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Hello, welcome to our look ahead to all of the papers, I will be with


Claire Coen, the women's editor for the Telegraph, and Charlie Wells.


The features editor. We will start with the Metro and its front page


splashes gongs for gold, the paper says that the Prime Minister is


poised to the Olympic heroes with a debut job on us. The Financial Times


leads with what is called a post Brexit pledge not to allow Britain's


exit to drive European project into reverse. The Daily Telegraph quotes


a new report from the student of Cancer research saying that, and


replacement therapy triples the risk of breast cancer. The Daily Express


says that cause duties border security in Europe have sparked


fury. And women are still far adrift when it and promotion compare to


men. The paper quotes the stewed for fiscal studies that says that on


average women and 18% less than average. The Daily Mail leads on


what it calls the rising toll of patients seriously hurt in blunders


by the NHS. And the Times says that China has taken control of North Sea


oil drilling, it calls their rigs strategic weapons. Talking about the


Olympics. Far more elevated. Gongs for gold, made to honour Olympic


heroes. Sir Mo, Daimler. Yes. Shows no sign of abating, Olympic fever,


we're told that they will rip up guidelines and honour the triumph.


We will become the first home country to perform so well. It


deserves to be celebrated, and I wonder whether this will be seen as


an extra incentive for young athletes coming up, that they might


get a gong at the end of it all. I'm sure that there will no doubt be


some curmudgeons saying, that the golden system is flawed and has lost


its meaning. And also a very nice detail, on the front of the Metro,


saying there will be recognition of support teams behind the medallists.


Coaches, nutritionists. The backroom staff have not had much recognition


so that is really nice. So what is the problem then, and the stylist of


Mr Hobsbawm, potentially being put forward with a gong -- Mr Osborne.


Perhaps there was not a problem. I'm sure many would disagree. Each one


of these gongs apparently costs, each one of these medals cost ?4.1


million apparently. That is expensive, not the question has


been, funding Olympic development. What the UK has certainly seen is


that when you pour re-sources into the athletic training, there seems


to be a benefit. A clear benefit. But no one seems to mind really, out


in the wider public because while we have all got the feel-good factor,


secondly it is not public money taken in taxes, it is national


lottery money that we have all volunteered by scratching cards. It


doesn't feel as if we had been scanned in this? It has not been


taken from our pockets in the same way, and in the last few turbulent


weeks we definitely need this to bring the country back together and


everybody is feeling really up about it. It is a feel-good factor for the


nation so why not award the people who made it happen. Exactly, one of


the gold medallists in the four by 100 relay, for the night estates in


swimming was a certain Ryan Lochte. He has been a naughty boy by his own


admission. He was not as candid as he should have been about a


so-called robbery. Now his sponsors are fleeing for the hills? Writes so


this story certainly picking up steam, Americans pay a lot of


attention to corporate sponsors, and a lot of attention to the


commercials at the Olympics. As a child I am talking about the


competitions but also about the commercials that flooded the


airwaves. So here, we have got a major former sponsor, like


Ralph Lauren, Speedo, saying that they can no longer back him, because


his behaviour is not necessarily in line with their brands. It seems


like it will cost him about $1 million. It is going to be


expensive. America ended at the top of the medals table and usually


does, usually more than the Russians or the Chinese. Is this the kind of


incident that could take the gloss off it? Yes there has been stories


about how this is overshadowing a lot of positive news stories about


certain athletes that have broken milestones. What we also know is


that the limb picks is about soft power. It is about countries


projecting positive narratives about their people, and right now, the


US's soft power is tarnished a little bit with this story. It would


be great to focus on somebody, instead, we are focusing on an


athlete, and his misbehaviour. Wasn't he trying to become a reality


TV star? A lot of Olympic athletes will go on to try and lay their


success. But Americans pay a lot of attention to these large


corporations, and it could put them at risk. And I think Americans are


less forgiving, Ryan Lochte was saying that he was intoxicated and


he can't remember what happened. He was immature. It wasn't as candid in


his own words stop and we might be more forgiving than Americans.


Rulli? Yes we hold them to a very high standard, the drinking. But it


is not what he did but the life. Yes it is the cover-up, always the


cover-up. European leaders talking about an EU army. You can argue that


they are trying to cover up the cracks in the European Union after


Brexit? They are insisting that they are not disheartened. It is going to


be fine. You have got this impactful picture of them striding, in a James


Bond thing, very choreographed. As the Daily Telegraph says. But the


story is about plans for the EU army, which is something that we


keep on hearing about time and again, apparently they are going to


accelerate his plan in the wake of the British departure. The


suggestion is that Britain was something of a stumbling block. And


they are talking about sharing intelligence, sharing defence for


sis. This is not the end of Europe's. Not at all. Is this the


kind of thing, that would have the Pentagon thinking wow, or oh my god.


Yes, what is interesting, is it is talking about this European army


risks undermining Nato's role as the primary European defence block. So


what would the relationship be? It is a tricking one. Daschle tricky


one. Onto HRT risks. HRT triples the risk of breast cancer. Is it a


reputable study? We hear those studies about HRT, mired in


confusion and controversy, since being the 80s or the 90s miracle


drug that was supposed to help menopausal women feed a lot better.


This is a reputable is buddy from the astute of Cancer research, under


powers and women over 40 years. There is node and nine that it is


comprehensive. They are saying that women who use it are three times


more likely to develop breast cancer, they say that the risks of


illness, taking the drug had been previously understated. That comes


in contrast to nice changing their guidelines at the end of last year,


saying that women need not suffer in silence and more doctors should be


prescribing this. It is a major study but I feel that the confusion


around it is going to continue and it is hard to say that it is


absolutely safe. Like a lot of things in the medical sphere,


difficult to know what the truth is, and what you can believe and not


believe. It is really important to read past the headline, we see that


scary word in the headline, and then be go on to read, about individual


choice. And about, how the symptoms of menopause can be "Hellish" for


women. So perhaps there are benefits of this drug that outweigh the


potential risks. That highlights how difficult medical decisions are,


they are not necessarily black or white. There is a lot of talk about


Ethan, you may have family risk. By dating this gives people the answers


they are looking for. Talking about medicine. Patients is the hurt in


NHS blunders? Right, a lot of medical experts saying that blunders


are a sign of health care system is under strain. We have been reading


time and again about the NHS, I think from a journalistic


perspective, we should keep in mind, this story, compares figures to the


current year, two 2005. Why we are looking at that particular year. We


also see some figures compared to 2014, why are we looking at those


particular years. It says that the patient treated by the HS, 90


minutes following a serious medical blunder. More than 6000 incidents


involving accidental cuts, punches, perforations or haemorrhages? It


sounds pretty grim, critics of Jeremy Hunt's seven-day NHS will use


this as ammunition and talk about poor training levels and inadequate


staff. NHS statisticians comparing NHS figures with other NHS figures,


it is hard to pick it. I think more detail is needed really. The quality


drive fails to barge the wage gap for higher educated women over two


decades. This problem has persisted, despite efforts at cutting the gap.


It is pretty depressing reading, two studies out tomorrow, one is from


the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Talking about women earning 18% less


than men. Closing date pay gap which is stalling, and one from the CM


icon that how male managers, are 40% more likely to be promoted than


female managers. I think the main point for me to take out of it is


the motherhood penalty, which is something that rumbles on and on. It


is good to have cold stats to talk about this. Women, maternity


discrimination essentially, for women aged 26 to 35, the gender pay


gap is 6% but when you get to 36, he jumps to 20%, women going off to


maternity leave, and suddenly, they find that they come back and they


are sidelined. I think it is 54,000 women a year RS to make it to be


squeezed out of work through maternity leave. -- are estimated.


And there is not a lot of transparency. Is that the problem,


no transparency, sexist bosses who whatever? There are a number of


factors, what we are seeing is time. Overcoming, centuries of inequality,


takes a long time. Something that is interesting is that we are starting


to see the narrative shift towards the upper echelons, women who are


highly educated. The Wall Street Journal had a story about corporate


boards, talking about more diversity, so that is an interesting


change, in the debate. Overturning centuries of patriarchal system in


20 years? But it is interesting, you say sex but I think a lot of it is


more than sexism, a male boss might think that a woman wants a less


challenging role, when they come back from maternity leave. Right we


are gay to be purely sex is now, we are going to talk about -- we are


going to be purely sexist now, we are going to talk about Poldark.


Within 15 minutes he's bearing his chest apparently. Let us see it, why


not. We haven't got the picture. Oh no! This is going to be acquired


viewing for a lot of people over the next few weeks. It is quite


interesting because between the first series and the second series,


quite a few people have been po-faced. Aidan Turner, his co-stars


have said. We have got our act together, there it is. They have


said that all of the focus on his top list shots is sexist. In the


first years they didn't know how big a deal this was going to be, they're


coming into the second series with a knowing hive. I don't think it is


any car incident is that within 15 minutes we will see his chest. But


all I can say is that as a male, seeing that image, if I didn't have


my kind of chest I would not be wearing my seat right now. Bad is it


for the papers, don't forget, all the front pages are online -- that


is it. It is all there for you, seven days a week. You can see us


there too, with each edition of the papers being posted shortly after we


finish. So thanks again, thanks to you. Much more at the top of the


tower. -- the tower. A warm night for many of us turning


misty and murky, and over the next


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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