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Hello, and welcome to our Sunday morning edition of The Papers.


With me are Kate Devlin, political correspondent


at the Herald, and Bronwyn Curtis, from the Society of Business


The European referendum dominates the Sunday papers.


The Observer leads with a quote from David Cameron -


He says he believes Britain will be safer and stronger in the EU.


The Independent on Sunday says Mr Cameron is playing on voters'


fears by putting safety at the centre of the battle.


The Sunday Express says the EU is stuck in the past,


and that Michael Gove's withering attack on Brussels has got the Out


The Mail on Sunday says Michael Gove and Boris Johnson are engaged


in a secret plot, reporting on a meeting between the pair before


Mr Gove announced his intention to vote to leave the EU.


The Sunday Times says the Prime Minister has declared war


on the ministers who want to leave the EU, accusing them of making


misleading claims that Britain's borders can be sealed


The Sunday Telegraph also reports on what it calls


The independent, Cameron Clays on fears leaving as a threat to


security -- plays on fears. What do you make of that? The Corre David


Cameron's argument is that you are safer, your jobs are safe, your


national security is better. Yes, safer on two different fronts.


National is it economy. We will hear an awful lot of these arguments


hammered home in the next three months. It is interesting that, as


you say, the newspapers are dominated by the European Union


today. But they are all doing it in slightly different ways. That gives


us an overview about the issues and personalities that will be involved.


Security will be one of the top ones. I think what it shows is the


feeling in Downing Street that what they need to do is point out the


problems, point out the difficulties, of leaving,


relentlessly, for the next couple of months. This has led to accusations


of project fear. But Downing Street would say that that help them very


much during the Scottish election, Scottish referendum. Yes, because


you are saying that they have already used this metaphor, it is a


leap in the dark, jump into the unknown, similar to Scotland. Very


similar. But the problem is the opposition are saying the opposite.


In Scotland you had project fear versus project optimism. This time


you have to set a project fear effectively fighting each other.


Although Douglas Carswell would say that they are the optimistic side of


the Out campaign! But they have the point that out, which shows there is


this real battle for both point out the downsides, and it will be a


battle of which fear works. Who scares you most? George Galloway,


probably! Really interesting, that front page of the Independent says


it all. We need Europe, is really what Cameron is seeing. The other


side is saying, we do not need Europe. I am an economist, economic


arguments for me are compelling to stay in Europe. But take the emotion


out of it. There was an interesting article in the Telegraph, rather


than the Independent, buried in the Telegraph, by Michael Fallon, who is


something of a Eurosceptic, but he says that this is not the time to


leave the Western alliance, because we have Rush on the doorstep, we


have Syria, problems like that -- Russia on the doorstep. But he has


long-term business credentials, he straddles both of those points.


Exactly. One of the most interesting things from me when I looked across


all the papers, and a lot of them the first five pages are devoted to,


it is a photograph opportunity. This is the cult of the personalities. We


have got the Ins, the Outs, and it seems to be trivialised. I want to


live on the Sun the other papers as well, but is your sense as well that


many people might listen to business people -- I want to move onto some


of other papers. Do you think some people tend to roll your view --


follow your view that it is better to be In than out for business?


There is a headline somewhere about businesses heeling the EU deal


safety net. The mail on Sunday has a great bit of photojournalism. I take


your point about this, but it is interesting, the


photographer has done a very good job of making what is possibly just


a completely innocent meeting looked rather shifty. There are some great


photographs inside of Michael Gove coming out beaming as he reads Boris


Johnson's house -- leaves. The issue now is, what is Boris going to do?


This is whatever body wants to know. Michael Gove disappointed David


Cameron becoming a gesture day as in favour of the Out sayyid. He gives


an intellectual heft to the Out sage which its opponents could have done


without. But Boris Johnson's popularist stream could convince


people across the country that following Henman is the right thing


to do. The is interesting to see what he will do. I get the


impression you're slightly sceptical of the party politics. There might


be people who believe that he is making a decision on what is good


for Boris rather than the country. Perhaps I am very cynical, but are


stars want to be Prime Minister one-day and I think he is thinking


about whether it is better to tie himself in with David Cameron ought


to be separate, the way that he ran London. Boris will think about


Boris. But politicians always think about their own... That is


interesting, because many people, many people in Scotland like him and


think that he is colourful and different from other politicians, if


you seem to be making calculations about himself rather than the


country, that will not go down very well. Except for the people who he


really taps into, the people who are starting to feel that David Cameron


has let them down, Prosser believing betrayed them with the steel --


possibly. Michael Gove's statement yesterday was incredibly Prime


Minister real. He was almost saying, Britain, we are better than this. I


would not suggest that Boris Johnson is the only one thinking about his


future career. It was intellectually a very coherent argument. He is a


very bright guy. Yes, of course. We will see a lot of these arguments.


At the moment they have just been laying out their positions and will


be interesting to see what Boris, when he does decide what he says,


what he will say. They really did a good job on this story! The Sunday


Telegraph, a Cabinet divided. This will be the story of the next few


months, and perhaps the next few months. Heeling those wins will be


difficult, because if you believe this is about the security of the


country and you have five and a half members of the Cabinet saying


something different, I be not in favour of the security of our


country? -- are they? That is quite an important relegation you're


making against your colleagues. I agree with you. The Tories have been


keen to suggest that everything will be fine and we're not back in the


1990s, that the party will not tear itself apart over Europe. The


general public, having Cabinet ministers effectively arguing


against the Prime Minister, at very least, looks as if it a divided


party. But then you add into that the seriousness of these issues, and


it is not just that the In can do not take national security seriously


as perhaps they do, but the Out camp are saying that David Cameron is not


correct in his assessment of what he has got from Europe. We are getting


very, very close to both sides accusing each other, either of their


responsibility or flying. This is day two. The stakes have become


incredibly high. You mentioned George Galloway earlier, he is in


the Out camp was Nigel Farage. That is one of the least likely


combinations you would think in politics, but they both have very


strong feelings about being out of the EU. That is right, whether that


will help their Out campaign I not sure. Back in 1975 there was Enoch


Powell and Tony Benn on the scene said. So you're going to have these


alliances of people who you would never expect to get together. But if


I am sitting on the other side is a normal person looking at a divided


Cabinet, and I suspect that the Labour Party and other parties are


just as divided, although Labour has come out in terms of staying in, is


that they think, how can I make a decision of the politicians cannot


get together and agree? We'll let them together a lead and we have not


got it on this. That is all very worrying. Weight back that is why we


have referenda, because politicians do not know which way the people are


going. The Sunday Times, Russian doping chief wanted to tell all. The


former head of Russia's anti-drug agency of poached journalists and


said that he wanted to write a book about doping and has since died --


approached journalist air. This will deepen suspicions about his death. I


think it is a very interesting story and a very difficult time for world


athletics. I wanted to go onto my favourite story of the day. Walkers


hit by the curse of their smombie. It is the people who walk in the


youth while they are texturing on their mobile phone. It is really


annoying! Win we all do it to some extent, even if we do not like other


people doing it. And work in Belgium now has got smombie lanes! There is


a statue at Salisbury Cathedral that has been moved because people on


their mobile phones kept running into it. But the whole issue, we


joke, but people walk across roads doing it and they get killed. I


actually saw a lady managing to Bishop is cheer, be on her mobile


phone and smoke at the same time -- push uppish chair. The thing that


surprises me is that we did not have a name for it before. Smartphones on


bees, that is all I will call them from now on. I will see people


coming towards me and think, avoid the smombie. Weight market did cheer


us up on a rather heavy deal politics.


We take a look at the front pages every evening at 10:30pm and


11:30pm. Before we go, the Prime Minister has


been speaking to Andrew Marr this


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