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football as well as rugby league and cricket and the massive boxing


bout. That's all coming up after The Papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are Martin Lipton, the Deputy Head of Sport at The Sun,


and the writer and broadcaster Louise Scodie.


The Times says Boris Johnson has backed away


from the suggestion that a vote to leave the EU would force Brussels to


The Telegraph says the mayor has appealed to Cabinet ministers


backing the campaign to stay in the European Union to "think again".


The Independent focuses on George Osborne's warning, made to


the BBC, that he may have to impose deeper cuts in public spending.


the Guardian leads on allegations of abuse and bullying at a G4S-run


The FT focuses on the latest losses at RBS.


The Mail reports on a new biography of Tony Blair and his government's


And the Express says leading European


politicians fear the migrant crisis in Europe could destroy the EU.


Starting with George Osborne, who is on a trip to China at the moment to


meet G20 ministers. The Independent has taken its headline from


something he said today. George Osborne proposes new cuts as the


economic gloom deepens. Several reasons for this, he thinks. He has


explained what they are but it will really make people's hearts sink.


Certainly maybe the Independent's hearts sink. George Osborne


described as taking a fateful decision. Posterity hasn't been


hugely popular and I don't think that's going to change, if anything


it'll get worse over the coming months. -- posterity. The


interesting thing here is when the Independent right that the steep


reductions in public spending had reopened the Chancellor to the


charge that he is slashing back the statewide chill -- for ideological


reasons. Is that something more widely bandied about? That something


the papers have talked about. Stephen Golding has tweeted and


says, what about the recent surplus? Now you are prepping us for more


unnecessary austerity. I am trying to work out who is to blame. Now


cuts are the fault of the global economy, as opposed to the


government. Surely it was the global economy last time as well. A lot of


people were willing to accept cuts over a short period, especially then


feel they were in fact it upon them. I'm not sure this will be an easy


sell for any government and this is increasingly difficult for Osborne


to talk about the necessity of these things when it doesn't look as


though we are all in it together. That certain people are allowed...


When you've got huge companies paying zero tax, why should other


people suffer? These sort of issues will get a go. The global economy


impacted on the personal economy. It does become a question people will


be looking for answers to. Surely he will say that he has made a start


with the likes of Google. Not compared to France. France have


demanded the huge sum. There is a genuine feeling about we were


willing to accept things to a point, but perhaps that point has


been reached. It will be a difficult issue for George Osborne to answer.


I think there were people who were worried about the effects it was


having on the more vulnerable members of society, for example.


There's a lot more empathy around. People vote with their own pocket


books. Not necessarily. Certainly anecdotal output from people from


the start is that they've been very worried about people they may not


even know that well, but they know will be affected by the austerity


measures. Staying with the Independent. They can't believe it's


not Sepp Blatter. Fifa pics a new head for football's family. Another


Swiss man... -- picks. It is certainly mostly masculine. We


shouldn't be surprised by that. It is a male sport in the main. The


Football Association has just appointed a head of communications,


who is a woman, and she will do an excellent job for the FA. But I


think there are only two voters today after the two 270 voted that


are women. Two members of the executive committee have been women


in its history. We've now got this new head of Fifa and his job is to


be more transparent and accountable and stop the corruption. Indeed. I'm


not the biggest football fan in the world, under -- understatement, but


I think international organisations should be transparent and Fifa have


let a lot of people down. They've let the fans down and let's hope


this new leadership will turn things around. Do the fans feel let down?


Or are they more worried about their own individual clubs? Fifa organises


the World Cup, as far as most fans are concerned. That's been an


absolute mess! But the tournament is still a success. The voting is a


scandal, as they said before. We are happy to listen. What we have is an


organisation that is endemically flawed. It has, over the last 40


years, since 1974 when -- 1974, when it became a corrupt institution. How


likely is it that we will scrap it? This is the last chance for Fifa to


be able to reform itself. Who says, we can't have you doing this any


more so with the wind you up? I think potentially if class actions


from various organisations such as US authorities... This is where it


started. The American investigation into backsliding and deals... Last


May, the whole process began and it was inevitable someone else would


come in from that moment. It has taken nine months to get here. The


question for Fifa and football is whether it will be any better under


the new regime, given that Gianni Infantino only stood because his


boss was forced to resign because of the ?1.3 million payment. But he is


a standout candidate and could do well and speaks 11 languages. Time


will tell. Boris Johnson in Europe U-turn. He changes his mind and says


the art vote will be final. No means no. Yes, as opposed to the other day


when he said no means yes, we can change our minds, who knows? He has


had to publicly backtrack, which has made me feel delighted. The Brexit


story will go on until June 23. We have got months of this. I would


suggest that some of the coverage will be a little dry. Anything we


got that will embarrass the odd politician in the months to come is


very welcome. It is amazing how much sway Boris has over the debate. It


is also amazing how complicated it is for those arguing one way or


another. There are many things they just don't know. How difficult would


it be if we were to leave? If we were to vote to leave, and I would


be surprised at the stature if we do, but who knows, the costs of it,


the two years, could be pretty painful. The EU won't make it easy


for us. To encourage others not to go down that path, they will make it


as hard as they can. As let's be honest the British government would


have done if the Scots had voted for independence. But there are some big


names -the Brexit campaign who have got months to make the argument. --


behind the Brexit. Yes, no one is hitting us the facts just as they


are. Because there are no facts. There's opinion. Do the British


people want to remain part of an EU which some of them have doubts over


but might cling to like a comfort blanket, or can we go our own way,


when in the 40 odd years since we joined many of the markets, which we


had then, are no longer markets. Our main markets are now within Europe


and are we better being part of the huge trading bloc? Boris Johnson


says he would negotiate trade deals with other parts of the world. The


FT. Brussels flipped the switch to stop tea loving Brits from boiling


over. The idea that we wouldn't be allowed powerful toasters and


kettles, and powerful vacuum cleaners. For environmental reasons.


If there's one thing we British don't want it is an affront to up


tea and toast habit. We have an MP blaming Brussels for his four


attempts at his tea and toast ratio. I would like my tea and toast


protected. It almost sounds like a television show. Maybe they are just


giving us a bit of a break, they are trying to be nice to us. Also,


congratulations to both the forgetting that fantastic quote! The


quick look at The Daily Mail. -- to Buzzfeed. This is a new biography.


It is by the man who has put together a number of scathing


biographies of significant figures, including Gordon Brown and Simon


Cowell, more important these days! Looking at the clips, this thing


being tied to Tony Blair... In the book it is tied to a former


immigration official. He says he told Barbara Roach, the then


Immigration Minister. It isn't directly linked to Tony Blair's


decisions. Nevertheless, we know there was a view that in the new


Labour government they could make a point and try to be a more welcoming


and inviting country. They also said they haven't got an idea of what


immigration figures were at point and they apologised. Ed Miliband


seems to apologise for it quite a lot. It all seems a bit spurious. I


can't believe this has made it onto the front page. I like the wait has


been described, like it is the plot of a thriller. Tony Blair presiding


over a silent conspiracy to change the face of Britain forever. The


main aim was to make the country see the benefit of a multicultural


society. It seems highly unlikely and not a very good strategy and


certainly one that will backfire on the Daily Mail and its readers. They


are offering a chance to win one of Margaret Thatcher's iconic handbags!


Hold me back! Dozens of children with decayed teeth. This was a story


we looked at the time ago, we are still waiting for this obesity study


to be published as well. The second part of this story is that the


publication of the childhood obesity strategy has been put on hold. Any


parent with young kids will be concerned about the question of how


their children are, what their help is. We've also had this ongoing


thing about sugar and diets and the amount of soft drinks and how they


are having negative effect on mental health. There's a general concern


about the way are growing up. Also keep. We -- also teeth. So many


children have to have them pulled out. We are talking about children


aged five to nine. It must be absolutely terrible. There have been


a number of educational Alicia Keys from the government to try to get


families to think about eating healthier. -- educational


initiatives. We have the teeth issue and that compounded by the obesity


issue. They all link into each other. What is it that's missing? I


can't answer that question and I wouldn't there try. Vow of silence.


ENO, the choir won't sing in a dispute over pay. What is the


proposal? Basically they might have their contracts cut down to nine


months which mean they would lose a quarter of their salaries. They


earned just over 30 grand each and said they wouldn't be able to live


in London where they have to live or work if there is salaries are


reduced. Performers spent years and thousands and thousands of pounds


training to become a performer and often get paid absolutely nothing.


They will never make the money they earn back. I understand why they are


feeling unhappy. The idea is that they refused to sing? They will


refuse to sing all sing the wrong songs. When I was so bad, it was


banned. It wasn't because I couldn't sing! That teacher, who banned me,


shame on you! It will be a sell out now. There no publicity like bad


publicity. People will want to see the show to see what comedy costumes


the artists will wear. Maybe they will be dressed as chickens when


they aren't singing! Who knows? It's a way to drum up a bit more trade.


Lovely to see you. Thanks very much. Coming up next, Sportsday.


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