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arrive. And we join the Rangers starting to deal with poachers in


central Africa in Reporters in a few minutes' time. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead at what the papers will be bringing tomorrow. With us


political commentator Joe Phillips and Nigel Nelson. I feel like they


have presented you with the Duff set of keepers to night. -- newspapers


to night. They are dominated by the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith.


The FT says it has caused a wider rest. IDS twists the knife is the


take of the Independent. It is described as the biggest challenge


to his forehead he in the six years in Downing Street. The I called it


the explosive exit of a quiet man. The i thinks it is to do with the


EU. The Guardian says the Conservatives descended into civil


war as a succession of MPs came out in support for Mr Duncan Smith. We


will start with the Guardian. Tories plunge into open warfare, angry MPs


rushed to support Duncan Smith, ex-minister attacks deeply unfair


jet. I suppose what we have had since last night's papers as hemp


appearing on the Andrew Marr Show today. The reason the papers are a


bit dull is we have had a lot more of the same. We knew kind of the


position and the row is essentially it Iain Duncan Smith quit because of


welfare cuts or is the real reason to do with Europe? That has been the


road all day. We started this morning with the pensions secretary


saying he did, Iain Duncan Smith takes to the airwaves and says he


did not and it has gone on like that throughout the day. Downing Street


is view is that Europe is at the bottom of all of this. He made a


defence on the Andrew Marr show this morning about how he has been wedded


to the reform but has left the project before it finished. He is


also the person who introduced the bedroom tax. Spare room subsidy!


Sorry, I am using tabloid terms. But also he resigned over something that


had been abandoned anyway. You have to say he had tests too much. I have


no doubt he actually had this conversion into the light of people


cycle that trapped in the cycle. He has refused to move from this


position. If he was really wedded to it he would see it through. We live


a timing issue about when he chose to go. He could have gone the


morning of the budget. He could have gone the previous week. The policy


came out, the idea about disability cuts, the previous Friday. He did


not moan about it then, the budget is unveiled, he does not say a word.


Gets away with Thursday, Friday morning suddenly George Osborne is


thinking of getting rid of the policy in the first place and soap


suddenly it seemed like he quit not because they were introducing


disability cuts but because they were getting rid of them. He was


losing his last chance then to go out on the high moral ground of


saying we must stop these cuts. Except maybe this idea that Tories


are plunging into open warfare. Good it be that on reflection he just


thought I have had enough? The way we are being governed, the


stranglehold the Treasury has got on several departments, she just did


not want to be part of it any more? Could that be at? He could say that.


He could say he wants to spend time with his family. Isn't it a bit like


when Tony Benn said he was getting down as an MP? You do not send a


scathing letter like he did to the Prime Minister. That letter was the


most bizarre thing. He said George Osborne and the Prime Minister art


palace and cool. He could have stopped yet but he then went on and


twisted the knife and said the great mantra we are all in it together is


actually insincere and therefore it these two are untrustworthy. That is


where he brings it back to Europe again. If they are not trustworthy


on this at the untrustworthy on that? You have gone on to the


Independent. This is not thrown together! The said he has twisted


the knife. The attack accuses the government of dividing the crackdown


and PM told not to be a dictator. That brings us on to a question


asked last night. Why does this matter to people who don't watch


every twist and turn of the story within Westminster? What should be


read into this situation that should concern us as an select it? I think


what we are getting cute as a character analysis from people who


leave us which is why it matters to all of us, all voters, every citizen


of the country. Cameron and George Osborne affect our lives hugely. You


we have someone who has worked with them very closely, a senior minister


and here's saying I am not sure you can trust them, I am not sure they


are sincere. It might not be true but it is his opinion. That is


assuming you think he is trustworthy and sincere. The way things have in


going, the idea you get that kind of thing out into the open, quality


debate if you like. You could call it a debate you could call it sheer


poison. This is about Europe. It is about us, too. We need to know what


our leaders are up to two make our own judgment about them. This is


about him deciding to put the whole schism of Europe, we are back to


1992 with John Major. It is worse. We were not going to leave Europe.


You have now got this and what you are seeing is this is about George


Osborne and Boris Johnson. It is nothing to do with trust but about


who is going to leave the Conservative Party. That is why it


matters to all of us, whoever does leave the country will affect


everyone of us. How lovely to have a question that one asked, answered. I


will go into politics. You will not, far too honest. The Daily Express


has moved us onto the subject of the referendum. To list fight to free us


from Brussels. The Daily Express is in favour of an exit from the EU for


Britain but how much of the boost will it be for a lot of people who


are not really sure what the EU referendum is all about, what


difference will it make if Iain Duncan Smith is in welfare? I think


it is in grave danger of turning people off. I have heard lots of


April randomly talking about are you in or are you out or whatever but


this constant noise from the Westminster village actually is


beginning to become quite dangerous and what will happen is people will


do the usual thing and say I do not understand it or know enough about


it and therefore will not take part. Even before this weekend there were


people saying and asking me on Twitter, where can I find a


dispassionate, unbiased examination of the facts? On the BBC News


website, actually. But within the debate, all the facts, if you can


call them that, about what we get from being in Europe and what are on


the outside are being blurred by argument. That is right and in the


debate, this applies to the campaign on both sides, it is up here


somewhere. The arguing about sovereignty and security and quite


academic things. They have not come down to the deal basics of it and


people want to know am I better off, is my job safer, what do we do about


migration? These are the kind of issues and the campaigns because


they already think we have that argument they have gone to something


esoteric and it is leaving people behind. That is where you come back


again to Iain Duncan Smith, that is why it matters, this is about Europe


so you are going to end up with an even more debt and divisive


argument. The Guardian is looking at the potential costs. According to


the CBI saying Brexit could cost 100 Lyon pounds and nearly 1 million


jobs. How have they worked that out? -- ?100 million. That is what we


have been talking about. They have done analysis by price what are


housed coopers, respected people, but everyone on every side will come


up with Paul fear and analysis you. We have said before when they first


announced it, there does need to be somewhere where this is what it will


mean. This is not about real people. They are talking about it could cost


?100 billion, may be. It could cost 10p! It is ridiculous, we do not


know, the band a huge figures like this around but let's get down to


what is in the pool 's pockets, the homes, the jobs, they are not doing


that. This is the level of the debate. You are right it needs to


come down to the high Street, what does it mean to you, depending on


what job you do and where you work is your job going to be harder, it


will it be more expensive to do stuff and go out? Some people


individually will be better off by being out of Europe and some people


will be better off I being in. Those people need to know who they are. At


least they have got it out onto the economy which is what it should be


about instead of a very unpleasant debate. Cabinet ministers quitting?


And am pleasant debate about ministers quitting and refugees.


That is when it becomes nasty. Migration is still a big issue.


Let's go to have an up with the banners. History in Havana says the


Huffington Post showing us eight picture of Barack and Michelle Obama


arriving in the rain, sadly, in the Cuban capital for this historic


visit. Hugely significant even if they do not decide on much and do


not talk about human rights. It was 1928 apparently when Calvin Coolidge


was the last American president who arrived on a battleship. Not by


Lane. The force one suddenly touches down in Havana. I think the Banner


probably has had the dubious edge npower and this will probably be


quite important. It is symbolic. We sought deals yesterday with American


hotel company is going in the. I am sure people will say it will become


sanitised, like Miami, all those beautiful buildings and stuff but it


has got to be better for the human Rees. A lot of the buildings are


falling down in Havana? The word here is symbolic. Not a lot is going


to happen but the mere fact it is happening is hugely important


because they can build on it. The distrust they have two over, after


all these years. This is the start. It has taken 88 years to get the.


And if you wait until neither Castro or his brother at around you are


starting something else. He has introduced if they can social


reforms so people can run spot businesses for example. And things


like telecoms and scheduled airlines and stuff like that so it is moving.


It is an amazing is place. If you ever get a chance to go... For the


moment the Financial Times, again it is connected to the EU. Rolls-Royce


to create 350 Derby jobs as fears rise over at shift to Germany. This


is to send the right kind of signal that the company is doing something


here. This is terrifically good news for jobs in Derby, not the thousands


they would hope for. Around 8000 people work for Rolls-Royce in Derby


and it is being expanded because they'd is an increase in demand and


production of the Airbus 1850 wide bodied jet. Did I sound convincing?


You showed me you could read! There is concern that there was a test-bed


that was partly funded by the German government, that it might go back to


Germany and up course what the Derby plant really wants is the commitment


they will be the test-bed for the next stage of this. Is there an


implication that if written were not in the EU... ? These are the sorts


of deals that will go on whether we are in or out. The geography is


irrelevant? I do not think it is irrelevant but it both sides sleep


on it as this is the advantage of being in Europe, we still get it


whether we are in out, if this is all going on while are arguing about


Europe, Q we have some corporation between us and Germany and it shows


life does go on despite the referendum debate. The German


government would take the money away if they bring it back to Germany.


That is as from the papers in this hour. You can send us a tweet. Use


the hashtag BBC papers. Add 11 we will have more on President Obama's


historic visit to Huber. Coming up next, Reporters.


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