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With me are the broadcasters John Stapleton and Esther McVey.


Two editions on a Sunday night, music to the ears of quite a few


viewers. Are we going to find the front pages? Maybe we're not to


bother. We can just talk at great and length -- greater.


The Financial Times quotes a bleak economic analysis by the treasury


The Daily Telegraph say the Prime Minister and Chancellor will


deliver a warning that leaving the EU will cost Britain hundreds


Where are they getting this idea of a recession from? It is a forecast


from the Treasurer which says, if you vote to leave, you will be


voting for a DIY recession. They think that GDP will go down by 6%,


that interest rates would rise and house prices would fall, et cetera.


It is also reported by the governor of the Bank of England and people


from the IMF. The league campaign are saying it is a very biased view


-- Leave campaign. As far as they are concerned, this is more from


project fear. One side says one thing, and the other side says


something that is the complete opposite. A different point of view,


we have read about this now for a long time. Every day it seems to


ratchet up. If you are at the chancellor or the Prime Minister,


you have to look at the country and what you shouldn't be doing is


talking the country and the finances down. At the moment, we are on the


eve of the last day that you can get a bid in to buy tighter steel. You


don't want to be dismissing the economy -- Tata. There is a warning


that this may well happen if you vote this way... You just said that


forecasts aren't right. They have said that... A lot of changes at...


The reality was that jobs have gone up by 2 million jobs. It was the


highest ever employment rates... The same kind of people who wanted to


put out an agenda were giving out incorrect facts at the last


election. Sorry, we don't have huge amounts of time. The Daily Mail said


that Cameron's Guru is saying that we must quit the EU. Which Guru is


this? I think this is a very interesting article. Steve Hilton,


many people say he helped David Cameron become the Prime Minister.


Wobbly one of the brains who helped him. He is saying that this is


absolutely wrong and we have to get out of Europe. He says he will take


power back from an arrogant, unaccountable elite, and we should


put power back to the people, where it wants. It's an earthshattering


story. David Cameron's former aid has also campaigned for the country


to leave the EU. I wonder what effect this will have outside the


Westminster bubble and the bubble of people who we mix with


professionally. Would the vast majority of people know Steve Hilton


from a bar of soap? When he is challenging what is being said,


talking about the NHS, there was a doctor who is the chairman of the


health committee, she said it was a cynical distortion of facts about


the NHS. When you have people coming forward and saying things like that,


people should listen... There would be an equal number of people on the


other side saying the opposite. A lot of people would say we would be


better out. There are not all of these hell and damnation stories.


Austria on a knife edge as the vote is too close to call. The centrist


party have disappeared without a trace really in this election. You


have a far right candidate and a former Green Party member who is


standing as an independent. Line it is a very divided set of choices,


but it is people saying, we are not happy with the mainstream parties.


They want something different. Right or wrong, they are saying that they


have heard the smooth words, they don't believe that and it's about


the voice of the people who are coming out in protest wanting


something different. You are just seeing it in Austria, you are seeing


it right across Europe. And in America too. Immigration is a key


issue there as well. That is at least partly responsible of the


success of the far right candidate. He will find out tomorrow whether he


is successful, 900,000 uncounted postal votes. Cash is used for fewer


than half of all consumer payments? It doesn't surprise me. I went to


catch a bus in the rain near where I live recently. I was shocked to


discover... You can't pay cash on London buses! I had to walk all the


way... You got very wet? Those contactless cards, I think they are


dangerous because you don't know how much you've spent. Arkley 's says


that the biggest rise in contactless payments were those over 60. We are


tapping and bowling. We also thought checks were going to die, but


apparently they are still going. A lot of the... When they did want to


get rid of checks, it was charities he said it would cut back on a lot


of donations. I agree with that. Long live the cheque. I don't use


cash because the kids have usually pinched all of mine. Don't let them


get your contactless card. The Daily Express... Eat more fat to stay


healthy? It seems that we have been badly advised? Is the same thing as


Europe. They are told one thing, then they are told something


completely different. Conflicting advice from so-called experts,


saying that eating more fat will reduce the obesity epidemic. This


certainly hasn't worked, our obesity problem is massive. It is costing us


billions of pounds a year. Bring back real food like steak and eggs.


Real, healthy food, as my grandmother would say, a little bit


of what you fancy is good for you. It would just be a staple diet and


not the sort of, low-fat which is full of other things. As he said,


egg and chips, nothing wrong with that. I read a nutritionist's look,


she said if it has more than five ingredients, don't go near it. Or if


your godparents wouldn't have recognised it, don't eat it. The


death of the song, not the story on tiny pets. But Jose Mourinho,


potentially going to be the Manchester United boss? He has had a


rough season, Louis van Gaal. The club haven't had any silverware for


three years. I am a Manchester City fan, but the fact that... If Jose


Mourinho is taking over and United still aren't confirming this, it


looks like shabby treatment. There has been so much speculation. Every


time he goes to press conference, they asked if Jose Mourinho is


taking over a. He said that the way he heard was that his wife saw


something on the television, gave him a call and alerted him that that


could be happening. I think that is shoddy. He did win the FA Cup.


Because he was expected to be there three years and it will only be one,


he will get a ?5.4 million compensation package. I wouldn't


mind managing Manchester United just for six months, if that is the


reward. You good job share! I would happily be sacked on that kind of


deal. Are you sure we are not going to do the song story? Baby boomers


to blame for a lost generation of gardeners. The Royal horticultural


Society are concerned about the state of a lot of gardens because


children haven't been taught how to garden. Wears see and baby boomers,


from the way this story is written, they didn't teach the children how


to garden. Also the problem is that more and more people are living in


flats. It could be that both parents are working, people are looking for


easy gardens. Astroturf instead of real grass. This links in with the


story about the food. You need extra time to enjoy the garden and do


proper cooking. Hopefully we will get back to a healthier lifestyle, a


bit more time in the garden, bringing your begonias -- pruning. I


love doing it, I have just put some rhubarb in. Very healthy. Nice to


see you both, a pleasure as always.


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