21/08/2016 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the Daily Telegraph media commentator Neil Midgley


and columnist at the London Evening Standard Rosamund Urwin.


Tomorrow's front pages? The Metro leads on Team GB's heroes


who achieved the country's best ever overseas Games in Rio -


claiming the country is now an 'Olympic Superpower'.


The Guardian bids a fond farewell to Rio after 17 days


Its main story accuses the NHS in England of a 'disgraceful' lack


of diversity with white men in the majority of top jobs.


Mo Farah's joyful leap is pictured in the Mail with speculation that


many of Team GB's sporting stars will be rewarded


Britain Will Keep Booming says the Express -


coupled with a positive story about the post Brexit economy.


In contrast - a sharp fall in spending on big


The paper says new Prime Minister Theresa May is not acting


quickly enough to rebuild the economy following Brexit.


Good evening. Where are we starting? With the Metro. That fantastic


picture montage of our Great British Olympians. It is a double page


spread, a wraparound, the actual front page, I have to say, has a


preponderance of male faces. Poor old Nicola Adams is the only woman.


There is another. The female achievements at these Olympics have


been brilliant. Laura Trott is there. And the woman's hockey team,


where they pool that victory from one Friday night... Nobody knows!


And the flagbearer tonight. What did you think? It has been a fantastic


two weeks, I always like watching the sports you know nothing about


and for me, Jade Jones is here, she won the gold medal in tae kwon do


and I do not understand that sport but she is phenomenal to watch. Just


delightful. And she admits that after 2012, she really did struggle


a little bit for that first year with formal, suddenly being in the


spotlight and then to go back and knuckle down and work so hard and


come back and win, I think that is phenomenal and I really enjoyed Joe


Clarke, in the kayak, the canoe slalom, that is fascinating to


watch! I don't understand that but they are brilliant! And Britain are


global power in gymnastics! Nobody would have thought, for a while Max


Whitlock was the highest scoring non-American athlete at the Olympic


Games until Usain Bolt started running and for him... While BBC One


was broadcasting Countryfile! And he was winning his first gold medal!


The coverage has not moved over from BBC Two at that point last Sunday


night! And obviously, Amy Tinkler? The 16-year-old winning bronze on


the floor. And she will be fantastic to watch in four years. Such talent


coming through the ranks. If you look at Andy Murray, brilliant and


he defended his gold and more power to him but we don't have that bench


in tennis whereas on the other sports like gymnastics and something


and ruling, we have a lot of talent coming through. Did you catch the


boxing? Some very unhappy people with that result? I did watch it. I


don't understand why people want to punch each other as a sport! I did


watch that through my hands and, to me, as a complete non-boxing expert,


our boy did seem to land more punches than the other fellow. I am


very much looking forward to the closing ceremony. The shoes will be


lit up, Team GB, their shoes. OK, it is great news, second, there is the


record they have matched? Since 1908. The last time they were at the


top, London 1908. The highest medal tally in terms of sheer number of


medals, having eclipsed London 2012 and beating the Chinese, which


nobody would ever have expected, least of all the Chinese and I'm


sure there will be some very high-level discussions in Beijing


about how they can regain that crime. Good news according to the


daily express foreigners in Britain. More good news! Yes, the Brexit


supporting daily Express says that despite Brexit, Britain will keep


booming! How do we know this? There was a survey allegedly of the


financial industry issued tonight indicating that bosses are broadly


competent and weathering the post Brexit storm and that is all there


is on the front page. No detail or any figures who was involved in


this. Obviously, there are conflicting indicators coming out at


the moment, the jobless figures and retail sales were pretty good and


there is a story on the front page of the FT tonight saying


infrastructure contracts are down by 23% in July. Year-on-year. So


clearly it is still too early to tell. We will not have a clear


picture until we get the ONS figures, which are coming out in


October. Quite a long way. And August is not necessarily the


greatest time to make these judgments either. It is really


encouraging that jobless figures did not go through the roof and retail


sales did not go through the floor at the same time. You would expect


heads of companies to put a positive spin on things because they do not


really want to talk down and lower morale? Quite, you do not want to


knock confidence when your business relies on consumer confidence, you


would expect them to talk this up a little bit but I think this is the


express with its own agenda and I might be inclined to read that story


in the FT and put more emphasis on that. We will hopefully get that for


the next paper. At 11:30pm. Meanwhile, the Guardian, we have two


stories from the front page. Which is the first one? The lead is


talking about the people at the top of the NHS, those running the NHS


Trusts and they say how appalling the lack of diversity there is,


coming from a Freedom of Information request that it has done. All about


how people, despite a big diversity drive and the NHS has a diverse


workforce lower down, absolutely, a huge number of languages spoken, but


at the top it is not. The point is that people are appointing in their


own image and it is run by white men and that has been perpetuated,


despite an attempt to change that. You can see that this, these are


people making the spending decisions and that means that you really have


to think this is somewhere we do need diversity. It seems even more


important than all the other things. I do a lot of work on getting more


women running FTSE 100 companies, more diversity that way, but there


seems even more important to me. Only 2% of NHS Trusts are chaired by


people from a black or ethnic minority background compared to 12%


of the population at large. This could be said of most companies, to


be honest. The BBC has the same criticism. I read stories like this


and I think, well, OK, show me the solution? The BBC is ?4 billion


every year, the NHS is ?130 billion. You can have a short list that has


to include a diverse range of candidates, that is not forcing them


to appoint them but at least say there is this candidate and put the


name forward rather than just having people thinking, maybe I play golf


with him whatever it is, we cannot have those things still having some


effect. More people thinking he is a lot like me, when it comes to


interviews. Some employers are recruiting with skills interview


conducted by people from high up the company and then the values


interview by peers at the same level as the position to be appointed,


which does not necessarily go to the colour of the person's skin or


gender. Do you both believe in short lists? I think it helps. What


happens at the moment is we hear these phrases and platitudes rolled


out, we must get more diversity, and the obvious steps that you can take


to make more of change, they do not happen. OK. Final story... I will


quickly glanced down. Where is this? What is this about? Students,


illegible ink leaves GCSE markers feeling blue. People who mark GCSEs


apparently do not get walloping great envelopes full of papers by


secure delivery. All other papers are scanned into an and they get a


PDF. If you are a student and you have written your GCSE answers in


light green or light blue ink, then the marker cannot necessarily


decipher them and they cannot turn the PDF towards the light, as they


could with paper. It does say on the front, big letters, right in black


ink! And you would hope that teachers would tell the students


that. That is fundamental. You will be failed instantly for not reading


the instructions! And they give out pens! Just give out black pens! GCSE


results, Thursday? Yes. Thank you, Neil Midgley


and Rosamund Urwin -- you'll both be back at 11.30pm


for another look at the stories


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