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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


Including how often should you wash your genes? -- jeans?


With me are Martin Bentham of the London Evening Standard, and


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with: The FT says that


George Osborne will announce ?4 billion worth of spending


That story also leads the i, which says that the gap


between Britain's rich and poor is now wider than ever.


The Metro says that campaigners attacked Mr Osborne over proposed


Boris Johnson has called Barack Obama's plan to warn Britons


against leaving the EU a piece of outrageous and


exorbitant hypocrisy, according to the Daily Telegraph.


The Sun says that the BBC show Top Gear was accused of disrespecting


the war dead after filming a stunt near to the Cenotaph.


The New Day has an investigation on the cost of childcare.


It says nursery care for two children costs more than


The Daily Mail leads on the German regional elections,


reporting that voters have delivered a crushing verdict on


The Times also splashes with that story, reporting that the hard-right


Alternative for Germany had upended the political order.


That is where we are going to begin. And the regional elections for


Germany on the front of the Times. Angry voters flocking to a new anti-


immigrant party who not so long ago Angela Merkel didn't seem to be too


concerned about. They didn't exist not so long ago. They were set up a


bunch of academics who wanted to oppose the single currency, the


euro. Three years later they say things like... They have beaten her


and a lot of the areas,", which is very worrying for her because the


position is clear. They don't want any refugees and also they have said


that one of the things they might like to do if they couldn't stop


them coming in was shoot them at the border. Is this truly what they say?


Yes, and it says that in The Times, it must be true! This is a party


that is very right wing. They have never had such a right wing,


populist party do well in Germany before, and they are a serious


threat to Angela Merkel who is up for election nationally next year.


Even her own party, her own government, has thought again about


the massive immigration on such a huge scale. They did have another


populist party in the 1930s as I recall. Angela Merkel had a


generous, well motivated policy which has rather backfired


politically and indeed in general, because as you have said, the


government has to try to find solutions to this absolutely


unstoppable flow of people coming over, that is not just Germany, but


other countries in the European Union which are struggling to cope


with and are finding it very hard. You have had similar attempts to


restrict the arrival of anti- refugee policies in various other


countries on the route to Germany, and you have now got a new plan, of


course, where she wants to innocence have people being sent back from


arriving in Europe and returning to Turkey. She is trying to sell that


plan to the rest of the EU. This comes at that time, and basically


there is an enormous problem, on top of which she is now paying an


enormous price back home because although they have not won the


majority of the vote or anything of that sort but as you have said it is


a very significant vote for people who are from a perspective that


doesn't really... It is also an area that doesn't have many migrants in


it which has delivered the biggest vote towards this new party. To fill


you in on that, they once said that they should be shot at the border as


a last resort. Very moderating! Looking at the Telegraph, Boris


complaining about hypocrite Obama. This is Barack Obama, who is due to


come over here and will be reiterating that the US would like


us to stay in the European Union. Boris is saying actually, coming


from the United States which resist any kind of international


jurisdiction, and is very protective of its ability to run its own


affairs and so on, this is great hypocrisy and shouldn't be listened


to, in effect. That is in essence the argument he is putting across.


Lots of world leaders, the Chinese have also been asked what they think


about Britain's future, should we be in or out? Of course we will ask


them, and Obama says we should stay in because we would have an


influence on the world stage but here in the Telegraph, Boris, the


aforementioned he, is giving a whole lot of reasons why the Americans


don't kneel to almost any international jurisdiction and he


gives all sorts of examples of why the Americans do not and we have two


in Europe, which he is citing is one reason why he thinks we shouldn't be


staying in that, and he thinks the Americans should get off turf. And


actually, what the Americans think, and part of the reasons the


Americans want us skin is so they can exercise an influence with a


State which is sympathetic to their worldview, not in terms of economics


and International relations, which can exercise influence which they


will like the rest of the European Union. In other words, it is in bear


interest and not necessarily ours. And actually, with all these other


countries we might want to stay it is really our decision -- in their


interest. Before or after he had been to Cuba, I can't remember


which. Obama, not Boris. They don't get a chance to vote, but we can.


New attack in Ankara. Officials quick to blame the Kurdish group for


the latest outrage. There are various Kurdish groups, of course,


at which the Turkish government is trying to clamp down on. Well, there


is a massive problem with Kurdish groups in Turkey at the moment,


according to the politicians who run Turkey, they have a severe problem.


And this is their third considerably horrible attack in the capital and


the last six months. And Kurdish groups, of course, would say that


they are not treated fairly, not treated equally. Some arguing, some


commentators saying that this might push the government towards some


kind of negotiation with these groups. Well, they did have a


ceasefire agreement with the Kurdish groups until last year, it didn't


break down completely, as a result of the bombing carried out by


Islamic State, it was blamed on the Kurds. Was responsibility on the


Turkish government, the people themselves, or the Kurdish groups


responsible for these attacks subsequently, this one is one of


several, they have reacted against that crackdown by the Turkish


authorities in this sort of fashion. If this particular attack, which is


unconfirmed, is by them. Of course, the Turkish government has often


pinned the blame on them and so on. So it is a very, very difficult


situation which seems to be being inflamed and getting worse rather


than better. We are about to lose The Independent, which probably


means eventually it is not going to exist. Let's hope not. I hope not as


well because I think that front-page picture is probably the best of any


of the papers today. Let's go back to the Times, with three stories,


The Times is doing well out of it tonight, mathematics crisis is


putting British pupils at the back of the class. I feel like I have


read this headline many times. That is part of the point. This is the


OECD which is saying that we have a curriculum which is a mile wide and


an inch deep and the pupils only have a shallow grasp of the subject.


We have had numerous attempts to rewrite the maths curriculum. All


sorts of changes including more algebra and so on and yet here is


this conclusion is saying that actually we are not doing very well


at all. That actually one thing it says here which is quite


interesting, to our concern with financial education, one of these


things that they say everybody should be doing about, they are


saying actually we are spending too much time on the practical things


rather than actually understanding the real concepts of maths. It is


saying we spent too long on memorisation, and I think we learned


by rote, or we used to. I can still do my times tables. This is an


incredibly... I can't remember anyone like the OECD, the


Organisation for economic co-operation and development, and


this is their head of education who are saying it, so it is an


incredibly strong source. I look at secondary school maths, it doesn't


look that different from the maths I did. It is very different from the


Chinese, that is the point he is making. The Chinese learn for


example love of maths and using it in their lives. The evidence is


these days in grounding it in real life examples. That is what they are


saying is actually wrong, and that we need to know the theory and the


depth of the subject rather than practical things and how to apply


it. It says Chinese students can think like scientists. We are often


made to think that what the Chinese do is a very traditional, old-style


learning, with at all drummed into them and not actually thinking so


much in that sense. They are saying it is the opposite. If we looked at


our schools, it is very difficult to get good maths teachers and in fact


they are trying to offer bribes to get good people to become maths


teachers. I bet if we looked at the gender analysis we would find fewer


women do matter and certainly far fewer women become scientists so we


do have a problem. Now the question of the day, how often do you wash


your genes? -- jeans? I am slightly concerned that Daniel Craig is the


picture here. The thing you looked up was that you shouldn't wash them


at all. I had a quick look online about how often you should wash your


genes. Does Daniel Craig not wash his at all? I'm sure he does.


According to the CEO of Levi Strauss, the answer to how often you


should wash your genes is never. He never washes his. -- wash your


jeans. It has more to do with environmentalism than hygiene. You


should put your genes in the freezer once a month to kill off the


bacteria. Imagine how grubby and smelly they would be. We are


fascinated by this, aren't we? I am fascinated because I have learned a


lot about Martin and a straw poll of one person, two to three times it


gets worn and then washed. It is a great tease because it makes you


want to read the article so it has worked very well. I am a bit worried


about Daniel Craig. If I ever met him I shall ask him. It has worked.


And finally, Best in show. The picture on the front of the Times is


a very cute fluffy West Highland terrier who has won top prize at


Crufts. We have picked this because someone on Twitter asked us to say


something chirpy. It has been so horrible today. So this is your


chirpy bit. And of course I am Scottish and it is a West Highland.


Do you watch this? Know, and I don't have a dog however that is a very


good dog and deserves to be on the front page. It does look very


sweet. I imagine it has been washed and shampooed and conditioned and


blowdried to within a an inch of its life. Very cute, well done Georgy


girl. Most people have got elaborate -- Labradoodles.


We now know about Martin and his jeans. It was all right, we survived




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