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Hello and welcome to our look at what the morning's papers will


With me are the columnist for the Independent, James Rampton, and


The headline on the i is "BBC: We are to blame


for these monsters" after the report out today looking at the activities


A lawyer for many of Savile's victims accuses the report


The Express focuses on the Broadcaster Tony Blackburn who says


he has been "hung out to dry" by the BBC in the wake of the scandal.


The Guardian suggests that the BBC and Tony Blackburn have gone to war


The Sun says the government is accused of hiding the real net


migration figures, which could be more than double those stated.


According to the Financial Times, the Chancellor George Osborne is


pushing the G20 economies to warn about the


The Times newspaper claims Downing Street is preparing to create up to


40 new peers this summer and the Prime Minister could reward


And The Telegraph says family doctors will be told that they are


wrongly diagnosing hundreds of thousands of children with asthma.


We will begin with the Jimmy Savile story and a report out today by the


former judge Dame Janet Smith into what was happening inside the BBC


that allowed abuse by celebrities like Jimmy Savile to go unreported.


Along. The Metro has it on the front page -- unreported for so long. This


is 1000 pages long, this report, and it is very damning towards the


corporation. Dame Janet Smith found that bosses were blameless, despite


117 staff telling her that they had known rumours about Jimmy Savile's


behaviour. A junior employee at the television centre complained to a


supervisor in the late 1980s that she had been sexually assaulted by


Savile, and she was told to keep her mouth shut. That just shows you that


they were elevated to such levels that they were untouchable. Rumours


were rife, weren't they? A lot of people working here now say that


when they came to work here they had heard of rumours. But it is the


other stuff, the culture that makes people feel they can't speak up,


that is what is a worry. Absolutely, and Dame Janet Smith has said that


the culture may still exist. She said the BBC must resist the


temptation to treat what happened to then as being irrelevant to today.


This is a reminder that we should all be vigilant about abuse it


happens in all sorts of organisations. What this report has


revealed is that vigilance is key. Sadly, for the victims, will it be


closure? Despite Tony hall's very good apology today, many say they


feel a bit let down. But the truth has not been unearthed and many feel


this is nothing more than expensive whitewash. Strong words, but I think


many people will agree with that. I know they are bringing in the NSPCC


to look at how to protect children. Esther Rantzen was talking about it


earlier, I think it is brilliant they have done that. I think it is


something that needs to happen in this and other corporations, because


these people are very clever and manipulative. Jimmy Savile was, he


surrounded himself with dignitaries and important people, to create this


idea of being untouchable. Also, the reputation of the BBC, another


scandal that the BBC has to somehow get through and regain trust. Trust


and integrity are words that the BBC uses a lot. I think they have made


the right step today in apologising. That is always the first step. The


worst thing is when you try to cover something up. What did it for


Richard Nixon in Watergate was not the original offence, it was a


cover-up. I think Tony Hall coming out and apologising to the victims


today is a good step, and the next step is to try to stop it happening


in the future. . The chair of the BBC trust said that the BBC turned a


blind eye when it should have shone a light. If this stops people in the


future from turning a blind eye, it will be worth a report. As a final


mention of the story, the Guardian and the Express have gone different


ways. Tony Blackburn, veteran DJ, being part of the BBC output for


about 40 years... The first voice on BBC Radio 1. Parting company, as it


says here. Tony Blackburn says he hasn't done anything wrong, the


reason he has been told he has to go is because the standard of the


evidence he gave did not meet BBC standards. He says he is a


scapegoat. Of all the stories they could put on the front page, it is


interesting that have gone with this. The Express has done. The


quote of Tony Blackburn, who would have come forward if they see how I


have been hung out to dry? This is not the end of this by any means,


there could be legal proceedings. Let's look at the Daily Mail.


Another set of devastating migration figures, but the PM says the numbers


can be slashed. Pull the other one, Dave. It is like a comedy routine!


He is trying to get this down to 100,000, apparently. Anything in the


next 200 days will be put through the two sides of the argument. The


Daily Mail is chief cheerleader for the Brexit campaign, and is


obviously using this as another is thick with which to beat those who


wish to remain within the EU. This report from the office of national


statistics is being used to encourage those who want to leave.


Any statistic will be left on by both sides and interpreted as they


wish to. Half of this figure is arrivals from the EU, and the other


half are of course non- EU people, and it is much easier to control


those figures. 630,000 national insurance numbers were issued to


non- British EU citizens in 2015, seemingly at odds with the data that


said that 257 EU migrants arrived in the end of December. Many say it can


be good for a country, migration, a sign that an economy is doing well.


I think it is a good advertisement in this country that we are


attracting so many people. I know the NHS has said it would be in dire


straits if we didn't have semi- people migrating to this country. I


think half a million British people live in Spain as well. If we stop


people moving around the EU, what will happen to those people? Lord


Howard snubs PM and backs Brexit. Another big name from Tory ranks who


has joined the out campaign. Obviously it was all about Boris on


Sunday. How much of a snub is this for the PM? I think it is quite a


snub in that Lord Howard gave David Cameron his first job. He research


for him 20 years ago, it was his way into the Tory party. In terms of


their personal relationship it is a snub, but Lord Howard has always


been a very vocal anti- EU proponent, so that is not


surprising. What is interesting is how vicious the campaign is


getting, and we are only three days in. Four months of this! We are


already getting fatigued! Lord Howard said he would not have got


support from the Brexit side even if he had returned to the EU


brandishing the severed heads of the EU commission. Quite vivid and


colourful language. It speaks of how opposed some people are to being


part of the EU, who don't feel it is what they voted for back in the


70s. And accusations of project fear, as well. David Cameron saying


that the pound would fall and the cost of holidays will rise. That is


absolutely the primary concern! That is what I will be voting on! He is


clever to go with that because it is something everyone will be able to


identify with. We have a fortnight in Spain, will that be under threat


because the pound is tumbling as a result of instability? Maybe. You


can't be too careful! The Times, Rotherham child-abuse gang leader


wanted IVF. He has fathered up to 18 babies! Many of his victims had


abortions, an awful story. This was to disclosed in court, and there are


no words to describe it. We don't want to be arrested ourselves for


the things we say, but it is absolutely shocking, and apparently


he might have been trying to use certain aspect to get himself


acquitted and to have the jury dismissed, but I think quite rightly


the judge rejected those claims and clearly he was well enough to


contemplate family life with a baby. If he was campaigning to have IVF,


he clearly is fit enough to make those decisions, and his claims that


he was unfit to do so were exposed as not quite right. Final story,


pupils who go private get ahead by two years. This is some research


being done that Durham University. I think it is interesting, but if you


delve down into the figures and take into account the background to the


pupils, it says the difference between private and state education


is only 0.64 of the grade. For me, that is quite a lot of money to


pay, ?15,000 a year perhaps, for a lot of very big difference. Even


though the Times is spinning this as very pro- private school, and


boosting willingness or decide to go to private schools, you are shelling


out a lot of money for what I think is not a massive difference. I had a


friend who went to a private school, and I wanted to say to his parents


that they should have a refund for that. The thing with this, there was


a story the other day about the fact that private schools are finding


that numbers are dropping because more people are choosing to spend


their children to successful state schools. It is not just about


qualifications, is it? Confidence that people seem to come out with


and the connections they have. I went to a state school in the 1980s,


and to be honest it was horrible, I didn't enjoy it at all and I didn't


get the support I wanted to go on and work in broadcasting in my life.


I didn't get that at all. So I was very lucky, to have the


determination that I had. We're out of time, we are very glad you are


here and we hope you will come back again. Mention that to your friend


who use it should get a refund for his private schooling. That is it


from us for tonight. Next, Sportsday.


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