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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


Twitter was a flame after the last paper review. -- aflame.


With me are Benedicte Paviot, who's the UK Correspondent for France 24


and the Home Affairs Editor for the Evening Standard, Martin Bentham.


Since we last saw Benedicte, she has been awarded the National Order of


Merit? I may ask the queen for a knighthood soon. That's lovely.


The Telegraph leads on news that David Cameron will


tomorrow unite with the Labour party to speak about what he perceives


The Financial Times front page shows a picture of some


of the tributes that have been paid to the legendry boxer Muhammad Ali


and has a piece about how High Street banks are now gearing up


Tomorrow's Metro leads on a story we have been covering today,


Sir John Major entering into the EU referendum debate to call the leave


The Guardian meanwhile says that the leaders of Britain's biggest


trade unions have issued a plea to their six million members to vote to


The paper also shows a picture of Andy Murray being consoled


after his latest grand slam final loss to Novak Djokovic.


The Times also shows Murray being consoled and leads with news that


British Special Forces are on the front line in Syria.


The Mirror leads with claims that Muhammad Ali held out


against Parkinson's three times as long as doctors predicted.


The Sun also leads with the great boxer and has a full page shot


showing Ali's final official picture with the text "Ali at the end".


The Daily Mail shows the same shot and splashes on a report that


Pig Human embryos have been created in a dramatic bid to solve


Starting with The Guardian, unions warned of Brexit threat. Urging


union members to back the remaining campaign. These are some of the very


big unions, saying we should stay in because it could be a reflux of hard


wing writes? It is aiming 6 million members to back the Remain campaign


-- Remain. The biggest trade unions in the UK are the ones who are


really saying that if there is a Brexit, the Conservative Party would


be left to basically undo a lot of the rights such as maternity and


paternity, equal treatment for part-time and agency workers, and


the right to paid leave. That has underpinned it. They said underpins


working rights for British people. This letter is being sent to 6


million members on Monday. They do point out that it is important to


have various reforms of the EU. It is not perfect by any means. This


could arguably be the return of the powers, an increase in sovereignty


that Britain would enjoy if you were in favour of leaving the EU? That


would be down to Westminster to decide on? And personally I think


that is absolutely right. That is the argument that I think we should


dot. Dot the idea that all these things would be scrapped is probably


wrong anyway. Even if we did have a Brexit. But I think it shows a lack


of faith in the unions, and in our own parliaments and their ability to


win the votes of the British people. The question isn't whether the EU


has done a good or bad things, because some of the things it has


done very good things. The question is, who should decide? If you can't


win through our own voters and persuading them to do something, I


don't think that's right. I don't think we should be relying on people


from the outside. This letter talks about the 1999 trade unions working


rights and so on. It gives the game away, because this is exactly


what... This is why the change occurred in the party to being pro-


EU. There work is being brought in which were contrary to what they had


been really able to achieve in the British parliamentary system. We


vote for MEPs, don't we? It is a democratic institution in that we


have as much right to vote in the European elections as any other


member state? Ultimately, the ministers have the broader


influence. The scrutiny is not there. Personally I think that these


arguments are ones to be won. We have a good record with the national


minimum wage, antidiscrimination laws in terms of race and sexual


discrimination, brought in by our own parliaments before we were in


the EU. It's not as if we don't have our own volition towards social


progress. An attack on Boris, this shows how this is just not being


fought along party lines at all and? We have seen a chasm emerged in the


Conservative Party? I think this is a fundamental issue about the future


of the country and it shouldn't be dictated by the new party political


considerations of party thinking we must all stick together and not have


an open airing of our different views on such fundamental issues. It


is quite a healthy thing to admit particularly for conservatives, to


haul themselves together after the referendum. For the good of the


country, I think it is right that people are out there saying what


they think freely and openly. It is leading to a rather heated debate.


What is remarkable is to see Sir John Major with that kind of full


frontal attack. This is a man who was described, when he was Prime


Minister, as being boring. He was clearly anything but yesterday. He


was very outspoken, and it was a full frontal attack on Michael Gove,


Boris Johnson and Iain Duncan Smith. On the 24th of June and afterwards


there will still be a Conservative government, and goodness knows what


position this puts the government in. There has been incredible


damage, and I think the message, whether it's pro- leave or not, it


is a momentous decision for this country. I think John Major demeaned


himself slightly, it has turned into a personal attack on Boris Johnson.


It's a much bigger issue than the individual people concerned. -- he


has reverted to personal attacks. UK forces on the front line in theory,


they had been in training camps previously? Yes, so we've been told.


In London, we have been told that our rebels are on the front line.


Helping the new Syrian army in a south-eastern village. This is in


Syria, what is crucial is that this village sits near the Iraqi-Di --


Iraqi -Jordanian borders. It is also interesting that British Special


Forces only last week were interviewing in Libya, so clearly


British Special Forces don't need approval from the House of Commons.


It's not like having regular troops on the ground? Know, often our


troops operate in countries we don't know about in very covert ways. I


think, in this case, there are talks about helping in a particular case


with logistics like building defences to make longer safe and so


on, to help rebels rappel Islamic State attacks. I think that is quite


a good seeing. Staying with the Times, Novak Djokovic won be French


Open today. Roland Garros consoling Andy Murray, very touching? It is.


Yes, Novak Djokovic is Andy Murray's old nemesis. Andy Murray


did very well to get into the final and it was fantastic to see Novak


Djokovic, he has always said that he has extra angels sitting on his


shoulders. The clouds parted, the Sun came out, it wasn't lost on


anybody. -- sun. He spoke in French, he made a few tiny mistakes, it


didn't matter. He did remarkably well, even apart from winning. He


said he thinks it is the epitome of his career. Dignity in a final


ported, a picture of Muhammad Ali taken just a couple of months ago?


Obviously diminished by the appalling on is that he suffered?


Yes, and he had painted at so look a little bit older than he did when he


was in his physical prime. You can still see the power and you can


still see the presents that he had. Finally, going over to the


Telegraph, these are the cover stories that caused a bit of a stir


last hour. Leftover bottle of red, put it in the fridge with the


white? Advice from a wine expert? Yes, making sure you don't waste it


and drink it very quickly. That's if you have any left. Yes, this is a


great issue. The question is, do you actually have any left to put in the


fridge? And if so, are you going to keep it for so long that you need to


put it into the fridge? Just before Christmas, I saw that you can get


corks that take the extra air out of the bottle. Just sip it, enjoy


life. It's short. Yes, the vacuum is don't get much use in my house. The


last story of the night, couples are having less sex because of


television box sets? I think this is particularly in the United Kingdom.


It seems to be a report... It's on the front of the daily Telegraph. I


wonder if this happens in France and Italy? Do the French have box sets.


Of course we do! But there is too much TV watching. I was watching a


BBC programme years ago, it was greatly admired and I loved it, but


it's actually encourage people to switch the television off and do


other things. OK. Doesn't it speak of the polity... The poor quality of


people's sex lines but be quality of television at the moment? I suppose


it does, but the statistician from Cambridge University here, he says


it is very worrying that people are only making love five times a


month, they used to be making love five times a month but now it is


three times a month. One Twitter user says, three times a month?


Lucky devils! Thank you very much, lovely to see you both. Hope to see


you again soon. That's it from the papers, coming up next is the Film




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