because melted snow causes flooding. And it


could be extensive and damaging. It is not a good outlook. We don't want


any more rain here. Communities have already been through it. Sandbags at


the ready. This is the problem, the ground is soaked. No ability for the


rain to dissipate so we hope it does not end up like this. Maybe it will


stay for longer on the ground and it gives them more time for it to


dissipate but it is quite worrying. It is indeed. That is it for this


section but we will be back again for another look at the front pages


at 11:30pm. Stay with us, coming up next, it is Click.


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