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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are the Daily Telegraph media commentator Neil Midgley


and columnist at the London Evening Standard Rosamund Urwin.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with


the Metro celebrates Team Gb's sporting heroes -


claiming the country is now an 'Olympic Superpower'.


Mo Farah's joyful leap is pictured in the Mail


with speculation that many medallists will be rewarded


Team Gb's flag bearer for tonight's closing ceremony


Kate-Richardson Walsh is on the front of the Times -


fresh from winning gold in the women's hockey.


The Sun highlights Britain's second place in the medal table -


with a higher tally than at London 2012


The Guardian bids a fond farewell to Rio after 17 days


Its main story accuses the NHS in England of a disgraceful lack


of diversity with white men in the majority of top jobs.


The Express claims die-hard City pessimists are eating their words


about the state of the post-Brexit economy.


In contrast - a sharp fall in spending on big


The paper says new Prime Minister Theresa May is not acting quickly


enough to rebuild the economy following the vote to leave the EU.


We have picked up some of those stories to talk about. Good evening


to you both. In The Metro, a brilliant front pageant yet they


could not fit everybody on there. 67 medals over all and some team


medals. Clearly, gold-medal winning here as our brilliant and deserve


all the recognition that the list also has silver and bronze medallist


people like the silver medal winner in the gymnastics, 16 years old. The


girl who won in trampolining, of all things... I love the trampolining


story. I didn't know it was an alien export! She said... They asked her


about she think there would be key to getting on the trampoline and she


seemed absolutely delighted at the idea. The nice thing about being


British is that we do celebrate the bronze. We are not like the Chinese


crying over silver and bronze, which state sometimes do. So the, who won


the hammer throw. She used to do ballet. It is a lovely story. The


first Team GB women on-field Mandel. How is it that! . -- medal. Any of


you who saw the Laura Trott's show, and the fact that she was a sickly


child. The stories behind the athletes are absolutely fantastic.


Just for example coming back from having a baby. For most women it is


routine but for her to come back... And have that sixpack. Turning to


the front page of the daily mile - look at that smile. -- Daily Mail.


Another double. After a double in London but now we think he has set


his sights on the marathon say he will presumably not doing the same


events. Not doing a triple double? Like Usain Bolt. Do you think he is


going to be in the honours list somewhere? I suspect he will be. I


think we'll he headlines. A lot of Mo Farah's success he has put down


to his ties with his children and family. His band a lot of time away


from his family, though. Every interview, he lists off the name of


his children, devoting his medals to them. In The Times, the story of


demand for possibly there will be on the honours list. What did you make


of this? One of the issues is that there is a quieter of how many


sports people get. It eerie, they could not give everybody won. They


are asking again to relax those rules. -- in theory. Coaches also


need to be rewarded because a lot of them make it almost sacrifices and


perhaps our unsung heroes. I was not aware there was a quote. By my quick


maths, 63 gongs and when you have 67 medals, that presents you with a


challenge. The Paralympians felt they were not given the same weight


after the London Olympics. Particularly, when you look at the


David Cameron's excerpts least, if a stylist and get one and press chief


can get a knighthood... It points to the fact that it is almost


diminishing the significant if everybody is going to get them. Like


you said, if a stylist gets one. There needs to be a criteria. It


should not just be patronage. With sports starts, they need to be


encouraging people into that spot are getting young people and lots of


them do a huge... I think it clearly does do that. I know how much


Gessica -- Gessica and is does that -- Ennis. Doing exercise, being


sporty, not doing the traditional thing of losing interest in their


teenage years. There is this programme, called these girls can


and they have done this on the back of Olympic Games, tackling mental


problems through sport. Moving on to our next story but staying in The


Times... Did you see that? LAUGHTER. Worrying story. We are aware of it.


There is a lot of detail... It is looking at an unhappiness at the


damage particularly in middle-class teenage girls. The huge number


suffering with anxiety and depression. A study of 30,000


teenagers. One of the things it notes quite low down, the teenage


rebellious behaviour that drinking, drug taking, smoking- have really


fall in over the past years. They do spend a lot of time on media... That


is a double edged sword. They are spending a lot of time on that and


also they do not want to be photographed on that drunk or off


their faces because they are savvy enough to think it might affect the


rest of their lives. There is a lot of pressure for them to perform in


school so some really worrying things about unhappiness. It points


to the fact that if you come from a family where your parents are


possibly educated to a degree level, you are more likely to suffer from


this level of anxiety? To an extent it follows high expectations both


from the parents and from the kids. Today's children are rays,


particularly in affluent parental situations, affluent toys, clothes,


consumer goodies -- children are raised. We cannot get it right, can


we. Let's move on. Good news possibly according to The Express.


What are they saying we should be happy about? LAUGHTER. Why are you


looking at me to pick this one up. Despite Brexit, which obviously is a


widely regarded as a big economic shock, an analysis... Sorry, a


survey of the financial industry has indicated that bosses are broadly


confident of weathering the post Brexit storm. Obviously, the paper


has an agenda on these but there have been some positive signals over


the last couple of weeks - jobless figures are better than expected,


retail figures are better than expected. The FT you mentioned, is


however reporting that infrastructure contracts are down so


a mixed picture. Pushing you on to the next story in The Guardian. What


have the NHS being saying? This is people at the top. The NHS actually


has a diverse workforce, and a lot of women in it they are not well


represented amongst trust shares. 2% of NHS Trust are chaired by people


from minorities. Extraordinary load. There is a suggestion that people


are pointing at the image and not seeking a wider pool. Is it about


who you know? There is a bit of that. Or what you look like.


Obviously a big public sector organisation wrestles with these and


very few are getting it right. It is a difficult problem to address


because you either put in a quota, like sky television said 20% of


talent both on screen and behind have to be black African minorities.


But you do not necessarily have the right person. If you have to fulfil


a quota, you do not necessarily end up with the right person in the


right job. A lot of people from the AME backgrounds, as they call them


now, they want the job on merit. There should be a level, I tend to


think. Because then you can still pick the best but do we have someone


we might sometimes overlook. We have about 30 seconds, it is not about


poor handwriting, what else could possibly be letting down students?


The exams will be scanned into a computer and the examiner will not


be able to read it. You have been warned. It has been a pleasure.


Coming up next on BBC News we have the Film Mitchell review.


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