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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Coming up in a moment, the Papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to all of the papers, the


broadcaster Lynne Ford and the journalist Sean Dillon. Let us have


a look at some of the front pages. We are going to start with smiles


and selfie is at Heathrow Airport, as they concentrate on the


homecoming of Team GB. And, the i describes the row between Jeremy


Corbyn and Richard Branson as a bizarre row. And the Guardian have


the medallists and the now famous train journey. The paper also, the


Daily Mail also puts Jeremy Corbyn on the front page. They say that it


calls his credibility as a leader on the line. On a Daily Telegraph says


that UK Kimmich and have access to Skype and phones to help keep


contact with family. And the express leads on a story on a Calais refugee


camp, saying that the number of people trying to cross the channel


has doubled in the last two months. We are going to start with trained


date. Rail gate, ticket gate. The Daily Mail. All of the stuff that is


happening in the world, and we have got oodles of space,. It is on


pretty much every cover, you know why? It is pretty funny. It is not


that it is funny, it is sad that we have got a politician who is trying


to make a point that is easily shot down and then you have got Richard


Branson, Corbin's point is that he wants to privatise the well rate, --


the railway. If they were nationalised we could run them


better. And of course Richard Branson who owns the training


question, and who doesn't want to give up his ownership comedies now


rubbishing Corbin, so it is a terrible shame. Just take people


through. The Daily Mail, Jeremy Corbyn, the first class hypocrite.


He is making the point that he was on a train that was full so he had


to sit on the floor and he filmed this but virgin saying that the


train wasn't full. It wasn't, was it? Heat is 11am, trains can be


really full and really annoying and maybe there is a 26-year-old woman,


she couldn't get a seat. But the thing that struck me, first of all


the difference between the different stories on this. Daly but the Daily


Mail starts with "Jeremy Corbyn's credibility is in shreds after CCTV


suggests that he lied about having to sit on the floor". Let us look at


the timing, I have sympathy for Jeremy Corbyn who must feel slightly


discombobulated about the fuss, that this has caused this evening, but I


think the suspicion is, when you look through the photographs, you


see him walking past reserved or not reserved, if there are no empty seat


you go by reserved. The suspicious journalist in me, ultimately he


wanted to make a report about something to show that, maybe you'd


get the train at 9am but not 11, the suspicion is that they have almost


storyboarded this, to demonstrate the point that he is making, and it


is a bit embarrassing, it is a nonissue, he got on a train, he has


a very sincerely held view, some people think that is amazing and


some people will hugely disagree with it. It has blown up a little


bit as a result but how much of that is the issue and the answer? If you


go on the train and he is going to give a speech in Newcastle, and he


knows where he's going, you booked ahead because it is cheaper. He's


also making the point that the trains are expensive and they are


actually compared to other ones? We don't know that he didn't miss a


train in fairness. Quite a gang of them, but the point is that he has


come out of King's Cross, and you can see on your news channel that


there is a number of reserved seats that haven't been taken up. Everyone


knows that once the train has moved off, you grab those seats. If you


have somebody who is Prime Minister, you need somebody whose Prime


Minister, who can save areas and empty seat. But we have alluded to


the contrast that the papers have taken, the Daily Mail essentially


attacking Jeremy Corbyn, the Guardian saying that Jeremy Corbyn


fends off the attack. He defends his claim of ramped pack trains. This


sums up the relationships between sections of the press, and the


Labour leader. Ever since the went to the top of the party? He is a


hugely divisive character. I think his strength and his weakness can be


boiled down to this, he doesn't say anything he doesn't think, but he


opens up a can of worms because he doesn't appear to think anything


that he doesn't say. I think many of us can respect somebody who has


actual principles and something to contribute but what we are seeing


and the Labour leadership election will prove this, is the divide


between the Parliamentary party with Harriet Harman attacking him for


sitting in front of the loo in the first place and not booking. Is in


that part of the appeal for Jeremy Corbyn, he doesn't focus group what


he says. He doesn't test it with the public and he says what he means and


people like that. He has stuck to it for 30 years and the problem is he


has been a rebel for 30 years, he is a very nice chap but do you want the


very nice chap running your opposition party who has always been


a rebel and who thinks that this is with his team a good way to handle


his story? This was a sitting duck for the press. He was sitting


literally on the floor. He has got such bad publicity, and you think,


more sympathetic in the Guardian, but it is not completely Rand


packed. And you can see, interestingly Sean, Richard Branson


getting involved, in virgin they clearly see him as an extension


threat, Mr Corbyn. Either that, or Richard Branson is Newsnight this


morning, he wants more privatisation so that he can buy more trains,


naturally that is what we call enterprise and Jeremy Corbyn has the


opposite view. It could be, that they would answer it back. Letter


scope to the Daily Telegraph, prisoners me Skype phones on their


trains apparently? I have a of sympathy with this story and the way


that the headline makes it look as if they could make contact with a


drug dealer, but actually, Her Majesty 's Inspectorate are making


the point, that they need contact with their families. Something like


70% of prisoners come back into the inside again afterwards and for them


to have better relationships with their families, if this is


controlled properly I think it is a jolly good thing for them to have


more contact with the outside because at the moment they are


smuggling in phones for various purposes. And if they can clamp down


on that, one reason they say they get hold of those is because they


never have enough time to talk to their families. So I am sympathetic.


I know some people say it is outrageous, that there are drug


deals. It talks about rehabilitation so few are reintroducing somebody to


society. Andrew Rossendale quoted the Romford MP saying, you're not


going to treat them nicely effectively. It is part of building


up responsibility surely? I think it is punishment enough to be taken


away from everything you know into prison. You guys are in agreement on


that one, that is good to see. As long as it is controlled. Indeed,


the Financial Times, commercial property deal slips. We had the June


and July sales figures. So what is going on with this? If you have a


Brexit voter coming out of the EU, with an transplant in, not coming


out of the Council of Europe. If you are in big is this you will be


slightly reticent to invest because you don't know what the market is


going to do. However when you say that the interest rate is at an


all-time low and we are gained to keep it because the worst thing the


world is Brexit, people are buying houses all the way around the United


Kingdom. So it would be interesting, anyone with a notion of place good


economics would probably say that if the housing market is pretty good,


maybe some of these other buildings and commercial enterprises will be


looking up to capitalise on that. What they are saying here is that it


is not a surprise that this is one of the first areas to be hit. They


are using language like one of the first areas to be hit. It is


spending in the summer because we suddenly had a son and people spend


money. But we have saved it really and the housing market, and it is


costing us less to borrow and it is costing us nothing. Buy a house they


are brilliantly good value at the moment stopping you can't buy a


house. It might be business. You have still got to get a mortgage


even though interest rates are low. It is interesting, public seem to be


weathering the whole Brexit thing a little bit better, than business


owners, bosses and indeed commercial property. That is the winter of our


discontent. People have been having a very nice time feeling good about


the Olympics. We haven't gone there yet because we are going very


quickly. XP HS owner says he cannot afford to file taxes. -- to travel


by taxi. This is the former owner of BHS who has gone bust. He has got


2.6 million from it before it collapsed and he is in a 1.6 million


manor house, he says he's in hardship because his nearest


bus and trains are miles away. I am in tears but I tell you what, the


front page of the Daily Mail, the ladies are not in tears, they are


smiling. We are home with goals. Great things have been happening,


her lovely picture. And support of the Olympics after 2012, frankly


people didn't care, now, people in Rio are saying that they will really


miss the fixed -- people the UK. The medals on them have Rio 2016 in


Braille. Not difficult to do but it is part of universal access. Can I


get world on Dominic Chappel. We have talked enough about him. That


is it for the papers tonight, don't forget all of the front pages are


online on the website. By thanks to my guests and of course to you for


watching. The headlines are next, goodbye for now. Hello it has been a


dull and damp and cool day across Scotland, for England and Wales


boast of us have seen scenes like this. Capturing the picture of the


blue skies. Recording one of the highest


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