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Treasury claims it could cost households the equivalent of more


than ?4000 if we vote to leave in June.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are the former Sunday Express Editor,


Eve Pollard and columnist for The Telegraph, Tim Stanley.


The Daily Telegraph headlines a warning from


the Chancellor that public services including the NHS would suffer if


The FT says there's evidence of a slowdown in hiring


and investment because of uncertainty over whether the UK


The Metro reports on the 14-year-olds charged with


The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is to take a U-turn in


the dispute with Junior Doctors says the Guardian. The i


leads with a fierce condemnation of Europe's policy towards Syrian


The Daily Express headlines a survey on migration into


the UK - 71% of those asked thought migration has been too high.


The news that a drone hit a plane on its approach to


Heathrow is on the front of the Daily Mail.


And it's back to the EU referendum


Chancellor saying households will be over four thousand pounds worse


Wright we will start with the Times, and that story we have just been


mentioned. George Osborne estimating the cost of Brexit will be ?4300 per


person. That is the cost they have estimated because they say we will


lose trade deals and allsorts of things. If you want to go on holiday


abroad you will lose a lot more. I have just come back from America,


and the pound and the dollar is not a happy place it used to be, you get


$1.40 for the pound, much worse than you used to get. These are the sort


of things I think will decide it for people. Currency fluctuates anyway,


doesn't it? It has been going down ever since the Brexit thing, and I


suppose it will until it is sorted out once and for all. ?4300 per


house. It is not a big surprise that the government report issued by the


government, when the government is arguing for remain, should come out


in favour of remain. I think the public will rightly be sceptical


about its claims. The public might also be sceptical about the claims


of a Chancellor who said he would reduce the deficit much more than he


has done. He has a record. That is true of all political parties, isn't


it? It is, and there is risk about leaving the EU. But it is not just


our government, it is the governments in the EU. Why do they


want to sustain it if it is a hopeless case? Dehra governments


outside the EU who are doing perfectly well, and whose economies


have flourished. But they are not Great Britain, they are not


comparable. No, they are not, we are bigger and better than them. Our


clout on the global stage and the ability to negotiate with the EU if


we left could be even stronger. There is the possibility that we


would vote out and end up going back in a completely different terms. We


are straying from what The Times is suggesting. According to the


Treasury, investment on hold. This is a survey of 370 European groups,


and more than a fifth said they were discouraged from investing, and they


are waiting until after the decision in June. I think you can understand,


people would wait, everything is sort of on hold. While things are on


hold they are not growing. There is no denying, I can only repeat, there


is an element of risk whenever you hold any kind of election. There is


a threat of a Labour government being elected. Likewise, people are


concerned and investors make lots of decisions based on not being able to


predict future or being able to predict that. But they also make


decisions and think it is a risk to stay in because of the week economic


performance of the EU. Some say they don't mind the risk because they


want to regain control. Do you think the papers are wearying of it?


Definitely, if you do any research, people make their decisions much


closer to the date. Some people have already made their minds up the


various reasons, but many people consider it seriously about two


weeks before. I think the campaign is far too long, and I have always


thought it was a plot to bore people off the subject so they would end up


voting to stay in. Moving on to the Express. You could argue this is to


do with Brexit, but this is the headline. 71% of British people


believe net migration has been too high over the past decade. This


conflicts with what Jeremy Corbyn said last week in his speech about


the EU, where he said in his judgement, too many people have not


come to the UK in the last ten years. This is claiming 71% of


people think it is the other way around. The government promised to


reduce the numbers to the tens of thousands, the net migration rate is


around 350,000 per year. This issue bleeds into the EU, and I think a


lot of people will vote not so much on the basis of financial risk, they


will vote on the basis of what they believe the EU means for


immigration. This survey holds? I do think people think Britain is


overcrowded because of problems with schools, with the NHS and all the


rest of it. I do think though that as far as I know if we leave the EU


it won't be as easy for people from the EU to come here, but a lot of


people who come here from the EU work. Every waiter, every bartender,


does come from the EU. The problem is people who don't want to


integrate and become part of Britain. I think that is what people


are worried about. And they are also worried about people getting


something for nothing. 58% think that citizens of other EU nations


should only come if they have the definite job offer. Other countries


do this, Australia, America, and I think it is fair to say you want the


people who are qualified and will help the country, rather than just


anyone who turns up. That is something that I think will happen


to this country and has to happen to this country, in a fair way. I want


to move on to the Guardian and get off the Brexit. This is claims that


Jeremy Hunt may, allegedly, have misled Parliament, and that he won't


be able to impose the contract, he will have to introduce it. This is a


U-turn on behalf of the Health Secretary on the basis of a letter


seen by the Guardian and confirmed by the Department of Health, in


which he switches his language and says he will impose a contract, to


him introducing the contract. That would suggest Jeremy Hunt does not


have the authority claims to have publicly, and that may mean he has


misled Parliament. What this means for the strike is that Jeremy Hunt


was going to impose a contract and that is why the doctors were taking


militant action. If it turns out he couldn't do that, people will ask


themselves why the government has held out, and also why the doctors


are resisting if a contract cannot be imposed on them. This is


government lawyers. What have they been doing for the past two or three


months while this has been ratcheting up and up? I do think it


seems crazy that he has been saying to the government, or to Parliament,


to the country, I am going to impose this, we now it turns out he legally


can't. If this is true, do you blame the government lawyers or Jeremy


Hunt or both for what looks like a bit of a mess? It does look like a


mess, it seems extraordinary to government lawyers didn't say, hang


on, I think you should look at this wording will carefully. What have


they been doing? It seems strange. This is not a pro-government paper,


it will be interesting to look at it tomorrow. 50% of the story is the


Guardian's interpretation of the letter and the language being used.


It may well be that the Department of Health has an answer to this, and


the wording of the letter is correct. Let's move on to the drone


story, covered heavily by a couple of papers. Thankfully the plane was


able to land safely and could take off later on. Ricky Gervais saying


that was all fine. -- British airways. This sounds quite scary,


and if they can do this sort of damage, imagine if it got into the


hands of extremists. It is dangerous enough when you hear birds have got


caught up. The ID you can send up a drone that goes that high and can


inflict death on the whole planeload of people, not acceptable. It


shouldn't be something you can fly in and around an airport, obviously


that should be banned. Not only in and around an airport, what about


all the private planes? I think there should be banned, it is a bad


idea. And costing as little as ?25. In America you have two register


where they are. There have been more and more of these incidents, and


they are looking at legislation on what to do. I would have thought the


airline companies would get on to the government and say you have to


do something fast. For a start, I think you should have to register.


That would put a lot of people off and might alert a lot of parents and


grandparents, because I did via Little wants my grandson, to say


that this is a dangerous toy and you shouldn't be playing with it. There


is testing on what happens to an engine is a drone grows into one.


What if it gets into the cockpit, smashes the glass or gets in the way


of a pilot looking out. You know I am terrified of flying... It is


difficult conversation for me to have, it is like discussing


tarantulas. This is one more reason for me not to fly. In the Daily


Telegraph has Boaty McBoatface. This vessel cost about ?2 million or


something, and they voted to name the boat. It is unlikely it is going


to be called that, because it seems the minister is unlikely to endorse


the result of the poll. What happens when you open the things to public,


we had a similar one when we had the national census and people


describing themselves as Jedi. It then had to be taken seriously, and


from that has grown a Church of Jedi. It has become a


self-fulfilling prophecy. Why are we spending 2 million on a boat, and


what is it going to do for us? If it is for environment and science they


should have asked children, who are going to study such subject, and


maybe they might have gone with Horatio Nelson was something. 200


million! Now, it is time for The Film Review.


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