26/03/2016 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look at the papers.


With me are the columnist and journalist, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown


and the political commentator, Vincent Moss.


Many of tomorrow's front pages are already in...


Let's have a quick look at some of the front pages now.


The Sunday Times leads on a call from the former


Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair to crush ISIS or be faced with


a terrorist act in Britain worse than Paris or Brussels.


He calls on the West to equip Arab ground forces.


The Mail on Sunday says convicted terrorists are being paid


It criticises the government's commitment to spending 0.7%


The Telegraph quotes one of America's top generals,


David Petraeus, as saying he thinks a Brexit would weaken the West


The Sunday Express says that after the terror attacks in Europe


It reports that SAS squads are ready to fly in and protect any town


The Star on Sunday leads with "Got Him".


It says Belgian police have arrested the third Brussels airport bomber,


whom it names as Faycal Cheffou, and charged him with murder.


The Observer leads with a warning from the


He says if Britain votes to leave the European Union then the NHS


would face budget cuts, falling standards and an exodus


And England's winning footballers, celebrating their 3-2 win tonight


over Germany are the cover stars of the online Independent on Sunday.


We're going to start with the Observer and a very different look


at the Brexit argument. This time with a warning from Jeremy Hunt. Yet


he is linking it to the economy, which many people have done. Those


who want to remain in the EU keep pointing out that the British


economy is deeply tied to the new project and it would go through a


terrible crisis if we left because all the deals and the treaties would


take years to renegotiate. He has linked that economic uncertainty and


pessimism with what's then was the National Health Service. And you are


getting the feeling that there is a table of announcements and this week


it was Jeremy Hunt's time. I think so. Every department will be putting


out their warnings and I think it is Easter weekend, and this time is


Jeremy Hunt's turned. What other things he is pointed out apart from


the economic issue is a thing about my Visa, what if you're working for


the NHS. I think there is 100,000 skilled workers. Mortaza means that


they're working and living Visa. It is creating uncertainty about who we


really want to leave and hoping that is what people think. Because that


might affect your job. If you're one of the 100,000 people, you may be


influenced his argument. And is all about the undecided one here. Yes,


but they are not being well served at the moment and they need much


clearer explanations from all sides. Staying with the Brexit, but moving


on to the Telegraph, and this is saying that the US General is saying


that a Brexit will raise the terrorist threat. How does that


work, Vincent? He is raising this Winston Churchill tone that if you


don't like your allies, you should stick together because that is the


only way you can get things done. You need to work together and he


says that there is the one thing worse than fighting with allies, and


that is fighting without them. You can be a strategic dead-end and it


will be calamitous for the entire world. That is counter to what to


the former MI6 was saying that Brexit could be a good thing and


this is very much an ardent the most senior Americans seem to be saying


that they probably like the idea of the EU and they would rather that


Britain did not leave. The Churchill thing is three important because


people think that Churchill was this narrowminded nationalist who


single-handedly with Britain and America fought the war. Actually he


was for the Human Rights Act, he was for broader alliances with European


nations and he was not an isolationist. People don't know that


enough about Winston Churchill. With that story due by the argument that


it written leaves Europe then there won't be the level of cooperation


between anti- terror organisations that they currently use? -- then


there currently is? It is clearly been a problem with the lack of


sharing. But there is no doubt that they do a good sharing relations


with the Americans, some would say too much, but we need to say it is a


rather fluid terrorist organisation and you can only do that through


international corporation. -- cooperation. It would be a potential


breakup and that jeopardises that level of cooperation. Staying with


Brexit, but we moved to the Sunday Times, and looks back to the list of


250 is as leaders who are backing the campaign on Saturday to leave


the European Union. There are claims in the Times that that is beginning


to unravel. This is interesting because many of the papers on the


right to give me the sense that they are for Brexit are to running


stories which they might not have expected. So this list that was put


up, business leaders who think that Britain will be better with leaving


the European Union. Some are saying that I didn't know my name would be


on the list, they did not check with me. And is always very dangerous to


put up lists of whichever side because there is always going to be


some annoying person who does not want to be part of a campaign


group. By staying in has had a problem in the past and has


mentioned that people have said that I did not lend by name to that


campaign. I'm not sure how much it influences people to vote. I don't


know of another field if people said they were in or out of wood


influence the vote. If Wayne Rooney says he is in and out that influence


football fans? Would that influence people? I don't know. If you work


for a company where the bosses I think this, would that affect? I


wonder. But is a very interesting point and that is how much it be


influenced by your boss to. point and that is how much it be


influenced by your boss -- boss. There is an important thing when


there are global businesses, what they want is a movement. There won't


be able to get the talent from where ever they can and that is a big fear


within the businesses that the anti immigration fever is going to affect


their growth and their ability to move their people around. And that


is a real threat. I don't think that is something that is a match in. I


do believe that papers will have far less invalid to Mr Bateman they do.


As we expect them to come out on a pro- Brexit argument, I don't think


that will have the influence that they had ten or 15 years ago.


Because they can get their media from semi- other sources so will


play far less important than many proprietors think it will do.


Interestingly, one of the two, and the paper highlights two of the 253


they should not be on the list. One is the code billionaire founder who


said he was surprised to be on the list but he had previously supported


Brexit. So I wonder what is going on with that? People don't like their


names being used without their permission. And to consider someone


has gone and done that with people who were previously expressed an


opinion, he would not have changed his mind, and people like to move


around as we know. Onto The Mall, and let us change the story


completely because the male has an exclusive saying Petronella is


breaking her silence on the relationship with Boris Johnson. I


don't think there are a lot of surprises. I think this will just


sell more papers, frankly. It is a titillating an interesting story and


maybe people are fed up with the terrorism, the fear that has


obviously been going on for a few days. And getting a politicians


private life is always fun. But the angling and the timing of this


against Boris Johnson is quite interesting. Quite right. George


Osborne had a very bad week with his white Djite and he seems like the


only people who could become the Tory leader if it was not to be


George Osborne so he's getting a bit of scrutiny and a very interesting


piece in the Times who refer to him as dishonest and reckless. It is a


much more typical Sunday morning tabloid read with Petronella talking


about a man who needed to be love and who are decidedly Eastern views


on monogamy. I do object to this. I think we have to move on. Tony


Blair, of course former Prime Minister saying that we should crush


Islamic State or the horror will intensify. Well he hasn't succeeded


in crushing many of the previous terrorist networks. I think he has a


very simple view of the world sometimes, Tony Blair. He is someone


that I want to say in some ways that he did such good for the this


country and I wish it wasn't so obsessed with his bad record in Iraq


and wanting to go in. There is a madness that he wants to go in and


create more walls. But we have seen what has happened, with Iraq and


Libya, and the whole infection has spread. Mr Blair needs to sit down


and think very carefully about why he is so obsessed with guns. We've


not got very long left but he talks about Arab ground forces, but I


can't see what they are. I don't think there is much meat behind the


headline but he talks about you can't contain ISIS and we know that


already. There needs to be some cooperation with the nations in the


region to do something about it. But there is no detail about how he sees


that being done. There's not much light in what needs to be done. Is a


it is a -- it is a guerrilla movement. One should never listen to


Tony Blair on this. Ever. We should leave it because we're just run out


of time on that point. Thank you very much for joining us today for


the review of the papers. Coming, it is the film review.


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