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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are Press and Journal's Westminster correspondent,


Lindsay Watling, and broadcaster David Akinsanya.


The Sunday Times reports that David Cameron is being warned he may


face a leadership challenge even if Britain votes to stay in the EU.


The introduction in the House of Commons this week


of the government's Investigatory Powers Bill is


The Observer has an interview with the Europe


Minister David Lidington, who says Britain voting to leave the EU would


The Sunday Express leads with a survey suggesting 25 out of the


28 EU member states feel negatively about the future of the EU.


And sticking with the EU theme, the Mail reports on divisions within the


Conservative party, with reports of the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond


clashing with a long standing Tory eurosceptic MP Sir Bill Cash.


Let's begin with the Observer. Brexit would spark a decade of


economic limbo, claims a top Tory. The G 20s say that it would be a


risk to the global economy. A lot of talk about that today. It is scary


stuff, people are jostling for position, saying this way is bad in


this way is good. But whether or not that is getting through to real


people, I don't know. The G20 has just taken place in China, and


people are saying it is a big risk to the world economy, and I think


that is what they are homing in on. It is interesting but that is added


to a state of post- G20, including officials that were travelling with


them, 15 of them aren't even in the EU. It is a strange thing for them


to do, and the suggestion is that George has pushed for them to say


that. It could be that the likes of China were thinking about


themselves, not the EU. They are thinking about the global economy


and how it may affect them. It is a coup for George Osborne in terms of


getting a statement like that, because it adds ammunition to their


narrative, but I think he said yesterday that there would be


profound economic shock if it and voted to leave the EU. The Energy


minister said that was absurd. Again, there are divisions within


the party. And individuals. People are changing their minds. Boris


Johnson, he changed his mind, everyone thought he would go the


other way, but he switched to the out campaign. It just feels like


there are a lot of people positioning themselves. Isn't that


happening in the public as well? The politicians have perhaps been


thinking about it a lot longer than us. But there are clearly some


people, other politicians who are lined up, but there are still people


who are deciding. Boris Johnson said he decided a while ago but it was a


long and hard decision. I have friends who are literally only


interested in the immigration debate, and that is what they will


base their decision on. They are not thinking about whether there will be


less business or whether the pound will be affected, they have a very


clear position. But I think the majority of people haven't. I think


most people make up their minds perhaps if they go to vote, if they


go to vote at all. Of course, they might not vote at all. The Mail on


Sunday is describing it as a meltdown. Suggesting that the


Conservative Party is in trouble with its divisions, but it could be


argued that they are just reflecting what is happening across the


country. Yes, and just because people are members of the same party


doesn't mean they will have the same views on everything. David Cameron


has given his... He has suspended collective Cabinet responsibility to


allow them to campaign however they want. I think potentially it is


quite dangerous going forward. We saw towards the end of last year


fierce divisions within the Labour Party and that has been very


dangerous for them. I think the risk is that there will be divisions that


can't be healed, coming together afterwards. It is certainly being


written about. What happened between Sir Phillip Hammond and Sir Bill


Cash? There has been some colourful language and name-calling, which we


have heard in the Tory party before. There are nasty things being said to


each other, and apparently Phillip Hammond, who is the Foreign


Minister, is usually quite calm guy and quite laid back. You can see


here that he... Bill Cash latently published something that he asked


him not to, so what does he say about transparency? Why are they not


publishing everything they know, why is he in trouble for this? As we


move closer to the referendum, it will be ramped up more and more,


there will be a lot of nastiness and to-ing and fro-ing. Are worrying


headline for David Cameron, Tory threats to cast PM half EU vote.


Where is this coming from? The question has always been that if he


loses, and Britain does vote to leave the EU, he would have to


resign. He has said that he wouldn't, but this is going one


stage further. It is suggesting there could be a leadership


challenge even if Britain votes to stay. It is all to do with the party


being disarray and fears of a split. So, what we were just talking about,


Cameron really faces the challenge of keeping it together. It is all


very well for people to disagree, it is how they disagreed. They are


saying a vote of no confidence could be called off the back of this


infighting, and a senior backbencher is saying it would be doable. More


than 140 MPs are committed to leading the EU. A tough week the


David Cameron, many people in the party coming out against him. He has


brought it on himself, he is the one who offered the referendum to


people. That people haven't had a say for a long time. But it is not


like... He started it, didn't he? But they have been divisions for a


long time. But he needn't have done what he did, and I don't think he


will stay as PM anyway. He has a few years yet, he might stick around a


bit longer. But it is a risk for the PM. That's right, and especially


within the party when you know there are so many Eurosceptics. I always


understood that about the Tory party, that a lot of them were anti-


Europe. It will be interesting to see what happens in the Conservative


Party after the referendum, because those rifts will suddenly have to


work together again. In some shape or form, either in or out of the EU.


People on the periphery, there will always be defined camps, but I think


in the mainstream people kiss and make up. Shall we move away from the


EU? Let's talk about charities. We are talking about these people who


we see in the charity industry with clip boards, asking us for money.


Like I said before, I am happy to give a pound or ?2 into a


collection, but they want you to stop and take ten minutes, then get


a 12 month standing order from you. They are getting on people's nerves.


This is coming because the chairman of the Charity Commission is saying


that if charities don't get themselves in order they will have


to face regulations, and we have all heard about the issues to do with


agent -- H and K. I don't give much money to charity now, because I


don't like the idea of them sitting in posh offices. Do you avoid them?


I do, I often walk on the other side of the road. We haven't got time,


have we? That sounds like an awful thing to say, but you are actually


trying to get somewhere and you don't have time to stop. I know you


both like Adele. She is celebrating her recent success. This is about


the price of tickets that are going on sale. If I had the money, I


probably would, and she is one of the greats of my time and it would


be great to go and see her. It is probably worth the money. She won't


like this, will she? No, she tried to stop touts from reselling her


tickets. They are selling at 290 times the original price. That is


crazy. A seat with a face value of ?85, calling for more than ?25,000.


We just have time to talk about barmaids... I shouldn't have said


that, but I am reading the headline! Barmaids barred by law.


Anything that refers to the sex of the person. This is specifically


about hoteliers all -- advertising for barmaids. We had dinner ladies


and they are now midday supervisors. We have the issue of paperboy, you


can't advertise for a paperboy. My view is that the bigger issue is the


paperboy being paid the same as the paper girl? In some cases there is


still a gender pay gap, and in some cases not. A lot of it is habit and


slip of the tongue. And what we are used to. It is also about the age.


It is not just about sex, but age. You can't ask for a recent graduate


or a mature person. You can't ask for a Polish builder, either. No,


because you are discriminating. I still call a policeman a policeman


sometimes, obviously if it was a woman I wouldn't. The same mankind?


Humankind, person kind? I was a barmaid for years, and I have no


objection to be calling that. I was a paperboy. I was a paperboy. It


didn't last long, because I have never been good at getting up early!


Thank you both for joining us today. You can watch it on my player in a


few moments. Film review is next.


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