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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Lucy Fisher, Senior Political Correspondent


at the Times, and John Prideaux, US Editor at the Economist.


Let's start with the Metro, leading the investigation into the demise of


BHS. Today a Government committee heard claims the retailer's owner


Dominic Chappel threatened to kill one of the Company's executives.


Financial Times also outlined BHS and proportionate Chappel's claims


that the former owner prevented a buyout of the feeling retailer. The


Guardian features hello Kontinen were making history as the first


woman to win the presidential nomination for a major US political


party. The express leads an EU referendum and activation from


government campaigners that the Government is trying to rig the vote


by extending the registration. The Telegraph also leads on the


referendum. We will touch on hot a few of those


stories. That start with the mental and BHS. Those proceedings in that


committee room today, incredible. A threat to kill BHS Bosque is not


amazing, this is one part of the amazing, this is one part of the


mudslinging going on today. Chief Executive at Darren Clarke said


Dominic Chappell rang him up and screamed at him and threatened to


come down and kill him. Extraordinary claims. Yes, and


lifting the lid to a degree on what goes on at this company. Absolutely


bizarre. Yes, some of the language is amazing. And the personal nature


of the vendettas. I enjoyed the FT did a follow-up, Colin Dominik to


Pelo and ask him if he had a gun and if he had intended to kill the Chief


Executive. His quote here is when asked about vaccinations he denied


threatening his former colleague and pull differential times I don't have


a gun, of course not. Be ridiculous. I thought that was wonderfully


po-faced. Let's bring up the picture of FT. It has the three members of


BHS, former members, on the front page. Mr Clarke, Mr Chappel and


Michael Hitchcock. Former CEO. Lucy, we can have a laugh and frankly, it


is probably unlikely Mr Chappel really intended to take the brunt of


this man's head, but 11,000 jobs on the line and there is no question


that it has been clock of Alcorcon clock up in the way that this


company has been run. Absolutely, you have done it to Pelo admitting


we knew nothing about retailing come as a former racing driver,


three-time bankrupt, huge questions three-time bankrupt, huge questions


take on a major concern like BHS and take on a major concern like BHS and


you are right. Above and beyond this hyperbolic language, 11,000 people


stand to lose their jobs. ?500 billion pension fund deficit and


there are huge problems and great sadness for many people racing


redundancy over this crisis. Yes, Sir Philip Green will appear next


week. That'll be fun to that will be colourful. The other sessions have


been interesting already. You are right, companies go bankrupt all the


time and new Company start-up, people lose their jobs, which is


terrible and companies create new jobs. Thing is as different here is


That is a real to do -- a real taboo That is a real to do -- a real taboo


and accommodation of that with the extraordinaire amounts of money the


owners took out of the company before it went bankrupt is pretty


toxic and shameful. Indeed. Quite a few people will be watching that


committee next week. The Daily Express, outrage and a bid to read


the EU vote. We know the computers crashed about this time last night.


When people tried to register to vote in the EU referendum. Thousands


of people were left unable to do so. As a result they've extended the


deadline but some people smell a rat? This is the claim from Fort,


that this is a conspiracy theory by some of the more stream fringes --


from a vote Leave. The computer system was crashed on purpose to


allow the Government to extend the deadline because they believe it is


young people have left it late and young people have left it late and


young people are more likely to vote Remain. It is a pointer very tough


for government campaigners to make that if the Government is so


concerned that people might have been prevented from signing up in


the last hour before the deadline, it really should be taking the same


rigorous approach towards sorting out the problem with Miss registered


EU nationals there have been Polish residents to eating pictures of


their polling cards that this shouldn't have. Some even have


postal ballots. There is a disparity with which the Government is


treating both sides. So we know there is a bit of a whiff of


something going on? I think if they are going to sort out the voter


registration problem is most evenhanded, they must make sure the


right people who want to vote cancelled and The People who


shouldn't must make sure they are taken off the electoral roll. It is


highly likely that a lot of those people who registered last night


will probably be young and those people who might decide it makes


sense to Remain. That is right. That said, I think the idea it was a


giant conspiracy is a microcosm of one of the arguments that the Vote


Leave campaign has made. On some of the wilder fringes of that argument,


the entire EU is a conspiracy by elites, Oliver forecasts that have


come from organisations like the IMF are part of the same conspiracy.


There is something paranoid in there but I agree with Lucy, it is


important to be evenhanded. Going on the eye. Interesting front page.


Brexit there will be blood, bold Yuvraj over Hitler -- Bodell right


over Hitler, vote Brexit and helped Isis. Some of the scarier headlines


we seen a domain message, less hysteria, more facts. Laudable


comment, but clearly whatever information is out there, one side


the other. It is as simple as that. the other. It is as simple as that.


I don't know. Perhaps a controversial view on this, that


there is a perforation of fax, organisations like the fact and UK


and the changing EU. There is the BBC! Go to our website! People are


still saying we cannot get facts. That is it. I think people need to


take responsibility. The problem is there is not a clear answer, people


have to engage their critical faculties and come to a conclusion.


My sense is the public are crying out to be told the right answer.


Exactly. People want to be led down a path. They don't want to make up


their mind about this on their own. That is right. Thus would be an IQ


for no elections ever. Lots of people wonder why this referendum is


taking place in the first place? I would say there are lots of facts


and you can look at them and make up your mind. That said, this is also a


call on what you think will be best for the country in ten or 20 years.


It comes down to a worldview, do you think the country is better off in a


tight alliance with other neighbours or if you think it is better off on


its own. That is a hard thing to boil down to facts. It is not


conclusion you can get a clear answer on the absolutely. But both


sides are exploiting that vacuum in certainty. Yes. Absolutely. The


headlines we have here, Boris saying the EU's calls with the same as


Hitler's, a premise are saying Isis would back Brexit, you should vote


Remain. It is ridiculous. I saw George Osborne told Andrew Neil


Brexit is like a snake. All of this vivid language has gone over the top


and some of the arguments being made are outlandish. We will speak about


The Telegraph in a moment. It's front-page lead concerns one of


seven suspending his partnership in protest over the wake of the


referendum is being held at handled but before that, another Tory MP,


Sarah Walton, has revealed she has defected from Vote Leave and will


vote to keep Britain in the EU. She says Vote Leave's claim ?350 million


could be saved to spend on the NHS is not true and that has contributed


to her decision to switch sides. For someone like me who has long


in public life, I could not have in public life, I could not have


stepped foot on a battle bus that has at the heart of its campaign a


figure that I know to be untrue. And I think they know to be untrue as


well. If you are in a position where you cannot hand out the Vote Leave


leaflet, cannot be campaigning for that organisation. OK, Sarah


Woollaston going from Brexit to Remain full to the front page of the


delicate dial -- Telica at John Knox, Margaret Thatcher's former


Defence Secretary during the Falklands War. He has decided to rip


up his membership card for the Conservative Party. He says he is


disgusted by the way that David Cameron and George Osborne had been


running this campaign. Yes, Margaret Thatcher's Defence Secretary during


never ship cards saying the debate never ship cards saying the debate


has become so poisonous -- his membership card. And putting that


with the premise Janet George Osborne is otherwise he only blaming


that side? I think in a sense this is crystallising worldviews as you


said. If you feel very strongly pro-Brexit or a bit that data is


being misused and arguments getting too over the top, people are getting


fed up on one or other side. I suppose it is partly that Mr Cameron


has not taken the attack that -- the TAK that Harold Wilson did when he


stood away from the fray. David Cameron has been swinging punches.


Lots of people argued he should have stayed back and apart from anything


else that will make it harder him to sit around the Cabinet table with


all the colleagues once it is over a given they have been shouting at


each other the way they have. I think it is interesting. I've


noticed from speaking to friends that whatever size you were on using


the other side is manipulative facts and being outrageous and making


ridiculous assertions about history. A lot of this is in the eye of the


border. OK, on to The Guardian. Here is Hillary. Looking very happy on


the front page of The Guardian. She is the first woman to win the


backing of a major part in the US for the White House. This is


history. Yes, yet strangely it doesn't feel that much like history.


I think the big ceiling that was shattered was in 2008 when Barack


Obama became president, the first African-American president Hillary


Clinton did not get the nation that time around. I have been struck by


how little soap by the campaign has been about, hey, it's a woman. That


is a sign of progress because of that with the one thing people were


fixated on, they're perhaps would not be much to her candidacy. I


suppose the fact she is a woman is going to become much more central to


the debate now because she is dealing with a man who was a bully


and has been incredibly disparaging and has been incredibly disparaging


in public to women and is seen as a sad misogynist by some. Yes,


absolutely. This will come to the forefront, not least because Hillary


is a complex character that had this long history in the public eye as a


senator a first Lady. We seen her as a wife and politician and that is


interesting dynamic and it will be great to see how that plays out.


Briefly, Bernie still in the race. Why isn't he dropping at? I don't


know, the reason he is still there is he wants to have some influence


of the convention in Philadelphia and in July he thinks he has more by


staying in. I think that is doubtful. He has lost and is under a


lot of pressure from Democrats. He only very recently became a Democrat


to contest this is a registered Independent for years. Of Democrats


are angry about him continuing to go on and think he should get out. He


is doing .com's work for him. He is apparently chatting with Obama


tomorrow, maybe the president will have the thing to say. Finally,


Lucy, there is a fault in this dishwasher in the middle of the


Daily Mail. Why is that? This is a sweet picture of a fox, a rare good


news story. We are more used to hearing Fox's creeping into homes


and turning out rubbish or attacking young children. This is a sweet and


fluffy looking picture of a fox that has crept into the pits need into


the house and decided it would have a sleep between the dishes and


glasses. It is Fox News, fantastic. That was dreadful. One of the things


this made me think is that the internet not only is it playing


havoc with the business models of newspapers, it is taking over with


the news agenda. It is an internet meme and amazing what has happened.


We are speaking about it here on the venerable BBC. There you go. It has


been great having you in. Many thanks. Is it for the paper tonight


but before we go, these front pages have come in while we've been on


air. The Times says Vote Leave has been boosted by the support of the


chair of JCB, Lord Bradford. Tory MP Sarah Woollaston switches sides to


join the Remain campaign and on the referendum, The Sun features were


the audience members from the ITV TV debate this week, accusing the Prime


Minister of 11 so much uncontrolled immigration that part of his


hometown are now no-go areas. All the front pages online you can read


a detailed review. And you can see us there too with each night's


edition of the papers being posted shortly after we finish. Thank you.


Thank you a lot in. Goodbye. Good evening. Once again today the


heat and humidity triggered some more thundery downpours. The


temperature about


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