21/05/2016 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Caroline Wheeler, who's the political editor


at the Sunday Express, and the journalist Eva Simpson.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with...


The Sunday Times leads with the much-delayed


It says it will deliver in its words a brutal verdict


on senior government figures, including Tony Blair.


The Sunday Telegraph leads with the EU referendum.


It says a government leak has laid bare a trade war


The Mail on Sunday has a warning from high street bosses.


They say prices will soar if Britain leaves the EU.


It reports 12 million Turkish migrants will head to the UK


And the Post has a full-page photo of some of the aftermath


of the Scottish Cup final at Hampden Park.


Caroline, we start with the express. Talk is through your front page.


There has been a lot of talk about turkey ever since there was an


agreement to give these free travel to the migrants in exchange for help


to do with the migration problem. Turkey has long wanted to become a


member of the European Union and some people have suggested that will


eventually happen which is why they are arguing that turkey's succession


is very much on the polling card at the forthcoming referendum. We


wanted to find out what this could potentially mean for Britain if


turkey did become a member of the European Union. We did a poll. It


was a fairly extensive poll in the 27 provinces of Turkey. We


interviewed more than 2600 adults. 16% said they would want to make a


new life for themselves in Britain. The majority of those who wanted to


come were students and young people looking for a better life. The cost


of living is fairly low in Turkey and higher over here so it will be a


very attractive prospect to people. 12 million sounds like an enormous


number. Tell us more about how you came to these conclusions because


these are young people... Why not Germany? That was the question they


were asked, if you became a member of the European Union and given the


opportunity of free movement, would they want to Britain? The result


came back that 15.8% of them said yes they would like to bring their


families to Britain to live and work. If you are asking students and


unemployed people whether they would like to come to Britain, the vast


majority of them would say why not? David Davis said the same thing. He


said if you look at this, I have some sympathy with people who would


want to come to Britain. It doesn't then mean that 1 million people will


suddenly descend upon Britain because that is scary numbers.


People see those figures and think it doesn't add up. There is a big


difference between someone wanting to do something and doing something.


If it joins the EU, would it go to the UK? That if you're still a big


question. When it comes down to it, a lot will be made of Turkey over


the next couple of days. That will be then the next big dry. On one


side, the league side accusing migration is their big tool where is


the remain cider using the threat of the economy as their trump card.


David Cameron has been a key supporter of Turkey joining the


European Union until recently and we have to think about what might


happen in the future. The argument that some people are making are not


about what Europe will look like but they are saying it's an expanding


bloc and there are several states, not just Turkey, who want to become


members. They will not join overnight. To present it as 12


million people... You read that headline and think, you would fear


the worst. To be fair, I don't think anybody has suggested it will happen


overnight. They are saying you just need to be conscious about what


could happen in the future and the fact of the matter is, despite we


are facing, everybody is billing as a once-in-a-lifetime, once in a


generation opportunity to have our say on Europe. This is something


that needs to be on our agenda and needs to be part of our thought


processes we make a decision in the run-up to polling. Take this on to


the mail. Surprise surprise... They have spoken to four former bosses


from Tesco's, Sainsbury's, Marks Spencers and B who have said


prices will soar if we lead the EU. This is something that will resonate


with a lot of people because a lot of us have been thinking, how does


this vote impact us whether we leave? This is something we can look


at directly and is something that will impact us. Coming from the


people it is coming from, these are household names in terms of high


Street, if we see them saying prices will soar, this is something that


will cause fear and make us worry. These of the shops where The Mail on


Sunday readers will clearly be shopping. We wandered where Waitrose


was! But low and behold, it's halfway down. It said their views


were echoed last night. They have got the full array here. It feels


like it is getting stronger, the whole debate. A lot of people are


undecided, they don't know which way to vote, but it seems to me that the


Conservatives have given us this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to


vote whether we want to leave or remain but they have given us this


vote and the same time they are saying, if you leave, its


disastrous, it's... We don't know which way to turn. Halfway down this


story, the findings of these big retail giants is welcomed by the


Prime Minister directly which makes me wonder where the story might have


come from. Let's go to the Sunday Telegraph. They are talking about


trade wars as well. It seems the essence of this story is to suggest


there are secret government documents that suggest that Europe


is stifling free trade and some of the French in particular are


protectionist and blocking free trade that could benefit Britain to


the tune of ?2.5 billion. So that is one of the claims they are making


him. Almost suggesting that Europe does not do ask that many great


favours. It's what a lot of people think anyway. It's out to do was in


and take away more money from us. But to make sure it's truly


balanced, we also see the intervention of the Transport


Secretary who issues a very stark warning about the future Britain's


car industry, saying if we vote to leave, the industry which employs


200,000 people will be jeopardised in effect. He has done an interview


with the Sunday Telegraph, spelling out his fears for Toyota and Nissan,


who have big patches in this country. Take us onto the back page


of mail. I hear you are a bit of a football fan. I am a neutral fan. I


do follow football and the premiership and I did watch the FA


Cup final. Standard baby to me! It was a brilliant game. As a neutral,


I was more on the side of Crystal Palace because they are the


underdogs. They played fantastically but sadly, it wasn't to be. I'm just


United won their first bit of silverware the two years. Louis van


Gaal much under fire, under pressure. How do you feel for him


this evening? He delivers the goods and now it seems he gets the heave


Ho. How gutting is that? Better to leave on a hide then go out on a


whimper. So crystal palace, bad night for them, but in terms of the


game itself? Manchester United were the favourites to win so it's not a


great surprise they won but watching as a neutral, it was thrilling. It


went to extra time. I know everyone hates penalties but everyone


secretly loves them but it was a thrilling enjoyable game. As a


non-football fan, had Crystal Palace one, it would've been the first


major trophy ever. Does that engage a fan? I think of Leicester's


triumph this season. Even that was all over the today programme. You


could really... Is a neutral and somebody not desperately interested,


even I watch the game that finally gave them the trophy. That's unusual


for someone like me. The husband gave me a three line whip! Another


person we want to be feeling sorry for, lost it now, front page of the


fund a Telegraph, cue the music. This was her big moment. She was to


sing the national anthem but unfortunately, she missed her cue,


said the music started and she didn't realise she should've started


singing. Everyone took to Twitter to completely have a go at her and even


she said she was mortified. This was the biggest moment of her career.


You can so easily see how it could happen. You can barely hear the


music starting. It's the sort of thing you have nightmares about.


When you wake up and realise that didn't actually happen. Really


pleased. What you actually watching that happen? It was on in the


background that bit. If it's any consolation, a lot of people


probably missed the beginning of it. But it will be all over YouTube. So


she went built to live it down. She will wake up tomorrow and realise it


did happen. She kept going. She had the best publicity she possibly had.


It must be the worst feeling though when you realise that moment, you


are like, oh! The headlines the next day, FA flop, poor thing, at bit


unfair. Thanks very much indeed for the moment. We will be back in just


under an hour's time for another look at tomorrow morning's papers.


Some of them had been delayed a little bit by the double. At 11pm,


the Egyptian military releases images of daybreak. French officials


confirm snow was detected. Coming up next, reporters.


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