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150 people, a report suggests airlines should be told


about their employees' psychiatric conditions.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Martin Bentham of the London Evening Standard


Congratulations to him. He had a baby girl not long ago. And


broadcaster, Lynne Faulds Wood who says she has brought her own


percussion section with her. That necklace. We love it.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with:


The FT says that George Osborne will deliver ?4 billion


worth of spending cuts in this week's Budget.


the i, which says that the gap between Britain's rich and poor


The Metro says that campaigners attacked Mr Osborne


over proposed cuts to disability benefits.


Barack Obama's plan to warn Britons against leaving the EU "a piece


of outrageous and exorbitant hypocrisy", according


landlords and letting agents have become millionaires by collecting


an investigation on the cost of childcare.


It says nursery care for two children costs more than an average


"Woman's weekly salary," not a man's. And the daily Mail says there


is a crushing verdict on Angela Merkel's immigration policy.


So quite a lot of different headlines tonight. We'll start with


the i. Cut now or pay later, it says. Fresh cuts of ?4 billion are


expected in Wednesday's budget. How would we be paying later, is


that clear, if we don't cut now? This is a question the from the


Chancellor, George Osborne, who was talking about this today. He is


basically saying - which is the narrative he has articulated all


along since he has been Chancellor, is we have to get our economy in


good shape, otherwise, the instability that is increasingly in


the world that he looks at and thinks theres a problem for us, will


cause us to have things like higher borrowing costs and basically


greater costs to bear in the future. So, he is basically saying unless


you get your economy sorted out in a trim shape and so on, therefore we


will be in a worse position and everything will cost more and there


will be great ever pain to come. That's his argue um. Not one that


the Labour Party shares. The argument he made today is we are


only talking about a half of 1% cut, 50 p in every pound the Government


spends. That doesn't sound a a lot. He says ?4 billion cuts are in the a


huge amount. Compared with the size of what the Government spends, I


suppose, it doesn't look like that. It is where he is going for the cuts


and one of the places he is going, I spent the weekend in a school for


disabled children, Oldham, so disability is in my mind at the


moment. That's one of the areas where he be looking to make the cuts


and families could find themselves ?100 better off, in the area where


we have been, Oldham, not exactly the richest area in the entire


country and is going to suffer among the biggest cuts, whereas some of


the more leafier bits of the Home Counties will suffer small cuts? How


is it targeted geographically if it is made at a national level? Because


some people have fewer people with problems in their areas than others.


So it disproportionately pulls across the country. On the front of


the i he says the gap - a couple of headlines there underneath the main


headline - and the send one being - gap between Britain's rich and poor


now wider than ever. As far as I can see from the information we have got


so far on what he is going to do on Wednesday, he is not doing anything


to stop that gap. This is because the economy isn't as big, hasn't


grown as much as we thought, isn't the size as it was, the us a of


budget responsibility says it is smaller than we thought. George


Osborne is warning the economy is in the worst state it has been since


the crash eight years ago. And the cuts are on top of the cuts


scheduled, so it is not ?# billion on its own, which makes it harder to


find the savings and I spokes that also would be, point you made there,


would be - the counterargument that certainly Labour would articulate


and indeed other parties that are opposing the Tories, would say,


actually, his economic strategy, the Tories say it has helped, put us in


a better position to weather the economic storm we face and they


compare it with the European economies, which have probably done


worse than we have, so there is perhaps some merit to that but


Labour at the same time would certainly say - actually investing


for growth in the long-term infrastructure investment would have


helped us be in eight bore position. Whether that is right is unknown. It


is mystifying three months ago in his 7th budget he was saying we were


in great shape now we have ?18 billion black hole four months


later. The OBR says the economy is not what it was, he has to react? He


has to rect a. Why didn't he see that coming. He is saying ah, but


China. But that was happening three months. I'm sure we will not be


hearing the full story. #50i89' sure we will get plenty more before


Wednesday. Boris rage at I crit Obama. This is the quote -- at


hypocrite. He says." Barack Obama's reasons to urge Britons to remain in


the European is outrageous and exorbitant hypocrisy." He has


already been meddling nine months ago, maybe Boris didn't notice that.


Is it meddling if he is asked? Bore sis calling it that. He is saying


basically America would not stand for the things we had to stand for


in Europe. This is Boris' column, I guess in tomorrow's Telegraph coming


out in large chunks here. He is saying it is laughable the way we


put up with things like - he has a hole list of them, the International


Criminal Court in The Hague. The Americans wouldn't have anything to


do with that, they wouldn't have anything 20 could with the


convention of law. He is basically saying that Obama coming out in


favour of us staying in Europe is not something the Americans would


ever stand for. It is like comparing chalk and cheese. They haval Bill of


Rights in America, and we don't have that. It is trying to compare a


country that's part of a yawn that is nothing like America. That's


true. -- part of a union. That's another point that it makes that the


United States has its own federal union, but they all speak English,


there are lots of cultural similarities between them in the way


it isn't in Europe. But point is broadly correct - he makes the point


that the Americans are not part of the International Criminal Court.


They are one of the very few countries that haven't signed up to


it and so on. They protect their own independence and own sovereignty


very, very strongly, understandably and what Boris is saying is - why on


earth should we listen to them lecturing us about this? The other


point, I suppose, that you might say is - of course one of the reasons


the Americans want us to stay in the European Union and always have done


is not necessarily for our own interests but because they want us


to exercise a good influence on what they see is a good influence on the


other members of the European Union. So, it is in the American's


interests for to us stay n whether it is in our own, it a different


issue. Having said - no, we really do have a special relationship,


having been critical of David Cameron, the other day. Staying with


the Daily Telegraph News in Brief at the bottom. Western tourists killed


in Ivory Coast gun attack. Probably came too late for first editions to


do much on this story but again we are seeing what appear to be


Al-Qaeda-affiliates wreaking havoc in parts of South Africa. Yes, six


gunmen invading the beach and hotel used by Westerners and tourists in


this country. It is a very depressing story. There have been


two other attacks in recent times in other parts of West Africa and one


in Mali which has had a history of problems and another one in bu keen


yes fas sow which I don't think had and certainly the Ivory Coast which


has had difficulties of its own with civil wars and so on -- Bukino Fask.


So, it does seem there is a growing danger of this appalling terrorism


creeping into a region which hasn't had it before which is very


depressing And France saying they'll offer support, as a form Ercol any.


The trouble with the small countries, I went to one exactly a


year ago in this area, they don't have security forces standing by. So


if six gunmen appear on a Bev in a small place, there is not -- on a


beach in a small place there is not going to be ability to stop them


wreaking havoc. There isn't any any country, unless you have a


completely militaristic society. There are softs targets everywhere.


Yes, and it'll stop people going there, because they were worried


about Ebola and now the attacks. We have seen that in North Africa, it


hammers the countries and their tourist industries, which is


extremely important. They are countries we should try to go to.


The Times, the attacks in an carria. Since this paper was printed which


says 27 people were killed, we are now hearing more like 34 people


killed and 100 wounded. -- Ankara. Another awful story. Turkey has had


three attacks in Ankara in the last six months and another one in inStan


bull. And awful bot of instability there. The prens of the Islamic


State which carried out a couple of attacks in Turkey and it is a


fundamentally important country in that region for all sorts of


regions. And facing this type of attack and instability and where it


leads is worrying. It shows anyone can do anything almost anywhere. The


wonderful thing is we haven't had more attacks really. I think the


number of attacks is increasing in Turkey. It is suggested that such is


the dissatisfaction with the intelligence services in Turkey,


it'll turn against the Government. Public opinion will turn against the


government and there might be a move to try to get the government to talk


to some of these consideredish groups which doesn't seem likely at


the moementd. -- Kurdish groups. The part stems from the Turkish


authorities having a very robust, to say the least, crackdown against the


consideredish groups, blaming them for an original attack last July I


think it was, which I think was carried out by IS as it turned out.


So, there is an argument that the Turkish authorities have been


fuelling this, in a sense by their robust attitude to the Kurds. On the


other hand, clearly, you can quite see that the Turkish authorities


think - well we can't stand for this and we have to do everything we can


to try to protect us. And going to your point just now. They have a


powerful mill trip avery effective. Perhaps too -- military, and very


effective, perhaps too effective police state. But it is impossible


to stop these things. And 14.5 million people live in Istanbul. .


And let's look at the Merkel story. It is thought to be a test of the


immigration policy having let a million migrants into Germany. It


wasn't long ago that Angela Merkel seemed dismissive of this


anti-immigration party, the AFD, that look to have done well. She


obviously doesn't like the message they are putting out but... Well


nobody would like the message. Some of the messages have been... Some of


the Germans do, that's the point, isn't it? So... It is very


right-wing. Yesterday was Super - we are talking Monday's papers. Today


was Super Sunday in Germany where 1 million people voted and voted


strongly for this right-wing party that was started by a bump of


academics. There we g people do like it. The trouble is the election


coming up next year for Angela Merkel and she might well find


herself in deep trouble. This is a kind of barometer of what is going


to happen there. But when you look at the attacks? Do you know how many


attacks there has been on hostels for migrants in Germany in the last


year. Nearly 1,000. Last year there was a crowd gathered in a small town


when a hostel that has been prepared for migrants was set on fire and


they were cheering and so there is something horrible happening in


Germany, yet last September, do you remember the pictures when they were


welcoming them in on trains into Munich and they were applauding


them. So there is this right-wing element that is really nasty. It is


bigger than that. They are a symbol of an extreme perhaps at one end but


obviously there is a general feeling, it seems in Germany that


actually Angela Merkel got it wrong and went far too far. Yes, 1.1


million migrants last year. In a short space of time. The Germans


them serves the German government is trying to control that and stop it


and taking a completely different approach to it now to what it was


doing less than a year ago. Back to the Daily Telegraph briefly - young


people waste time on GP years. This is Chief Executive of one of the


world's largest advertising agencies, Mr Martin southerly say


you are really wasting your time travelling the world -- Mr Martin


Sorrell. I have a another daughter, a big gap to them. This one is about


to go on a gap year. I hate to criticise a person, we have learned


he is going to earn ?7 #0 million, he has learnhood ?150 million over


the last five,'s successful businessman but I think personally


he is talking rubbish, that really, wasting time is not necessarily aed


about thing. It is what it is B he is talking about trips too badly


organised and lacking focus, you are not going on a business trip I think


actually it might help them grow up. I am in the against them, I do did


not have one. They look fun. Our son did well, and did him no harm, I


hope he is not watching, he got a first.


They are winging it. Sorry, Sir Martin, we don't agree


with you. I'm sure he will lose sleep over that.


for another look at the stories making the news tomorrow.


But coming up next it's - Meet the Author.


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