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Plenty more football, as well as rugby and cricket and all the latest


surrounding the boxing bout between Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Martin Lipton, the Deputy Head of Sport Content


at The Sun, and the writer and broadcaster Louise Scodie.


The Times says Boris Johnson has backed away from the suggestion that


a vote to leave the EU would force Brussels to give Britain a better


The Telegraph says the Mayor of London has appealed to Cabinet


ministers backing the campaign to stay in the European Union to think


again. The Independent focuses on George Osborne's warning made to the


BBC that he may have to impose deeper cuts in public spending. The


Guardian leads on allegations of abuse and bullying attitude for S


run prison. There is a new biography of Tony Blair and the Government


policy on immigration. In the Daily Express, the migrant crisis in


Europe could destroy the EU, it is feared. Let's begin with a story on


the Independent. We heard George Osborne speaking in China about


this. George Osborne prepares new cuts as economic gloom deepens. Next


month's budget to feature fresh austerity. Tax revenues expected to


fall short of predictions. Bad news coming all the way from China.


Certainly. Presented rather like an anvil landing on our heads. What an


ominous story! No one is looking forward to more austerity. That much


is clear. The way the story is presented leaves you in no doubt


that the tone here is very much critical of Osborne's decision.


Calling it a fateful decision makes you think we are just headed for


more and more trouble. This will be absolutely no good. I am not sure


anyone will welcome the posterity measures. Certainly in the


Independent, all of the stories detailing the austerities will be


negative. I wonder how surprised people will feel that there will be


more cuts. Five Apeople were prepared to accept hard economic


pain for a short-term. People were prepared to accept. This was on the


basis that things are moving in the correct direction. Now we are facing


more of the same and cuts upon cuts upon cuts, effectively. I am not


entirely sure there will be the same response to rip them may have been


between 2010 and 2015. It will be a big issue for the Government to try


to sell more of the same. Does it not matter whether cuts fall? Of


course it does. If people perceive the cuts are inflicting damage upon


their lives and pain to them, often you can see in the initial stages


people do not think it will affect them, it will affect someone else


will do if the scope becomes wider and wider and wider, they may well


indeed be as inevitable and necessary as the Government says the


people will ask, why am I suffering? Then it becomes a bigger issue. That


is often the way. That is assuming that people do not have empathy. I


would argue with that. The cuts have been deeply unpopular from the start


and there has been a degree of worry for other people who have been


affected by this. There have been protests. Many saw them as a


necessary evil. People believed that austerity was a needless policy in


the first place. One wonders whether the former camp might shrink and the


latter camp might grow. Letter stick with the independent and look at the


main picture story here. -- let us stick. The gathering in Zurich. We


have been trying to find them. They cannot believe it is not Sepp


Blatter. Fifa picks new head for football's family. The new president


has been voted in in the end. Only two ballots. This man, Johnny baby,


as his name possibly translates. Gianni in panty no, tell us about


him. He has been very senior -- Infantino. He only stayed because


the fella who were supposed to stand, Michel Platini was forced out


of favour because ?1.3 million payment that had not been declared


between Sepp Blatter and himself ten years earlier. Uefa, European Fogel,


decided it needed someone to try and run on behalf of them, not really


respecting to win. Lo and behold Gianni Infantino is Fifa president.


He is a lawyer, an accountant, a bright spark. He speaks so many


languages. He is a genuine polyglot. He answered questions in about seven


different languages. Sepp Blatter could also speak lots of different


averages. Being multitalented in languages does not make you the best


man to lead in world football. That art is -- there are issues with him


but he seems the least worst alternative. There are suggestions


it is not a new era for Fifa, it is rearranging the deck chairs. He


stood out. He seemed to be the most genuine and heartfelt. I love the


fact he addressed the people working for him in his acceptance speech.


That gave a nice humane touch to proceedings. I am not the biggest


football fan in the world. What I care for is open and transparent


leadership. The priority in my mind is the fans. You want a leader who


will lead an organisation who will do right by the fans. There are so


many people spending money on football tickets and football


paraphernalia every week. I would want the organisation organises the


will to be one that does so in a culture of honesty. You may look


cynical. If you honestly think anyone in football cares about the


fans, sadly that is not the case. Football is a multi-billion pound


business. Fifa is designed to keep the gravy train on its tracks. Sadly


that is true. It is about guidance and leadership and everything else.


People at the meeting are worried about themselves first and foremost.


What Fifa needs is a complete overhaul and should be run by a


separate set of people A few stories about Boris Johnson a membership of


the European Union. Maher changes mind too worn out vote will be


final. He seemed to suggest the other day that an out vote might


encourage partners in the European Union to offer a better deal. Now he


appears to be saying, no means no. It makes me feel very cheerful. The


main stand out for me is that we have had months of this. This will


make me very happy indeed. At least we know where he stands. We know


where he stands today. It is good to have clarity. This comes on the same


day that Michael Howard has said, actually, no can mean maybe. If we


vote to leave, that would force the EU to renegotiate is the point that


Johnson was saying on Monday and he has now reneges from. It does seem


there was no certainty in their voices. They are moving from pillar


to post. It is an issue for them. If this exit campaign will be


successful, and believe campaign will win, they lead people who have


some resonance with the public. They have proved they can win for the


Tories in London, a Labour stronghold. Michael Gove, again, a


bright man, who has come out as a leading light from the people who


have expertise. They need to be consistent and able to show they are


in control of this argument. At the moment there seems to be an


inconsistency in that argument. The Daily Telegraph has said that Boris


is urging allies in the Cabinet, the Prime Minister's allies in joining


him. It was about the power play between Boris and Cameron. Think


about staying in or out, it is about establishing the facts. If we had a


leader who was laying it on the line and telling us straight, there would


be less confusion. It is interesting. Theresa May was looked


upon as a potential person who would vote for out until she decided to be


in. That has caused problems for the pro-exit lobby, certainly. Brussels


has decided not to stop us having powerful kettles. Maybe just to be a


bit nice to us at the moment. They flip the switch on cattle herds. The


suggestion that you would not be able to have a super charged kettle


or toaster. -- kettle. This cannot be argued against the can it? The UK


Independence Party person says, he is blaming Brussels for taking four


attempts to make his toast fit to spread marmalade. You are in charge


of your marmalade! Turn up the dial. This man believes he can have hard


and soft do like he can have hard and soft water. In the Times, the


date of the trip down memory lane. -- offers a trip. I cannot take


painkillers without a fuss. Out of the three of us I am the least


likely to remember the 60s. I was four when they finished. Just saying


it how it is. This was a fun and fabulous exhibition with a few


things to raise a few eyebrows. Displays are likely to feature in


our power nudity, as opposed to usual nudity. It promises to be the


most controversial in the Victoria and Albert history. You are a cynic!


You are just an out and out cynic. I am very disappointed. We will be


back with another look at the front pages at 11:30 p.m.. Coming up, it


is time for the sport.


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