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another Australian appointment in English rugby and a look at the


first of 51-day internationals for English cricketers in South Africa.


-- five, one-day internationals. Welcome to our look ahead. With me


are Emily Ashton, and Dan Gillespie from the New York Times.


Let's take a look at the front pages. We will start with the FT, I


think. No, we will start with the metro. Do we have some papers? No,


we don't. Let's just dive into it then. Let start with the


Independent, the headline is the question of the day? Deal, or no


Deal? We have been hearing from the EU for a long time and finally we


get this draft proposed deal. Yes, this is the question, does it do


what David Cameron has promised it would do? No, not quite. He wanted


one of the key parts of it, was that he wanted and out right about the


four years on benefits for EU migrants. That is not in this draft


deal. In fact, benefits will gradually be given to migrants over


those four years. But he is claiming it as a victory, as we thought he


would. It is a bit like the Emperor's new clothes. He went out


into the sticks today to Chippenham to sell this deal, or talk about it,


instead of going to Westminster. He was out of the traps quite quickly,


to the frustration of those in his own cabinet. There is a lot of focus


on the papers today about what this deal says. David Cameron decided to


back the UK remaining in Europe and go full force behind the referendum.


That is why this is meaningful. The fact he went outside of Westminster


is sending a strong symbol, he is is sending a strong symbol, he is


ready to campaign and put his full force behind that. We have had an


ambivalent David Cameron until now. On the other hand, the European


Union have offered concession on the other point he wanted and at a time


when the EU is buffeted by a migration and economic crisis, the


sending a strong message, we want Britain inside. Some of the papers


are taking a harder line. The metro, you are joking! There are other


papers who have similar headlines. It is a pale imitation of what was


promised in the Conservative manifesto? Yes, and that four-year


ban was in the manifesto, it fell short of that. We have heard so much


from David Cameron over the years and it might not have been in the


manifesto, but last January he was talking about the need for treaty


change. That is not part of it. A couple of years ago, he was talking


about changing the working Time directive and agricultural policy,


and none of that was in there. It was obvious he was going to claim it


as a victory. He hasn't gone that far yet. Even though there are gaps


and a lot of details to be hammered out in a couple of weeks, already


some of the back benches and some of the ministers nailing their colours


to the mast. I wonder what is going on in these circles in the cabinet


because there is a lot of banks about whether they follow the


convictions of whether they keep their jobs. Prankster. It feels like


that. We are already hearing Theresa May is giving it a cautious


advocacy. But we hearing, depending on what paper you are reading, we


are hearing there is active rebellion already. This debate is


already coming along ideological lines, depending what paper you


read. According to these papers, it is almost like a different use of


end. The Telegraph, ministers to defy the Prime Minister and Europe.


Sajid Javid, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, of course. These are the


sort of people he fears could lead a middle of the road out campaign?


Yes, there are the Eurosceptics, but it is likely he comes out that the


out come pain. They don't want to back the losing side. Some of the


Leave campaigners say it will give them a boost. No cabinet minister


wants to be on the losing side. Iain Duncan Smith, Theresa Villiers will


be on the outside and they haven't got the big East of Boris and


Michael Gove. How does this play in the United States? We know what


Barack Obama thinks, he would prefer Britain in? I think it is fair to


say, Americans want Britain within the European Union because the UK in


the European Union is a stronger transatlantic partnership. At a time


when the EU is a disaster zone with the migration and economic crisis,


there is a feeling if Britain leaves, that prices could turn into


an implosion in the United States could use a strong partner across


the Atlantic. It Barack Obama could come out and say that, he would. It


all depends on whether his friend, David Cameron, wants him to.


Washington wants Great Britain in the European Union. Crispin Blunt


said, it is not just about what Britain once, it is how this affects


the running of the EU. It is our biggest market. I guess the United


States thinks that as well? If it is going to shackle the EU for a


generation so it doesn't run properly, that is a reason in itself


to vote against this deal? The European Commission, you can see,


the Leave campaign are bending over backwards to help Britain stay in.


They think they are not going to be able to go forward and the mission


in the EU, if written leaves. So they have done a lot to help him


secure this deal. The migration crisis and everything else is


happening in Europe, to take the time to help us and our concerns, is


quite remarkable. It is worth remembering there are many countries


in the European Union that see things in a similar way to the UK.


The Netherlands and countries in northern Europe, people want


pragmatism in the European Union. They will be devastated if the UK


leaves. It is seen as a moderating force when it comes to economics,


the free market and when it comes to having less Europe, rather than more


Europe. If it leaves, other countries will be upset. In essence,


what has been agreed in the deal, might used against UK anyway. And


also, let's have a look at the cartoon in the Telegraph. It is pure


genius. If we sneaked onto a lorry, we can get out of the country for


the referendum. A lot of people feel that way with six months of it still


to come. Let's talk about Iowa, since you are here. What a


performance by Bernie Sanders gesture marked I think we are seeing


something we have seen in this country where people are attracted


to these ageing hippies, the far lefties like Jeremy Corbyn. It is


young people attract it to them. So you have Bernie Sanders edging


Hillary Clinton by a small margin. You have a picture of her on the


front page. She didn't put the mustard, she said it is a huge


relief to sneak home? She lost Iowa last time so this is a seminal


moment for her in some ways. But the margin is so small, they cannot


declare victory. The Clinton camp is trying to put a positive spin on it.


She is potentially in trouble. A lot of people had discounted Bernie


Sanders, but he keeps doing better. His message is resonating with young


people, in the same way Jeremy Corbyn has resonated with young


people in the UK. The question is, before it goes to the entire letter,


or people still be boating the Bernie Sanders? It is doubtful. They


said that about Jeremy Corbyn! The Hillary camp will be worried


tonight. She has a lot of other big seeds sown up. It is early days. New


Hampshire and Iowa are small. Iowa is conservative and small, lot of


Evangelicals. It is not a barometer for the rest of the country. But it


is the first time we have seen these electorates put in front of the


electorate in a meaningful way, so it is a snapshot and I think Hillary


will be worried tonight. I will be talking a bit tonight about this


thing in Buzzfeed, the prices that women have to pay for the same


things men by, razors and deodorant. A study a couple of weeks ago,


analysing hundreds of products that women pay more for. Razors and


creams. Boots the chemist has announced it is going to change the


prices of two products following this. There was also a debate in


Westminster this afternoon with a fair few MPs getting involved. It


does seem outrageous. This bit at the bottom, and Amazon claim to be a


pirate ship and equivalent Faerie Queene ship is dearer. It is


staggering. Women get paid less and now paying more for their products,


it is a good campaign. It is quite eye opening. We will talk about it


again in the next hour. You are coming back at 11:30pm so thank you


very much indeed. We will be back at 11:30pm, coming up it is now the




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