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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are the political commentator Lance Price, and


The Observer's main story is a poll it carried out on the EU


referendum, which suggests the out camp is leading.


The Sunday Express claims police have been given six more months to


find out what happened to Madeleine McCann, who went missing


from a holiday apartment in Portugal nine years ago.


The Mail on Sunday alleges the Government


overspent its foreign aid budget by some ?200 million last year.


The Sunday Times carries an investigation into doping in sport,


and claims one doctor has prescribed banned performance enhancing drugs


British aid to Tanzania is the headline on the


Sunday Telegraph, which suggests the Foreign Office should suspend


aid to the country following disputed elections in Zanzibar.


And the Simpsons characters Smithers and Mr Burns are pictured on


Smithers is due to declare his love for his boss, Mr Burns,


Should have given you a spoiler alert. Let's begin with this doping


story. British doctor claims he joked 150 sports stars. -- doped. It


is treating its own story with caution, and we have not


substantiated this other. They are treating it with caution, and they


say there is no independent evidence that this doctor actually did treat


any of the players he claims he treated. Having said that, they


dedicated a great deal of space to the story in the paper, suggesting


they have confidence in it, and the Sunday Times have a good track


record on these sorts of stories. They have exposed scandals in the


past. It is a difficult one to read, because the number of people that he


is supposed to have treated is huge, and sports included Premier League


footballers, and even Strictly Come Dancing, but it is all based on


interviews with him. It was undercover recording, and it appears


an athlete went to see him. An athlete who had a heating camera at


the behest of the good team at the Sunday Times -- heating camera. The


doctor was prepared to provide this athlete with testosterone, even


though he did not need it for medical reasons, and therefore it


does seem to clear that this doctor was prepared to break the code, at


least according to the story. The context is that this is the kind of


person who would give people who are not unhealthy drugs that enhance


performance. But there is no independent corroboration that he


did give specific athletes, who we are told are high-profile, so I


would not be surprised if the Sunday Times comes back to this, and it may


be that the story insides some people to come forward and say we


know about this chap. The Doctor himself has denied all of the


allegations, and we have had a statement from the UK anti- doping


chief executive, is very long statement, so we will only read a


little bit where they say they are concerned and shocked by the


allegations made in the Sunday Times and that the media have shown how


valuable they are in protecting clean sport and in the fight against


doping. It says much further in the statement that under current


legislation, they only have the power to investigate athletes and


entourage including medics who are themselves governed by a sport, and


they will be humanly pursue any incident of doping or support


personnel assisting them. If it is true and he is denying it, this


doctor, but he was prescribing drugs with serious side effects, even


though there was no medical condition that would justify such a


prescription, that would be a breach of the GMC code. You would think the


anti- doping organisation would have referred him to the GMC, and that


did not happen. That is the allegation outstanding against the


anti- doping organisation. If you add this to all of the other stories


we have heard, it is got to the point where a lot of people must be


thinking they are all at it, and it is unfair to those athletes who are


clean. The Olympic Games, I went to watch a lot of the athletics when I


played table tennis, and the suspicion that whoever came the line


first, you would wonder what they are on. When it gets to that level


of cynicism, clean sport does begin to look threatened. Let's move on to


the Observer and look at the Brexit story. The young hold the key to


Brexit as leave takes lead, and this is an online poll. The name of the


polling organisation, Opinium, said the younger demographic, more


outward looking and feeling more European, however, were they go out


and vote on the big day? Older people tend to turn up and younger


people proportionately don't do so in such large numbers, and therefore


this could be bad news for the remaining camp. It is not that far


away, but things can change so close to a poll, can't they? It is a long


way. We have several weeks of campaigning and we have not gotten


into the short campaigning politics, where it really gets... The two


sides lock horns and the media will be full of it. A lot of people still


have not made their minds, and one of the interesting parts of the poll


is that when some of those don't knows are pressed, they tend to move


towards staying in the European Union rather than leaving. That


gives some hope to the remaining campaign, but overall, it is a


warning to the remain campaign that they can't afford to be complacent.


They have to get their vote out and that may be difficult. German firm


offers still plant hope, this is after the uncertainty over Port


Talbot. It does seem that has been a potential buyer, the German


industrial conglomerate, who have been looking at the British steel


industry, and possibly investing in it and taking over Port Talbot and


the other plants. But clearly the big issue is how much money the


British government are willing to put behind it. You have nothing to


say? Sorry! I wasn't sure. You nodded at me. I wasn't sure if you


wanted me to say something. Let's move on. A couple of foreign aid


stories. 170 new million -- 172 main pounds is what we overspent by


mistake. It is a minimum amount. -- million. It was a commitment to


spend 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid, and I emigrate believer of paying


money to people who need it, and I have some misgivings about that


being ring-fenced. -- and I am a believer. More of that budget needs


to be spent on evaluation. Can we be sure the money we are spending is


making a difference in terms of nutrition, disease, education


outcomes? I have done some work on this and I don't think it is as good


as it could be in terms of its rigour. How well monitored are these


schemes? They are well monitored. Charities have gone through the


hoops to get some of this foreign aid, and it is difficult. The


question always comes back to outcomes. How can you showed that


the money, if we give it to you, will be properly invested and


produced the outcomes you say you will? They will be times when that


fails, and the outcomes are not the ones expected at the beginning, and


of course there will be times when money is creamed off and there is


corruption and all the rest of it. But if you look at that and the size


of the phone aid budget, although it's .7% is the United Nations


target, not just rent up at the British government, it sounds


substantial -- 0.7%. If you look at the waist in defence procurement and


that sort of thing, of course some money will be misspent and some will


go astray. But we should be proud of the fact we invest as much as we are


in the poorest of the world. In the Observer, the Prime Minister under


fire for how little is being spent in Libya. You can't win. This is a


criticism that there are people in desperate need any amount of money


going there is paltry, to quote. There was an educational project


built brilliant on the surface, English textbooks, maths and all


sorts of things in Rick Kenya. Some children were interviewed and said


we are benefiting from this -- remote Kenya. But when they did a


trial, it turned out when you compare the People get in the books


with another community not getting them, it made no difference at all


it was very few of the children spoke English. You have to have


rigourous evaluation to find out if something is making a difference.


Anger of middle-class savers is Bill the devious inheritance tax tops ?4


billion. -- as Bill for devious inheritance tax. It will bring a lot


of money for the Treasury. If you are a couple that can leave more to


your kids than before, this can refer to the situation before those


new allowances coming. But the number of family estates on which


the tax was paid is 40,000, which I thought was a small figure. Normally


we talk about property prices or money in property, and property


prices in London and the south-east are very high. I'm surprised it is


as low as 40,000. I think inheritance tax is a real bugbear


for people. They have a ready pay tax, capital gains tax, National


Insurance. And VAT. And they think why do we have to pay to gain? And


petrol duty. But the person who inherits is not the one who paid the


tax. And finally, dear residents, stop stressing my council tax by


complaining. Sorry! We have moved on! Should we not bother with this?


This is the council in Dorset who had their parents out, their quills.


-- pens. I'm glad to hear people are writing letters to their local


council to protest, and the local council said they can't cope whose


it is causing stress to their staff. I have to give a shout out to my


friend Richard. We sat by a pool in Spain and he said he was writing a


letter to the council because he is angry about a sign they had put up.


That is their specific duty. Do you think? That is it. We have no time


for more, thankfully. I'm very grateful for your expensive


comments, and your jacket. The camera was struggling with


Matthew's show. Thank you very much. -- shirt.


Coming up next, it's The Film Review.


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