17/09/2016 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are former Foreign correspondent and author


Matthew Green and the journalist and writer Toby Young.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with this.


The Treasury has given millions of pounds intended for war veterans


to some unknown charities, claims The Sunday Times.


The Independent leads with reports that fish


intended for human consumption in Africa are being used


The Daily Mail reports on a Syrian migrant


using a fake passport to reach the UK on a Ryanair flight.


for the death of an Iraqi teenager 13 years ago,


that's on the Telegraph's front page.


Princess Eugenie seeks the Queen's approval


for her upcoming marriage, according to the Sunday Express.


A couple of stories on the Sunday Telegraph. Betrayal, as soldiers


face Iraq prosecution. These are servicemen who could face trials.


That is even though they thought it had been investigated and put to


rest. That is right. Three servicemen accused of involvement in


the death of an Iraqi teenager in the immediate aftermath of the


invasion in 2003. They have already been three military investigation


which has cleared then. Now it is looking like they may face another


trial through a separate process and prosecution. Obviously, to have to


go through the same trial twice, that is going to be stressful for


anybody. Especially for military personnel, one of whom is reported


to be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and injuries. What


is the justification? The issue is not so much that it is stressful to


go through the same trial twice. It is a fundamental principle of


justice that if you are tried and found not guilty you cannot be tried


again for the same crime. This... It looks as if the Iraq Historic


Allegations Team set up by the labour government to investigate


various allegations of wrongdoing by British service personnel in Iraq


are recommending that this investigation be reopened and that


these three men be charged again. But actually the allegations which


this organisation was set up to investigate were made by a law firm


which closed in the summer over alleged regularities which seems


scandalous. The Telegraph. Tory MPs set up a new group to push for


Brexit. Who are these people? How many are there? Three Conservative


MPs have been named in this story. The new group is called Leave Means


Leave, an echo of Brexit means Brexit from Theresa May. Sir Gerald,


Dominic, the former Justice Minister, and Owen Paterson, the


former Environment Secretary. There are three others involved as well.


It looks as if they are pushing for Theresa May to trigger Article 50


sooner rather than later. They are urging her not to accept a deal


which involves written remaining in the single market. -- Britain. They


are claiming that no deal is better than a bad deal, especially if it


involves us making trade agreements with those outside the EU. Why are


you shaking your head? LAUGHING. It is the golf of


rationality these people seem to be on the other side of. It looks like


a car running towards the cliff and they want to press the accelerator


rather than steering to an arrangement that might not be a huge


blow to Rajesh business. If the country wants to leave the EU,


meaning getting out of the single market, the only way to control the


borders, get on with it, say some people. Or maybe try and figure out


some sort of solution that causes the least amount of damage to


Britain's economic success and global standing. How damaging do you


think it would be to the British economy if we had no trade agreement


with the EU when we eventually did leave the EU? That would not mean no


trade with the EU. That would mean trade under WTO rules rather than


free trade agreements of some kind. That might not be disastrous if we


had compensation through other trade agreements with other places. What


will that be, five years? Ten years, before we get that new deal?


Legally, I think we need to leave the EU, withdraw from the EU, before


we can start making free trade agreements with other parts of the


world. But we don't have to make a free-trade agreement with the EU. We


are ticking along quite well before we even started having this


conversation. It seems like a monumental task now to try to


totally re-engineered this enormous system, for what actual gains at the


end of that? The gain is that we can... British sovereignty is


restored to the British Parliament. Is denied per cent of our laws are


made by a 28 unelected officials. -- 58. It is just kind of like a


face-palm moment when groups like these are trying to do something


when the government does not even know what Brexit means. It seems


like a total folly. I don't think groups like this will have a great


deal of influence. Theresa May is anxious to forge a deal which


commands consensus. They want to help Leavers and Remainers. I feel


reassured. The act of alchemy that is about to help us out of the


situation. It is a bit late now. Scandal as millions disappear from


the Treasury. Funds given away without checking. Funds given to


charities, various charities, to try to help the many, many service men


and women who are leaving the forces and need support. This is a huge


issue. I have written about this in my new book Aftershock... A


shameless plug. But go on. LAUGHING. It looks at this very


subject. 100 years ago we had an epidemic of shellshock on the Battle


of the Somme. Sentries have passed and we have not got a system in


place still to help soldiers and other service personnel suffering


from psychological injury. -- centuries. The government has thrown


money at a number of charities, some of which which are doing great work,


but there are many which have great questions over then. There is a


political vacuum in Westminster to look at this problem and get all the


parties involved to come up with a solution that actually... Or a


system... That actually works. But it hasn't happened in. If you


formalise it and do it through government it is going to cost the


taxpayer a lot of money. I think this looks awfully like the scandal


we saw last year over Kids Company with the Department for Education


giving large amounts of taxpayer money to them without doing proper


due diligence. This look the same. ?35 million worth of libor fines


were set aside by the Treasury. And that money is pledged to these


various charities that work with those suffering Post-Traumatic


Stress Disorder it looks like not much due diligence was done before


deciding who to award this money to. The Sunday Times the cancer


treatment to pay for HIV drugs. It protects healthy people from


developing HIV. There are three people who the paper has identified,


Toby, who might as a result of that miss out a life-saving cancer


operations to pillow these three people have got a rare blood cancer.


They have had a number of treatments to prepare them for a potentially


life-saving stem cell transplant. But they have now been told they


cannot have this operation because the NHS has been ordered by the High


Court to set aside 10- ?20 million to pay for any treatment which is


designed to prevent people who are at high risk of getting HIV rather


than people who are actually suffering from HIV. A preventative


drug programme, this is. The reason this is a little bit scandalous is


that it seems to prioritise spending on preventative medicine rather than


treating those actually ill. Moving on to the Mail on Sunday. Anarchists


flying on Ryanair. Tell us about this. We could do with more


information on these. Oh, come on. This group, No Borders, accused of


stirring up trouble with migrant and refugee camps across Europe We don't


have much more information on the paper. But the story boils down to


the fact a Syrian migrant was able to buy a cash Ryanair ticket in


Athens airport, use a fake passport to get through security, then claim


asylum. What sticks out to me is that he did present himself to


authorities and claimed asylum so he has therefore been discovered. May


be the banner headline should not be as alarming as it should have been.


He says he could have been a jihadi. He was not. Vital African fish


stocks raided to feed the West, that is on the Independent. This is


confusing on a number of levels. The impact it could have with food


security in Africa. The story is that West African fish stocks are


being diverted by various large Western food organisations. And the


fish, instead of feeding hungry West Africans in coastal communities, is


instead being used by these large organisations to feed pigs,


chickens, and salmon, in the developed world, in order to produce


cheaper meat and fish for us. And the justification for it, it is hard


to find one. Making money, isn't it? That is the justification that is


trashing the oceans globally. This is a huge problem for, obviously,


West Africans living on the coast, who depend on fish for a large part


of their protein intake. Let's look at the bigger picture. Have seen


fish stocks declining around the world, a certification caused by


greenhouse gas emissions, coral bleaching from the coral reef to the


Caribbean. -- acidification. The Sunday Times. She has done us proud


to be big headed babies are brightest. Who is the brightest


here? It is not me. I have a small head. Strangely shaped. I have a big


one. Is filled with useful brain? At least metaphorically. It is an


interesting story. It is not that the circumference and volume of your


head could be linked to medical and intellectual health. But this data


looks robust. It has 500,000 people as a dataset studied over quite a


long period of time. One of the interesting aspects of this study is


that they have... As reported in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, 17


genes have been found that dictate quite easily who will go to


university. This is the problem with a tutor-proof test to get into


grammar school. You could just measure their heads. That sounds


simple. Like go around with one of those sticks to find out who goes


in. It sounds like we are close to unravelling something major about...


Were you about your tummy to be quiet? No.


LAUGHING. That is the papers for the night. Toby and Matthew. Both of you


are big headed. Good work, both of you.


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