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how Rafa Benitez got on at his first match in charge of Newcastle United


ordered less to extend their lead at the top of the table? That it's all


in 15 minutes after the papers. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are Julia Hartley-Brewer


columnist for The Daily Telegraph and Lance Price,


political commentator. The Guardian looks at how young


families are struggling to afford rent - and contrasts their plight


with the property portfolio owned The Telegraph claims supporters


of Britain leaving the EU are more likely to vote


in the forthcoming referendum. The Mirror reports on the teenager


accused of deliberately running over and killing a police officer


on Merseyside last year. The Metro focuses on President


Putin's decision to begin the withdrawal of his


forces from Syria. The Mail says big firms


are slashing overtime, cutting recruitment


and axing staff perks to pay And the Express warns us not


to complain that we're So I have 50 years to go... Let's


start with Russia apparently pulling out of Syria. I spoke to Moscow


correspondent as Middle East editor, nobody had any idea this was coming.


Nobody knew who was going into Syria either. He is basically saying his


work here is done, remember when President Bush said that? The


difference is he probably has a compass to his mission, they made


more no secret, their aim was to prop up the dictator that is


President Assad and they have. It is likely he would have possibly


followed if it wasn't for Putin. The interesting thing is that when


America doesn't act and leaves a vacuum like that we are seen that


the Russian school in -- the Russians are going in. If the choice


think the West should be involved. think the West should be involved.


It has been a win-win for Putin, he has put Russia back on the stage as


a player and everyone is talking about him. He has to be dealt with


in terms of the future of this country. He has shored up Assad and


Russia's presence in the Middle East. It shows what a canny operator


here is, think back a few months to last year, he was a pariah on the


world stage because of his policies in Ukraine, nobody wanted to speak


to him and now he's got himself into a position where he is a kingpin of


the talks resuming in Geneva. It also shows how much authority has it


that he has in his own country, it came as a surprise. We decide


whether to marginally increased our activity we agonise over it for


weeks, he just announces it and the next day they start withdrawing. And


the willingness to accept casualties and the fact, David Cameron does


have a prerogative, he could have gone to war without the vote and


choose to have it. Putin has absolute power. And part of that,


the lot of that, when there are casualties the figures are


suppressed and the Russian public have little idea what is going on on


the ground. It is about this army, the Russian bear, it is also about a


vital Russian security needs, having this warm weather port. Syria is a


vital ally strategically. He was not going to let Assad go. Having said


all that Russia still has an air base and military base in Syria, so


he can pop back in when he feels like it. On the Telegraph, Brexit


campaign has the edge. We think we know where the Telegraph is, it


wants to get out. Is this an accurate headline? Yet another


opinion poll and we know we should be wary. Not just a poll, is


analysis of the results and whether how strongly people feel about


whether they want to stay in or leave. They have certainly did


Crosby, the guy who really helped David Cameron get himself re-elected


as Prime Minister writing to the Telegraph was part of his analysis


that people like Julia who think we should leave the EU are more


passionate in their views than people like me who think we should


stay in. There might be something to that and therefore more likely to


vote. Two parts are maybe they are, there are many pro-Europeans three


everything in. I shall think they are among politicians but amongst


ordinary voters it is much easier to be passionate about wanting Britain


to be independent and leaving the EU and lots of the people who will vote


for Remain, even David Cameron is not a passionate supporter of the EU


and he is leading the campaign. And the age factor, lots of the people


voting to Leave are amongst the older generation and artificially


once you turn out to vote and younger people who might be more


pro-European... That is what the poll suggests and as you pointed


out, Julia is on the side of leaving, is that you're reading? I


am not old! -Ish. You've got to be 85! Exactly. Is that you're reading


of the situation as far as the people working in the Brexit


campaign, they believe we have the edge? I think there is optimism in


the Brexit campaign and a feeling the project were being put out, the


idea that all the luck that lots of their weapons have already been


fired, what do they have left? The audit have their big guns, you


cannot keep making the same claim, it is a long time until the 23rd of


June. Most ASBO people calling it right now, would expect us to have a


Remain vote. Things have to change but it comes down to older voters


and younger voters and even though if older people vote and young


people don't and it would help my campaign, I have to say I really


want people to vote. It is so vital that everyone votes and uses their


democratic right to do so. I would say this but I think the Remain


campaign. No! I am pro-European, you are pro-EU, it is different! I want


to remain a member of the EU and I think the Remain campaign have the


best accurate and the Brexit site have their divisions and splits at


all that mess. But there is a real risk for the Remain group of


complacency thinking we are doing fine, we have the big guns and they


are in a mess on the other side and that is the worst thing anyone will


tell you in any kind of campaign, complacency is your worst enemy. And


people who support Brexit there bonkers and xenophobes, I don't


think I'm any of those things. However,... You are just wrong.


Apart from being right. There is a fear there is lots of people out


there who do agree with people like me and want an independent Britain


but are too afraid to say anything because people will treat them like


they are racist or xenophobic. This horrific attack given to anyone who


exposes the view that Britain should be a Democratic countable country.


OK. The Telegraph. Osborne fuelled -- fuel duty warning. Before any


budget there is this speculation, will that go up or down, often


around fuel duty. Every budget! They seem to raise the spectrum of


fugitive going up and when it doesn't there is a great relief.


Always the expectation management this time around the possibility of


fugitive going up is fairly high because we have had a falling fuel


prices anyway that actually in terms of people's pockets it would not be


as painful. There was talk of one of Drupal said, I hate this game, the


Sharapova head of the budget. We are all drawn into it. The time was when


there was murder, as there is one rabbit to fall from the hat and we


have most of it in advance. Now the Queen, the express. This is a story


about the Queen and her anger at Nick Clegg's lecture on the EU. The


Queen feeling her old age. The story is really about Michael Gove and


calls on page five to sack Michael Gove because he is the person


pointed out as the man who apparently revealed the Queen was a


Eurosceptic. Not necessarily supporting Brexit but fairly


Eurosceptic and he is the man getting the blame because you are


not allowed to say but the Queen has set in Privy Council. The reality is


that all opticians gossip and half of their memoirs are full of things


the Queen said to them so we should stop this pomposity. Is there an


exhaust reels at the headline has to match the story quiz-macro- think it


is that stretch because if it was then half the papers would be in


trouble. Summers -- the sun seemed to be remarkably confident.


Privileges of the conversations from journalists involved, the sources


are kosher. You have to read the story for you realise that the


Queen, she only did shut Nick Clegg up because he was drawing on about


Europe. That is what The People who want to stay in the EU do, they


drawn on! And the Brexit -- the Brexits never do. We will be back in


an hour. Many thanks. Stay here, more coming up, now, Sportsday.


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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