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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are former Foreign Correspondent and author


Matthew Green and the journalist and writer Toby Young.


The Treasury has given millions of pounds intended for war veterans


to unknown charities, claims the Sunday Times.


TheIndependent leads with reports that


in Africa are being used as animal feed.


on a Syrian migrant using a fake passport to reach the UK


Three servicemen face prosecution for the death over


of a teenager 13 years ago - that's on the Telegraph's front


Princess Eugenie seeks the Queen's approval


for her upcoming marriage, according to the Sunday Express.


This death of a teenager, this seems to be an issue which never seemed to


go away. This as a result of a in Dasher investigation carried out, a


government-sponsored investigative team set up to investigate


allegations of war crimes against serving British soldiers during the


Iraq war. In this particular case, the three servicemen, who have been


told they may be facing charges, have already been cleared by a


military investigation by 2006 of any wrongdoing in connection with


this case. So this has caused consternation among the various


ex-military serving MPs. Should a line be drawn under this? If it is


deemed to be a criminal matter? Nobody denies that British soldiers


need to be held to account if there are substantial allegations made but


they have been through a judicial process already on there being


dragged through with the possibility of another investigation. The


psychological strain, not just on the three individuals, who are being


put on trial again, but for other service personnel who may be


connected to them all the fear they may be pulled into similar


investigations, is huge. I am certain that there are military


families up and down the country horrified by reading this and very


worried about what might happen next.


Another story, we have got long, I know Toby is champing at the bit!


Tory MP sets up new group to push for Brexit. The group is called


leave means lean. We know Brexit means Brexit, but nobody can tell us


what that means! The comedy continues. Theresa May has a


terrible task trying to execute something other than a total train


wreck with Brexit. And looks like there is a hard-core of Eurosceptic


Tory MPs who want to put pressure on her to go for hard Brexit, who don't


care about access to the single market, they just want Britain out


of the EU as soon as possible, come what may. This party is seems to


have national interest at stake, but it seems to be riven by some strange


mania. You may be reading too much into the Sunday Telegraph's


headline, if you go into the detail, it only names three. Three, I


thought says six? That doesn't as the pigment. Dominic Rob, Gerald


Howarth and another. But it says the group supports John Whittingdale,


who was part of the Vote Leave campaign and who demanded last week


that the Article 15 process be triggered in a matter of weeks, not


years. But Donald Tusk says that Theresa May has tipped him off that


the process. In February, that is not far off. Yes, and Theresa May


does not want to go into the next election with a question hanging


over half. She doesn't want to refight the referendum in the next


general election. She wants to fight Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party and she


is more likely to win if she fights the election on that basis.


The Sunday Times. Scandal as war heroes charity millions banished.


The suggestion that the Treasury gave away funds without checking.


You have done a lot of work with service personnel, particularly what


happens to them when they leave. These charities are doing a job on


behalf of the state? This is a hugely important story that the


Sunday Times has identified. The government knows that it has a huge


problem in dealing with thousands of men and women coming back from Iraq


and Afghanistan who have psychological injuries that can take


many years to surface. We don't have a system in place to provide them


with the care that they need to have a chance of getting well. The real


tragedy is that with the right help, even people who feel damaged to


their very core can sometimes make remarkable transformations. But


throwing money at charities and hoping that that will somehow work


is failing and this story is just another piece of evidence to support


that conclusion. Isn't it the case that there are some good charities


and some bad charities and some are well run, and some not? Yes, and the


difficulty here is that, if the Sunday Times was right, is that a


fund was set up by George was born in which 35 and in pounds were put.


These funds paid by banks and -- 30 ?5 million. There was pressure to


get this money out to charities and and the Chief Executive of one


charity, not one of the ones accused of misusing money, he has said that


they found ?5 million that has been misused and he thinks it is the tip


of the eyes bug. But you wonder what else we do? I don't suppose the


government wants to have to try and provide this kind of support on the


taxpayer? That may be the case, that's a political decision. But


there needs to be somebody in Westminster who is in charge of this


brief. There is a Fetterman 's Minister, but there was nobody at


the top of the pyramid -- veterans minister. But there is nobody at the


top of the pyramid so is making sure the money is being spent on the


right people in the right way. There has been a policy of shovelling this


money at charities with different ideas and clashing personalities and


expecting that it will deliver adequate service. Part of the


problem is that there are large sums of government money going to


charities. This feels like an echo of the case last year involving Kids


Company which found that -- in which we found that money had been


channelled to a charity that had not been properly scrutinised.


This paper has found three people who are suffering from a rare blood


cancer who might not get a stem cell operation because the NHS has got to


fund this HIV drug. Is this just a case of competing demands on NHS


funds? This is quite an alarming story and it says that it looks as


though it is the cost of this particular HIV treatment which is


why it is being stopped. And I guess it is part of a larger story about


the NHS is being strapped for funds. And the NHS has been told it had to


at least consider funding this HIV treatment by the court. It's a


dilemma as to whether you invest money upfront to prevent a higher


cost further down the line... With HIV sufferers. Yes, but in the


meantime you see people losing out. It must be heartbreaking for people


going through this chemotherapy to be told that this treatment will not


be available. Mail on Sunday, migrants flying


migrant in on Ryanair. I'm not sure has a bit airline is, but the


significance of what they have done is what, Matthew? Dramatic headline,


the story is not quite so dramatic! A Syrian migrant has apparently been


given a fake passport, bought a Ryanair ticket in cash, went through


the checks on a fake passport and came to the UK where he probably


claimed asylum. Sounds like the system is working quite well if he


turned himself into the authorities on arrival! But fake passport? Yes,


the story is the creation of this anarchist pro-refugee group, no


borders. This is the kind of thing that people will do to show that


there are loopholes in anti-refugee security apparatus. If anything,


this will make the British Border Force tighten controls on refugees


potentially coming in on full staff bought on airlines rather than


actually help the No Borders calls, so it is an odd one for them to be


involved with. They have shot themselves in the foot. Typically,


the stories are done with newspapers with anti-refugee agenda. We only


know of one particular case but it highlights the fact that it can be


done, people can get through. Yes, but that's not really news, is it?


It's a new way of doing it, by a different group.


Let's finish with this story in the Independent. It's a fantastic story,


a picture of fishermen in Senegal landing a cache of sardines. You


think, fine, but the argument is that it is exclusive, these fish


stocks are needed in Africa and they are being brought to the West. Yes,


that's the story. That the potential impact on the population of West


Africa. It can be devastating. Because they won't have as much fish


to eat because their fish stocks are being depleted by these various


companies who are funnelling the finish to check on, salmon and pig


farms in the West. I'm not sure from the fish point of view it's such a


tragedy, the story says "Fish destined for human mouths in South


Africa", it's as if the fish swimming happily towards a west


African mouth and they have been rudely diverted by Western capital.


A strange way of framing the story. But there is a series is seeing in


that the state of our oceans, it is parlous. The population of fish


stocks, fished by humans has collapsed by 50% over the last few


decades. We know that climate change is causing ocean acidification and


be seen the bleaching of coral reefs in the last few months. This is a


tragedy for fishermen in West Africa but it is a global problem that we


will all pay the price for. The argument of this article is that


this food is needed in Africa, a constant which of course has food


insecurity. Yes, fish is the main protein source for coastal


communities. But the fact is, this fish is being hoovered up by these


enormous floating industrial plants. They look like Manhattan tower


blocks on their sides at night, covered in light, hoovering up these


fish and they are being pulped and used as chicken feed so that we can


have cheaper chicken. It is obviously insanity. It is the kind


of thing that is wrecking the planet. That is it for this hour,


but Matthew and Toby will be back at 11:30pm when I'm hoping that we will


be able to do the Sunday Times story, big headed babies are


brightest. We will be measuring our crane and -- craniums. Next on BBC


News, Reporters.


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