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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Kevin Schofield, Editor of Politics Home


and Lindsay Razaq, The Press and Journal's Westminster


The Times front page leads with a promise by the UK's defence


Secretary Michael Fallon to block any EU army proposal -


so long as Britain remains part of the union.


The Financial Times has a warning from a former military chief that


Britain's forces could not defend against an all-out attack.


The Daily Mail continues its coverage of dangerous driving


caused by mobile phone use - applauding the paper's own efforts


to see penalties doubled to six points for offending drivers.


The Mirror also claims victory for the same campaign


to see stricter penalties for mobile-phone using motorists.


Patients may be able to skip queues for a fee in a move that


could destabilise the NHS, warns The i.


Meanwhile The Sun devotes its front page to the first


female soldier to serve - after a sex change.


A Daily Telegraph campaign sails across its front page, calling


for the Royal Yacht Britannia to be returned to the seas to help secure


Sorry, you noted a smile in my voice.


And Saudi airstrikes killing innocent victims in Yemen features


Quite a lot of European Union stuff in one form or another. Britain to


block EU army, Nato rival will not happen, vows the Defence Secretary.


You read in the first paragraph, for as long as we are in the EU, which


might not be for much longer? We can only make that point up until the


point when we are no longer in the EU. When we leave, there is no


chance to have a say on that. This came up a number of times during the


campaign. Jean-Claude Juncker was largely ridiculed when he brought it


up earlier in the year and people were suggesting this will never


happen. According to The Times, they have seen the document that has been


discussed at the EU summit, the idea for a common defence Force. It does


seem to be something they are genuinely looking at. What is the


reaction, if we are trying to get people onside and get the


negotiation going, how helpful a statement is this? Not very helpful


at all. If they are going to go ahead and do it, and it seems they


are pretty intent on doing it, it will happen anyway once we leave the


EU, I would imagine something like this will take quite some time to


set up. Is it in Britain's long-term strategic interests to be picking a


fight on a relatively minor issue that will not affect us once we


leave the European Union, when there are so many other bits of give and


take that we need to expect during the discussions that will take place


once we invoke Article 50. When you look on The Financial Times,


Britain's withered forces unable to defend against all-out attack, you


wonder whether we might be glad of some back-up? If what General Sir


Richard Baron's saying, the outgoing joint forces command chief, if what


he is saying is right, we could probably do with a bit of help from


other countries as well. It is a pretty damning assessment of


Britain's military capability. The Financial Times have seen a memo


which he has given on his retirement to the Ministry of Defence. It is


really damning. He says basically that we are not ready for any kind


of military attack, particularly from Russia, a Russian air campaign


would quickly overwhelm Britain. There is no military plan to defend


the UK in a conventional conflict. He says the defence budget has been


stripped away. There is the review going on at the moment, the MoD is


looking to save ?1 billion from selling off land and military sites


that they feel they don't need any more. It is a problem and they are


trying to get cash wherever they can. Theresa May has committed to


the 2% spend on defence, I believe. As you were saying earlier, if you


are starting from a very low place, it doesn't matter if it is 1% or two


percent, if it is starting from a very low point. How well is it being


spent? We are spending 70 millions of pounds, but if it is not being


properly invested, clearly it is not much use. It is a damning indictment


of the state of military preparedness. The Daily Telegraph,


bring back Britannia to rule the waves after Brexit? This is a


campaign they are mounting? Slightly odd story on the front page of the


Telegraph. The idea to bring back Britannia. It is all about the


rhetoric, isn't it? Britannia rules the waves, are we going to be


returning to that, as you were saying earlier, bring back the


Empire. Very backwards looking. I'm not advocating that, don't anybody


think. It seems quite backward facing and I would have thought that


if we are going to make the most Brexit, as Theresa May keeps saying,


we need to be forward-looking and thinking, looking to the future,


rather than harking back to some supposed golden age as some would


call it. Isn't it nice to have a place like the Royal yacht Britannia


to wine and dine people, encourage them to sign trade deals with us? It


is certainly memorable. Was decommissioned in 19 years ago, it


has been sitting in dock as a tourist attraction ever since. You


wonder if it is seaworthy, for a start. They talk about perhaps not


being the original Royal yacht Britannia, may be a replica. But we


don't have the money for it, so we are having to put out the begging


bowl asking for donations to build this thing or at least get the


existing one seaworthy. There is no suggestion the taxpayer will foot


the bill? I don't think so. Jake Berry, a Tory MP behind this, he is


apparently looking for... He has already approached donors across the


Commonwealth, a Canadian figure has offered ?10 million. Doesn't go far


when you are recommissioning a boat? If it has been out of action for


nearly two decades, it will take more than 10 million quid. One of


the criticisms of those in favour of Brexit was that there was no


planning. That was seen to back it up. With the big idea for boosting


trade is to bring back a boat that has not been... That is not what it


is, is it? It seems to be one of the key ideas. They are talking about


how it would... It is a symbol, isn't it? It would help to secure ?3


billion of commercial trade deals, when it was seaworthy. That is not


loose change. It would be relied upon to bring in a lot of money from


countries that want to do trade deals, when we leave the European


Union. It seems like it is almost being made up as we go along. Let us


look at this picture on the front of the Telegraph, it has made the front


of several newspapers. Sealed with a kiss. Look at those expressions.


This is the new leader of Ukip, Diane James, about to receive a


smacker from the outgoing leader, Nigel Farage. Does not look keen? If


you are being kind, you might say it is unfortunate timing that the


picture was taken. Watching it on TV, it wasn't immediately obvious


she was recoiling in horror when he came into view. Clever editing? The


camera doesn't lie, she does not look like she is happy to see him


advancing towards her with his lips puckered. I don't think she will be


happy that this is on the front of the papers. One of the key thing is


to say about this is that Ukip as a woman leader, that is the SNP, the


DUP, Scottish Labour, the Scottish Tories, the Conservative Party.


Think is great. The only party with a male leader is Labour, the only


mainstream. And mail deputy leader. They have never had one. Harriet


Harman was acting leader for a while. Margaret back it, when John


Smith died. -- Margaret Becket. You could have beaten Labour to the


punch when it comes to quality. Speaking of Labour, Jeremy Corbyn,


of course I have made mistakes. He is holding out an olive branch. Who


to and how is it going to play out? Holding out an olive branch, she The


He said he was growing an olive tree on the balcony of his office. That


is true. They will need a lot of olive branches, I hope it is a big


tree. There are a lot of people he has fallen out with. He is basically


saying should he win, and all indications are that he is going to


win when the result is announced, they cannot go on as they were.


There would have to be some kind of approach meant with the rebels, the


moderates, those that resigned, to try to get them back onside. Dan


Jarvis, and others. What is he apologising for? The idea is that


there has been so much disunity with the party that perhaps, gradually,


he is realising the Labour Party cannot progress in this manner with


such division and this is perhaps a realisation on his part that he will


have to compromise a bit. On the other side of the party, those that


are dead set against him, if he does win, which he is likely to, I think


they will also have to like it or lump it and start compromising as


well for the good of the party. If there is not going to be a general


election for four years and Theresa May is insisting will go all the way


to 2020, you cannot operate without a functional opposition, there needs


to be some mechanism. Ukip said they were opposition in waiting? With one


MP? Or the SNP, they are pitched as the real opposition because they are


at least United. PMQs, for the first time, Corbyn actually won. I don't


think that has happened since he has been leader. Best what he has had,


yes. By focusing on grammar schools, he briefly managed to unite the


party for a moment. I think maybe he has seen that and maybe it follows


on from that. There have been if you own goals. He has to make a few


concessions as well. They will have to come forward. That poor olive


tree. It will be pretty bare. The Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail,


whichever order you like. Six points if you use your mobile at the wheel.


Victory for Daily Mail campaign to toughen up the driving law. That is


currently three points. Hold on a minute. The Daily Mirror is saying


that they have scored a victory with the government announcing that


drivers will get the six points. Both of them are saying that they


have won campaigns, but for how long? Both of them are saying they


have launched the campaign is just two days ago. I think the Daily


Mirror clinches it because they have victory in much bigger text. But


there is a serious point. It is good that something is being done to


crack down on this. You do see people calling and even texting at


the wheel. This will be a deterrent, I think. Six points, I think that is


half before you get banned. Two times and that is it. I think it


will deter people. Chris Grayling says he wants to make it has


socially unacceptable as drink-driving. It is quite humorous


they are both claiming victory. The secret of newspaper campaigns is do


not launch one unless you know you are going to win it. Maybe we will


get the tiny! Maybe they have been kept a win could well happen. You


are so sceptical. -- Maybe we will get Britannia. Do it for the


economy, scratching and H for -- the itch of cashrich and time poor


people. There are incredible services for people that don't have


time to do everything they would like to? The introduction is about


these lice assassins. People with disposable income, they could bring


it in. You can go to a lounge or have done at home. If you are too


ashamed to go to the lounge, simply can't to your home. Hey lice Lounge!


I remember my sister bringing them home from school, and my mother


sitting there with a comb. She will love you for saying that(!) It is


?350, not cheap! You can buy a bottle of lice solution for a few


pounds. You can bring somebody into teacher child to ride a bike, surely


that is something that the parent should share with a child? You were


talking about enjoying that. Going through that joy with my


six-year-old child. I would not swap it, I would not want somebody to do


it for me. I remember my dad showing me how to ride a bike. I was 18! I


just made that up. Sign of The Times. ?150 to get rid of head lice?


Really? We have all started itching at the thought of the story. Nice to


see you both. Don't forget all the front pages


are online on the BBC News website where you can read a detailed review


of the papers. It's all there for you, seven days


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at the top of the hour. Hello. No great drama this weekend,


you will be pleased to hear. It has been a


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