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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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wilds of the Amazon. And the latest film from Michael Moore, Way To


Invade Next. -- Where To Invade Next.


Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Sian Griffiths, the education editor


of the Sunday Times, and the political commentator


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with...


The Observer carries a warning from David Cameron that a vote


to leave the EU could mean an end to increases in the state pension


and ring-fenced spending levels for the NHS.


And that story also dominates the front page


The Mail On Sunday leads with the referendum too -


but it has the Archbishop of Canterbury's announcement that


The Sunday Times carries allegations that British


diplomats considered the possibility of giving Turks the right


The Express claims Downing Street is panicking


about the prospect of losing the EU referendum.


The Sunday Mirror juxtaposes pictures


of the Royal family celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday


with images of English and Russian football fans fighting in Marseille.


Let's begin with the Telegraph, and their main story, PM's Brexit


pensions warning exclusive. He tells elderly their special protection


from cuts is at risk if they vote to leave. Particular reasons to appeal


to this part of the electorate. David Cameron has written an article


for the Sunday Telegraph, saying TV licences and retirement income may


not still be funded by the government, and it is because


economists are predicting a ?40 billion black hole in finances. He


is targeting be over 65s because we think they are more likely to vote


to leave the EU. So they are the People who will these these things.


It seems as though Downing Street are getting a little rattled by


these polls that are emerging, giving the Leave campaign a lead


over the ones who want to remain. Slightly disingenuous to talk about


the government funding license fees, because as we know it, the over 75s


fees are being handed over to the BBC eventually. But we have to be


careful with polls as we know from the general election last year. They


can be completely wrong. Most put the two sides neck and neck. They


are very close. There is a poll in the Observer suggesting a


significant number of people are yet to make up their mind and will only


do so in the last seven days before June 23. Even the polls we have at


the moment are on the basis that many are yet to decide. They need to


be taken with a pinch of salt. The key with the stories is yet again


the government are making the economic argument, and you can pick


anything you like and this time it happens to be TV licences and


pensions. If we leave, Britain will be worse off, therefore the economy


will go down and everything you like or value will suffer, and this


weekend, the common theme from Downing Street is it will be


pensions, pension benefits, free TV licences. Both sides were criticised


by the Treasury Select Committee for being a elastic with their


statistics. If you want to find a statistic that wants to prove your


point, usually can. People will be sceptical about this ?40 billion


figure. Every Sunday there is another story on one side or the


other are doing one thing or another. What I think the People who


want to leave are actually pushing home, and they are getting it, is


this idea of immigration. That really is being taken seriously.


That is why they are getting ahead in the polls. It is scaring people.


The Sunday express say panic rips downstream. Brexit surge reefing. --


grips damaging. Jeremy Corbyn says he is working hard to get the Labour


vote out. He also said on television how much he led the EU, he said


about seven, seven .5 out of ten. In terms of convincing Labour people he


is advocating remain, he is not making the most convincing fist of


it. They are seen as the critical element where if they don't come out


and vote for remain, Britain could well vote to leave. Especially those


Labour constituencies I speak to, they say what they are hearing from


Labour voters is they are increasingly inclined to vote early.


That critical element of sport could be enough to tip the balance in


Britain could vote to leave it was Labour voters have been unconvinced


-- of support. People are confused where Labour stands because there


has not been enough clarity about their position. Labour will be under


pressure to make that case more strongly in the few days that are


left. The case for remain unusually being made on the front of the Mall


of Sunday. The former Archbishop of Canterbury saying he wants to be in.


Why is he backing remain? What are his reasons? He has written an


article in the mall on Sunday where he says leaving the EU would harm


the economy -- the Mail on Sunday. Britain's Christian heritage was


founded on these values. I'm not surprised by this that he is backing


the Leave campaign, but as we say every week, new figures come out on


one side or the other. It is as if they have drawn up their list and


are releasing them like a jeep to the papers. -- drip. Proposals under


wraps for letting in Turks, until after the referendum. Wasn't this


part of the deal with Turkey agreed to help with the refugee and migrant


crisis that there would be free travel arrangements for their


people? I found this story confusing. The story seems to


suggest there have been some diplomatic appraisals and plans


discussed for up to 1.5 million Turks, giving them visa free travel


to the UK. They would be government officials, teachers and civil


servants. But they seem to be proposals at an early stage, they


don't seem to have gone very far. President Erdogan has agreed a deal


with the EU to close his country's borders with Syria, and he is


demanding visa free travel to the EU in return. I'm not sure this story


sort of text is much further. -- takes this. Doesn't this imply they


are being secretive about it until after the referendum? This is


something the Leave campaign is promoting, everything is on the


backburner until June 23 and then everything will come out of


Pandora's box. It does touch on everything they have been saying


about immigration as a key issue. And that issue of Turkey potentially


joining the EU. The government are at great pains to state that is used


if not decades away. Diplomats are encouraged to be frank and talk


about both things, a government ministers, let the Home Secretary,


Theresa May, and the Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, Saint


bees have been very selectively quoted from the diplomatic cables


and we will not be opening the door to 1.5 million Turks -- say these


have been. People are worried about the issue of millions of Turks


coming to Britain and the government has stressed that will not happen.


Diplomatic cables and telegrams, very retro forms of communication.


The Sunday Mirror, happy in glorious is the headline, featuring two very


different pitches. The Royal family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace


looking at the fly past for the Queen's birthday, and then


underneath those battles on the streets of Marseille between England


and Russia supporters. It is a peculiar juxtaposition. It is


gripping. We were discussing the headline earlier. It is a little


clunky, but it draws your attention. It is clever, the juxtaposition.


Yes, there are two sides in England. You have the Queen's 90 that they,


very happy -- 90th birthday. Prince Charlotte getting her first outing


in a new dress. And then dreadful hooliganism. Throwing stones,


alcoholism. We will see more of these terrible pictures of


Marseille, but it is important to point out these are very small grips


of English first light. Police are having trouble keeping control of


that part of the city -- English first light. You seem to have


Russian fans involved and people spoiling for a fight. A tiny


minority have gone out with this express intention and it seems like


the English supporters are retreating. But some of these fans


sticking around and looking for trouble. Staggering that they do not


seem to realise they will be filmed. I think they are drunk. It is


clearly fuelled by alcohol. They are still clutching their bottles. I


think they get to that stage where they have almost no idea what they


are doing except they want to fight. John McDonnell, the Shadow


Chancellor, suggesting if Sir Philip Green wind appear before select


committees this week, he should lose his knighthood. The papers have


already been suggesting that. Mike Ashley tried this trick, the Sports


Direct owner, and said I will not appear before the committee. He was


relatively dragged in. Sir Philip Green has a lot of questions to


answer about BHS and is facing similar questions. He really must


appear, and he can try to delay it, that he will be there. These


accusations have been flying around for a long time. The way Sir Philip


Green. With and disposed of the company, who he sold it to, races


questions. -- the way Sir Philip Green dealt with. He maintains he


did nothing wrong. I think the committee has the right to ask


questions. This whole problem of the pension deficit for these 11,000


workers who have lost their jobs or will probably lose their jobs with


the collapse of BHS, and Sir Philip Green must appear before a committee


of MPs to answer a lot of questions that still remain about what


happened. More importantly, how are these people, how is this pension


deficit going to be made up? He is angry because Frank Field said the


Select Committee would laugh if Sir Philip Green were to offer less than


?600 million to settle BHS's pension debts when he gives evidence. That


is a perfectly proper thing for the head of a Select Committee to


suggest. He has to explain why he sold the company to a guy for a


pound who has been twice bankrupt. They clearly did not do enough to


diligence if they thought Dominic Chappell was right and proper person


to buy BHS. The questions are far from over. They have just begun.


That is all for the papers. Thank you for talking us to the front


pages. All of them are online as is the paper review. Coming up next,


even review. -- The Film Review.


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