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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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This is BBC News. We will look at the papers in just a moment but


first, the headlines. A damning report says the BBC missed


multiple chances to stop sex It says some junior staff knew


about the allegations but a culture of fear stopped them


taking it further. The culture


of the BBC certainly enabled both Savile and Stuart Hall


to go undetected for decades. The BBC Director General admits


senior managers could have known about the crimes committed


by Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall. It was a dark chapter


in the history of the organisation but a much darker one


for all of you, the BBC failed you then it should


have protected you. In the fallout, veteran DJ


Tony Blackburn leaves the BBC


amid a row about his co-operation He says he's been


made a 'scapegoat'. In Sportsday, the Europa League


results. Manchester United, are they still in the competition? Tottenham


and Liverpool playing this evening, a James Milner penalties seeing


Liverpool through to the draw for the last 16. And we will have the


six Nations rugby and there is a ding-dong at the boxing.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the columnist for the Independent,


James Rampton, and the broadcaster Stephanie Hirst.


I'm sure that James is known to all and sundry, but Stephanie is here


for the first time. Not looking too anxious! The i newspaper, the BBC


saying they are to blame after a report on the activities of Jimmy


Savile and Stuart Hall. The metro newspaper, the lawyer for many of


the victims accusing the report of being a whitewash.


The Guardian describes the BBC and Tony Blackburn of being at war


According to the FT, the Chancellor George Osborne


is pushing the Group of 20 leading economies to warn about the dangers


The Independent reports Theresa May is planning to broaden


powers to deport people with dual nationality found guilty of abuse.


The Telegraph says family doctors will be told that they are wrongly


diagnosing hundreds of thousands of children with asthma.


We will begin with several of the front pages focusing on Dame Janet


Smith's report into the activities of Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall


within the BBC. We start with the i, the director-general making a


apology after a scathing report into Savile and Hall. A harrowing day for


the victims. Yes, it is very good what was said, that the BBC failed


to protect them, it is right that Tony Hall made a public apology and


I believe that lawyer for presenting many victims were pleased that it


had been said. As the Metro points out, there is a belief among some


victims that it has been an expensive whitewash, costing ?6.5


million, running to 1000 pages and still no one is named as being


culpable, passing on information that they might have known about.


Some of the details Dame Janet has unearthed are really shocking,


Television Centre complaints to her Television Centre complaints to her


supervisor in the 80s that they had been sexually assaulted by Jimmy


Savile and they were told, keep your mouth shut, he's a VIP. Shopping.


When I -- shocking. When I heard that, it is like they created a


monster. Some papers are asking whether there are other people in


other organisations who may be predatory paedophiles. That was the


setting thing I'm sure for many people to hear, whatever the BBC's


values as an organisation at the time, they were regarded as much as


a priority as the celebrities, talent, the work that is still used.


Metro talking about the outrage. How relevant is it that individuals were


not named in the report? It is suggested that Dame Janet did not


have the legal power to oblige people to justify which may be part


of the problem, but the lawyer representing 168 Savile victims asks


whether it is plausible to imagine this did not reach the upper edge


alums of the BBC? She says many will feel that it is an expensive


whitewash. -- upper edge alums -- upper levels. Jimmy Savile allegedly


used to say to people "You can't touch me, I know the Archbishop of


Canterbury, the Prince of Wales." He boasted about these people. This


persona. It made him seem untouchable. How much has society


changed, how much more do we listen these days? It has changed a lot, I


understand that Tony Hall and Janet Smith have not said this, but it is


a different time, but that is no excuse because there are survivors.


There is a lot more for the BBC to do and the i say that the NSPCC are


being brought in to insure that children are protected. That's great


because the most important thing firstly is to apologise to the


victims and try and bring about some closure for them. Next, make sure it


doesn't happen again. If the NSPCC can help, that's brilliant. The


Daily Express have a different direction, saying the BBC has hung


Tony Blackburn out to dry, according to him. The evidence he gave to Dame


Janet Smith was regarded as being substandard. I'm surprised they have


gone with this headline rather than the standard BBC headline. Or all of


the things they could have chosen to run with. The Guardian as well. My


take on it, it has to be something that is new. This time yesterday we


didn't know about this Tony Blackburn story, so this is new news


for the papers. We knew about Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall, but the


Blackbird angle is new which is why some papers have gone with it


because people won't have heard it. -- Tony Blackburn. He says he's


talking to his lawyers potential legal action. George Osborne


pressing Finance ministers to warn against Brexit, this is the G20


leading economies. A really good thing. It depends on your view! A


bit sensitive about bias here, Stefanie! Sorry, I will try not to


leap in quite so quickly. Trying to gather support. For me, I think


staying in the EU is the right thing because if you look at what the


economy was like five years ago, leading us down a path where we may


not be in the situation now where businesses are flourishing again,


the economy is getting back again. I hate to do it, but I absolutely


agree with you. Oh, dear. What has been dubbed this morning a Romaniac,


poultry and kind to those of us who want to remain but I think those of


us who want to remain ideological, it would send a terrible message to


detach ourselves from Europe, it would make us seem insular, if not


xenophobic. I feel quite passionate about it that we shouldn't exit. I


respect the fact that people feel passion of the other way but that's


my opinion and I'm glad that George Osborne is going to try and put it


in the G20 communique. People feel we have lost sovereignty to Europe,


we have laws foisted on us that are not of our choosing, not controlling


our borders, immigration levels, we can't control them because we are


part of the EU, they are powerful arguments for those who are voting


in the referendum. They will be, but I think that when I look at the


bigger picture, I think of the damage that could be done if we


leave, I think is the right thing to stay. This is perhaps an emotional


response but Angela Merkel last year said that this is the first time in


Europe's history, 70 years without a walk and that is partly down to the


EU. We are cooperating -- without a war. Within the EU, there hasn't


been... Between France, Germany, Spain, Holland, we had been fighting


for two millennia, and 70 years is the longest period in Western Europe


where we have not had a war. That's why the EU has made a difference, I


would argue. Let's move on, please! Sorry to be such a remainiac. Powers


designed to fight terrorism, sex abusers to be stripped of UK


citizenship. This is coming off the back of something in the news


yesterday. The Home Secretary is planning to significantly increase


her department's use of legal powers allowing serious criminals with dual


nationality to have their British and ship -- British citizenship


withdrawn because of Asian sex gangs. This is people who may be


born in another place? The potential for them, what would happen? They


would be deported to the country of their birth. What intrigues me, a


line at the end, David Greenwood, a solicitor representing some of the


victims, said that this is the tip of a very big iceberg. I find that


really scary. This is a shocking case, sending shock waves through


the country, the depravity and cruelty that these men inflicted on


the young girls, and that this may be the beginning of the story, that


shakes me to think about. The abuse of predominately white girls by


mainly Asian men has lead to prosecutions across the North of


England and the Midlands, and more trials to come. That's it, not a


particularly... Sorry! Welcome to the paper review! We will try and


find something with a bit more levity, can't promise. James and


Stephanie will be back, hopefully with opinions that differ on certain


subjects, at 11:30pm. Stay with us. Coming up next, Sportsday.


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