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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Claire Cohen, the deputy women's editor


from the Daily Telegraph, and Mihir Bose, columnist


The digital Independent leads with the EU referendum,


and accusations from David Cameron that the Leave campaign


The Financial Times headlines the government's probe


into an admission from the boss of Sports Direct that he paid


some of his staff less than the minimum wage.


That's also front page news in the Guardian,


which claims that Mike Ashley, the boss of Sports Direct,


could face a multimillion pound fine for breaking the law.


The Metro goes with the former Chelsea doctor, who's received


a payoff from the club after agreeing to drop her sexual


The Express headlines claims that British pensions are at risk


if there's a vote to stay in the European Union.


And the male leads with the migrant crisis and suggestions the EU is


planning to grant US style Green cards to those coming from Africa


and the Middle East. We will start with the Metro. Mega pay out an


apology for Chelsea. This is a huge victory for her against an


incredibly powerful organisation. Yes, very few people saying they are


surprised she has settled having turned down what was an initial


rumoured 1.2 million. I think she has had a huge victory, she got what


she wanted, she wanted her day in court and public acknowledgement


that she was just doing her job and nothing more. That is what Chelsea


have come forward and apologised unreservedly think they said in a


statement to her, that she was doing her job. Their statement is


particularly grovelling, I think, could be the word, because as you


were just saying, the point is here getting public recognition that


since she was simply behaving as a doctor assured, attending a patient?


Absolutely, and what is interesting is that Jose Mourinho has gone on to


Manchester United, he made an appearance. A surprise appearance as


the metal point out. We don't know why but they had a private buyer


closed doors meeting and we don't quite know what was said. It might


be reasonable to speculate that he made some sort of statement which


was in effect, was in -- one doesn't know what he said, but a greater


victory for her after we all know he seems we saw at the first opening


match of last season and what happened between them. If you like


this is her moment to say what happened was wrong and he therefore


has, Chelsea have apologised. Very profusely for what happened. She was


doing what she was required to do, but it also raises question about


her football clubs are run, what goes on behind the scenes because I


think what would have been useful not just for the journalist but for


the fans as well to know how the moment of explosion in a match,


which seemed very innocent and fairly routine, players injured,


Doctor Rush is on, should become such a big story. What is going on?


Lets not forget this was not just unfair dismissal, it was sectioned


stagnation as well. -- it was a sexual discrimination. However


vindicated she feels professionally, there is an undercurrent that


football is a toxic environment for women to work as as she's concerned


and that hasn't been addressed and renewal will never address that.


Let's go to the Daily Express. -- Mourinho humiliated. As you were


saying, you believe Mourinho probably, possibly, maybe, made


face-to-face apology. I think he must have done but it was before the


first tribunal hearing in March. She came out and said one of her demise


was a public apology from Mourinho. For her to have accepted a


settlement where that has not happened, there must have been


something. And for him to turn up first prize visit, they must've been


something that happened behind closed doors to make her feel like


she has had close over the issue and the public apology, it is an reserve


from Chelsea specifically not from him. Certainly not that we know


about. Tribunal 's are a very costly thing financially and emotionally,


so she would have had to wait up another ten days of this,


potentially embarrassing revelations, not just for Chelsea,


but possibly for her as well. Hindi at what might have been going on.


There is a question here that we speak about managers being the boss


of the cupboard Mourinho was not the boss, he was the boss of a football


team. She was a doctor. She was the boss of her setup. In fact there


were -- they were colleagues, so the weight surfaced on that opening


match against Swansea as if Mourinho was the boss is planning some minor


employee. The senior, elite team doctor. Yes, this has established


that she was doing her job as an employee with certain powers and


another employee cannot sort of... OK, quick question, do you think


this sets the template for how people in her position are treated


as senior doctors of a team? Clearly Jose Mourinho said there are tactics


involved and if it is right at the end and we have a player who is


injured and it could mean we end up losing the game, do not run on the


pitch. Has that kind of philosophy being thrown out of that ever really


existed? Tell you what has happened in the last 20 years, managers have


become more nosy, huge figures, there is a camera focused on them


and the Met has grown up that the manager is the club. I think what


this case being that is the manager is not the club, the manager is


responsible for the performance of the players on the field but the


club is more than that. The club has other employees, among them as


Doctor Garth session responsibilities, not just the


manager. Therefore this will question that the idea that is


because the camera shows what the manager is doing for the players are


playing, that doesn't make the manager the most important person.


OK, finally, we will have fun with this, Jay -- Daily Mail. The Daily


Mail reckons it is fine, what you think? The Metro thinks it is at


least 2 million. I'm more inclined to go with a slightly less generous.


5 million seems like an awfully big jump from 1.2. If that is more than


an insult. This is a matter of work practice. Absolutely, what we see on


the screen is 90 minute show, there is a normal workplace going on


behind-the-scenes. There is a value judgment being made by the Daily


Mail in this. One thing we know is what -- it was definitely more than


1.2 million. We can safely say that. Want the Financial Times. He


admitted today he does or did pay his staff some of them, but though


the legal minimum. And what has emerged are the practices, the work


practices, at his Sports Direct operation were the legal minimum is


6.70 but the practices involved, they've -- if you are one minute


late your dock pay 15 minutes and therefore they way you operate the


system that you are legally playing on paper a certain figure, actually


you are not. And some of what has emerged is quite scandalous. Our


woman has given birth to a child in the toilet! Six strikes and you are


out. Because she was afraid to cross the line and therefore get a bad


mark by her name and possibly lose her job somewhere down the line.


Very few permanent employees. Most of the staff seem temporary


employees who can be sacked at any moment. Yes, lots are zero hours


contracts, 80%, possibly more of the workforce. The point about Mike


Ashley is that he is not the only boss who runs the kind of operation


that relies to a large extent on casual workers. This is just the tip


of the iceberg. Maybe it's time to call for more transparency about the


temporary working culture. We have companies will be forced to that --


published there into pay gaps and that, perhaps we need similar


measures for temporary work, which seems to be growing workplace


culture in Britain. It was interesting that at one point on


Twitter Eva Carneiro and Mike Ashley were trendy at the same time --


trending. I'm not convinced Ashley quite get it either. He said I'm not


Father Christmas at one point. But he is Scrooge, surely. This is six


strikes thing for you spend too long speaking or in the loop he says,


maybe six is too few. I think he missed the point of bit. Yes. He was


making the point that this is a massive business and perhaps it has


grown so fast I can't possibly have responsibility for everything that


goes on. It is too big for me to handle. Is that something that cuts


any ice with most people? It is too big Reznor I can't possibly know


what is going on? You cannot take credit for the business when it is


doing well and making money and then say this is what I've done and then


say I don't know what is happening that up if you don't know, then you


need people below you to tell you what is happening otherwise what


you're doing is ahead of the business. Oyoo cultures got yourself


out of a job. I spend a lot of your time trying to keep Newcastle up and


even then you failed? What exactly is he doing? That at the bottom


line. It is the dreadful season at Newcastle United that has led to all


this. Ashley admits I broke the law. Staff were paid below minimum wage


says tycoon. Yes, he says the business is too big to control. He


could well be facing lawsuits as a result of his admission today.


Absolutely and some interesting detail in The Guardian story about


sexual predators in the company, as he called them. Which he admitted to


foot of yes, he said they are Republican and disgusting so that


level of sexual harassment is going on we could see lots of people being


disgruntled. -- on we could see lots of people being


disgruntled. -- repugnant. They were not debating each other, they were


talking to an audience who were taking questions. Will we see a


debate? If we see a debate it will be the blue and blue debate. This is


a cause. Which is why David Cameron doesn't want? Called by Johnson and


go, so this a spokesman for vote lead, but one of them would be a


spokesman, Michael Gove is supposed to be the Prime Minister's best


friend. An interesting debate but I'm not sure we will see that. At


this point in time it seems like the Leave campaign is in front and the


Prime Minister has to do something. Part of that when the spec is


because immigration has been so important over the last week? It


has, anything that Cameron is trying to steer the conversation away from


that and that is one reason he would be keen to avoid head-to-head, blue


on blue, as you say. I think you're right, it's clear that perhaps he


needs to do something to change the conversation or tactic as we enter


the final straight. And worth saying, you can only register to


vote until midnight tonight. Yes! 7.5 million people at 8pm still


hadn't registered. Former sports editor, you have a theory about how


this vote will go? Yes, I think we should look to Slovakia because that


is the third match England are playing. Start with Russia, then


Wales, and if England fulfil their promise, which they often don't do,


by then England should qualify and my memory of this is a 1970, student


then, on the Sunday before the thirsty election that Harold Wilson


had called England World Cup holders, better than 66, losing


Jamie George Unzue and the second half they lose throughout -- 3-2 and


the nation says that the wasp does Brussels at adding that uses the --


and we lose the election. Cameron feeling good at -- about life.


Nevertheless, vote for it. He doesn't really know Louise supports.


Something in blue. If we lose, who knows that even Boris Johnson who


doesn't play football might seem a better prospect. He makes an --


looks more like a rubber man to me full tank for joining


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