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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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blockbuster possibly live up to the hype? We will get the verdict on


Ryan Reynolds, and the rest of the releases in the film review.


Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are journalist Lucy Cavendish, and Tom Bergin, Reuters's


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with...


The Daily Telegraph leads with a story that Britain's most senior


legal figure may vote to leave the EU.


The Metro sticks with the EU theme, and the Foreign Secretary's warning


that Britain will be punished by its allies if it votes for Brexit.


which show one person is diagnosed with diabetes every two minutes in


The Times says air strikes in Syria may threaten a peace deal


According to the Independent, all publicly funded


institutions are to be banned from boycotting Israeli goods under


Let's start with the i. Slightly different take, especially to the


BBC's. We have done our own independent investigative


journalism. The headline is good news for Britain's mental health.


Indeed. A number of newspapers are focusing on mental health today. It


seems to come about in relation to people being briefed about a speech


the Prime Minister might give tomorrow announcing this ?1 billion


of spending. We're not entirely sure if this is new money, whether it


might be money previously promised. But as you mentioned at the top of


the hour, the story about payments falling. Mental health is a huge


crisis in the UK. It is something we are becoming more aware of and in


certain cases it is becoming more of an issue. It is a big issue. Whether


this extra ?1 billion is extra or if it will be sufficient, that is a big


question. It is a drop in the ocean of the kind of problem we have. We


have a high proportion, 25% of people in the course of their


lifetime facing mental health problems. The NHS has done a review


of elderly people having mental healthcare right now, either at home


or in care homes, and it was not a great read. Part of the issue we are


talking about is that one in ten children have a diagnosable mental


health condition. What is going on is this is a ticking timebomb that


people know about. It is, located because we are underfunded in terms


of training -- complicated. We are not training enough people to deal


with mental health issues. They vary and are difficult. If you go to the


NHS and are lucky enough to get sessions, this is for adults, you


get six sessions, and that is not enough even with an experienced


psychotherapist. Then you have children, one in ten, that is a huge


rate. As suicide rates are going up, that is new. We have a real


problem. We spent a tiny percentage of NHS money on mental health


issues. We spent a lot on physical health and very little on mental


health. ?1 billion is not a lot of money when you think about an entire


shift, which has to happen with treating people through centres with


properly trained therapists with enough sessions and referrals. At


the moment, I actually work in the centre, and it feels like it is a


bit of a mess. We mention children. Should we go onto the Times? They


focus on an issue of underfunding, especially with children.


Five-year-old children on adult mental health wards is the headline.


That sums it up. It is not just a few kids. No, it isn't. 391 children


were on adult wards, which is scary for a child. Why is it scary? If you


are on an adult wards, it would feel extremely threatening, especially if


you already have a mental health issue and are surrounded by adults


with mental health issues. If you are in a hospital and have a severe


mental health issue, most people get referred to the type of places I


volunteer at. It is hard to get a bed on a mental health ward,


incredibly hard. If you are there and are a little child, you are with


people who have severe mental health issues, and that is a very scary


place for a child. Children should not share any institution with


adults. No, there are also out of ethical issues. The Times does


mention that particular case with a teenage girl, and they could not


find a bed for her. They put her in a police cell. This just can't


continue. That is one of the issues, children are sometimes


ending up in adult wards because they are no longer supposed to be


kept in cells. That element of shifting the problem. It does not


get away from the chief problem, which is that we have a healthcare


system not really designed for mental health. It is an enormous


area itself, not just a single illness we need to deal with. The


health service was not designed for this. Also on the front page of the


Times is more EU news. This time Boris Brexit. Oh, Boris. He is


afraid of leaving the EU. Everything about Boris is about Will he be the


future leader of the Tory party. He is being cryptic. Everybody seems to


be cryptic at the moment and probably will be for another week.


After that, we can expect after Cameron comes back from bustles with


his deal... How much of a division to you think we will see? In the


newspapers today we see talk about six Cabinet ministers who are in


favour of Brexit and make campaign for Brexit. We don't know exactly


how vocal people will be. There is doubt a runner. Of course the Brexit


campaign are looking for a big face. It could be Boris. How bad is that


for David Cameron? It is a referendum. The government policy is


for a referendum, not necessarily to stay. You can't tell people you


can't vote no if it is a referendum. If we read what David Cameron is


saying, he is campaigning for us to stay in. We also have George


Osborne, and the mood music from him has been in support of staying in.


It is very bad for the government leadership is significant parts of


the government are against it. The attorney general made back Brexit


according to the Daily Telegraph. The story does not say he has come


out and said that, but there is a feeling if David Cameron does not


get the conditions we want, he might actually back Brexit because there


is a feeling there is too much influence of the European courts in


the UK. That is a big story. The Attorney General ratifies outlaws.


That is a huge story. -- outlaws. Would be huge if it was the other


way and he said let's stay in? If he is glossing over the activities of


the European courts, again, this is a singer figure. -- senior figure.


The other thing is if he says the deal David Cameron comes back with


is not legally enforceable or flimsy, that will be unhelpful. That


is his area of expertise. It says David Cameron will get rid of the


European bill of rights and replace it. New legislation doesn't always


automatically go through. Proposals can be changed and big issues take


many years to get through. We only have a few minutes. Lucy is keen to


talk about tumble dryers lineup. This story has been going around for


a while -- blowing up. I thought this was all slightly nutty. I


ignored the warning. Now I realise that I might be putting my entire


household at risk. 6000 tumble dryer fires in six years. I have never


left one on and left the house. Everybody does it. I never knew. I


don't think you should believe anything like that on. We should


save the environment. Use clothes lines. I will not use a tumble dryer


now. But I was a bit shocked by that. Let's move on to the


Independent. The story about the Israeli boycotts. Boycotting of


Israeli goods to be a criminal offence. I read this a couple of


times. I can't get my head around it. I was a little bit confused,


because you can't just then things. The World Trade Organisation rules


on public procurement. It says are funded bodies cannot disseminate


against Israeli companies. -- discriminate. At the moment, we saw


this to the tax avoidance campaign. Everybody said the NHS should stop


buying services from tax avoidance, then realised they couldn't. It


seemed the government is going to put additional rules and that make


it more difficult for local authorities to impose bans. You


understand this, then? We should have done the BAFTA 's. We have run


out of time. So much more interesting. I am not interested in


Leonardo DiCaprio. Thank you for taking us through tomorrow's papers.


Thank you for watching as well. Plenty more on the BAFTA 's coming


up, and the film review is next. Don't go away.


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