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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the columnist for the Daily Telegraph,


Tim Stanley and Susie Boniface, who's a columnist -


known as the Fleet Street Fox - for the Mirror.


Could only get into the building if you wore blue. We cannot get the


pictures of the front pages for some reason, I dent understand why so we


are going to have 18 minutes of discussion. And you would be


pleased. Let us start with the Telegraph, Hammond's warning to


business, irresponsible companies face backlash in push to put workers


on board and curb bosses pay. This is Philip Hammond saying that


customers want to know that workers' rights are being respected? Guillem


act yes and if you read some of the detail, he's talking about defending


government plans for workers on boards, he's going to take action on


executive pay, he is going to review workers' rights. All on the eve of


the Conservative conference, this is almost Corbin nonexpert. This is the


kind of thing that will make John McDonnell spit teeth. To know that


somehow or another. -- Corbynomics. We have gone a Labour Party quite a


long way to the left and that has pushed the Tories even further to


the left so I don't know who is right and who is left. Are you


convinced by that? Yes. A lot of unions will be pleased and they are


concerned that Brexit means that they will have to give up the


workers' rights that is bestowing on us by membership of the European


Union? I think this interview tells us a couple of things, first of all


this suggests that Theresa May has taken charge over Philip Hammond.


They have not been elected together, they were thrown together but the


fact that Philip Hammond are saying things that you normally associate


with Theresa May indicate that he is part of a team and he's not going to


go his own way. Secondly tells us that Theresa May wants to be Angela


Merkel, it is highly ironic that our Conservative Prime Minister is


adopting Christian Democrat European style social and economic policies.


What happens in Germany is you have a state managed corporatism whether


stating courage is things like workers sitting on boards. That is


reflective of her approach towards capitalism, she's not a metropolitan


liberal that is into corporations doing what they want, she's not a


libertarian. She is a provincial woman. She has been surrounded by


small business people all her life, she's someone who sees things from


the point of of the shop floor, she has talked about helping the working


classes. We are going to see at the conference this week, a very new and


distinctive personal brand of conservative. And kitten heels. And


what is interesting is that things that Philip Hammond has said, and


immigration protecting skilled workers and making sure that the


economy doesn't suffer too much, this is the kind of thing that will


worry a big chunk of the Conservative Party who you might


want to personify as being more white wing or pro-Brexit, saying


this sounds like we are not going all of the way for Brexit, how this


is all going to work internally if they start having some social


Democratic, economic policy that is not currently existing Conservative


theology I suppose, ideology, how that is going to work internally,


because Liam Fox, John Redwood, Boris Johnson, David Davis, are


going to start having hissy fits about this? Yes. We will come back


to Theresa May and her control in the times in a minute. The Daily


Mail says there are secret taxed eels for football millionaires, they


are about to cut their income tax is, how so? It is very complicated,


when you are paid by a couple paying football comedy get your salary but


there is an issue of what happens to your image rights, like your face


appearing on towels and lunchboxes, which apparently happens. Hitherto,


what has been happening allegedly is that some players have been diverted


the income from the club into the image rights, it means that they can


pay a corporation rate of tax on the money they earn rather than an


income tax level. The Daily Mail says that what has been going on for


two years without us realising is that HMRC allegedly has been saying


to players that you shouldn't really do that but if you are going to do


that then OK but you can only do that with a fifth of your income.


Now they know about it, now suddenly we there about it and that is what


the Daily Mail is reporting. Compare to previous behaviour in the image


rights, there is an accountancy loophole that the HMRC has caught up


with, they have put a limit on how much you can do that, on the one


hand, that appears to be HMRC pulling its fingers out, on the


other hand when the Daily Mail tries to find out what the current deals


are, HMRC have delayed, denied, said no comment, not put stuff out,


refused to answer and so despite months of a newspaper asking what


the dealers, they haven't said. It doesn't matter whether HMRC think it


is popular or not, if this is official policy, with what is


happening with tax funding, it is something that everyone should know.


So if you have a photograph of yourself with a byline, could you do


the same with your newspaper? You can but I don't think you would get


away with it. If you are having a picture used with a company website,


that is the issue as well. One particular group, is getting


favourable treatment. Might image may be used as a dart board. So I


don't know if I should be getting money. The Times, saying she is a


control freak MP? It just sounds like she has taken over a new job.


They are making a lot out of this, is things like Mr Cameron's aides


were hustled out of number ten within minutes of him leaving, will


that is fairly normal. Apparently Samantha Cameron has met with Philip


made, to look at image. And Arab Obama said he was impressed with the


gender balance at her team, it doesn't sound like much of a coup


d'etat for me. It sounds slightly contrived. Samantha Cameron met with


Philip made to talk about a Prime Ministerial spouse, I want to know,


what it meant: make sure you have the right kind of bikini for the


beach. Watch a wallpaper choices, because when foreign state leaders


visit you will have your picture taken. The Daily Mail will be


reporting how much oil lamps cost. I would just be fascinated. I'm sure


that Philip may sat there and went Ono. To defend, it is true and feet


street feels that part of the problem with Theresa May is that she


is so self-possessed and self-controlled, she keeps her own


counsel and she doesn't gossip and leak stuff. We need a wreck as our


Prime Minister. -- we want. Try to piece together a personality


profile, don't forget, the conference is the first big chance


to present herself to Britain and explain what she's going to do.


Trying to piece together some picture of her private life is


Ashley pretty hard to do. No wonder they are going on about her shoes so


much. Character is all they have got. Polish builders have been saved


from Brexit, European construction workers and tradespeople are set for


an exemption. This was a worry, that key workers who were not bankers


were going to find it difficult to come and work in the country? It was


one of those on main things that was going to be discussed at length,


whether we were going to lose the migrants, or whether there was no


point. Unsurprisingly, there will be some kind of a fudge, where you


store have the migrants that you need. But as with everything with


Brexit, you have to see the inside of it to see what the text is, but


this can only be speculation because we do not know. There have been no


deals, no discussion, has anything been published yet, about what is


gay to happen with freedom of movement, maybe a freedom of


movement with some foreign country. A sort of EU style freedom of


movement. Or whether we will have any kind of movement, we don't know


so this whole front page is guesswork. There will be a lot of


occupations that will want to have opportunities like that? Yes it is


not clear exactly what system will suit that, we thought it might be a


points-based system, it has been suggested that is not tough enough.


The interview we have got with Philip Hammond, he insists that


whatever happens, access to high skilled workers will be retained yet


we have also been given word that the system will involve quotas in


some way and actual numbers will be brought down because when Theresa


May was Home Secretary, she said she felt frustrated in her attempts for


immigration so that suggests that there will be an attempt to reduce


numbers, but exactly who and how they will manage that and who


decides how the workers are important. Britain divorce lawyers,


draft Brexit on art, wine and property, our share of the spoils.


This is the most important thing in any split, I made sure that my


husband didn't get the wine. He doesn't know that. He does now. I


was drinking it for years, it was brilliant. What they are talking


about is that although we are going to split, don't laugh, it is true.


There are a lot of EU assets. So although we will have to lose money


on one side, our trade negotiators are going to look at the other side


of the balance sheet in terms of apparently, we owe them a part of a


European art collection. According to the amount that we pay into the


EU we may well have some sort of claiming rights over 5000 bottles of


wine. But only 250 bottles of spirits. 2.25 euros million worth of


art and 10 million euros worth of book value at European Court of


Justice building, and they will also talk about pension deals because


there are British citizens who are employees of the EU through us in


Brussels who have pension rights, who have jobs in the have to decide


what they are going to do in terms of keeping it on. Whether we will


pay their pensions for 50 years down the road, it is like any divorce, it


is the pensions and the assets that cause the real row. I say keep it


simple, just that half of the wealth down the middle and we will take one


half and they will take the other. One of the things that stands out,


is a building. It is 32 Smith Square, the former home of


Conservative Central office, is currently run by the EU on behalf of


the European Parliament and in that building Nigel Farage currently has


an office. Says he's rented an office in the EU which we are going


to take back anyway. What a confusing mess. We are going back to


the mail. I am putting it to one side because I was hoping we did not


have to talk about this. The Daily Mail. Charlatan George, charlatan


pull-out. -- Charlotte and George. Do you have a problem with this? Why


would I? This is great, this is about projecting Britain around the


world, this is about building bridges and alliances and


reaffirming historical ties. That is what the Royal family exists to do,


they are human beings but they are also effectively bankrolled by us,


they are the face of us and what they can do to spread joy around the


world and increase its image and earning power, I say God bless you


man. Your 32nd start now. You are entirely right, this Canadian trip


is not just a nice holiday, this has been arranged purely because we are


currently involved in Canadian Brexit negotiations. Canada has


recently talked about and EU trade deal for itself and it wants us to


join a trade deal, we would be quite keen on joining it, so that we can


Brexit sooner. Part of the reason therefore, you have a royal visit,


it was when William and Kate turn up, there is lots of fantastic


beneficial effects from that and you have more tourism. You can bring a


whole swathe of government officials along with you and lots of media


coverage and tourist spots. What is wrong with that? The fact is that is


what the raw family is poor. But I don't think that is what a


16-month-old child should be doing. They are sweet young children but


they had been born into a family that does this for a living whether


they like it or not and I tend to think that the children should be


going on a trade deal mission which is what this is and many of them are


coming up in the next year or 18 months around the world. They should


be doing that when they are 15 and 18 not when they are 16 months and


three years old. They can take them with and not have a photograph, that


is what happens, Kate and wheels are very good at making sure, the fact


that they are being pushed out like this is purely to put money in


businessmen 's pockets, it is not to make us happy. I think that there


should be a creche that they are put into. I might ask them to give you


some parenting advice. The Guardian says that Syrian regime blocks 80%


of the supply. Just six convoys reaches it. How much of an exclusive


this is I don't know, but the scale of the obstruction is what leaks


out? Absolutely, the ceasefire has broken down effectively, the great


powers have not managed to bring peace and stability, the reason for


that is because the side they are backing have contrary aims, which


this appalling story is a reflection what matters to President Assad is


not ending the civil war, bringing peace and stability, what matters is


securing control of the hit, and even if it means securing aid, he


will do it. What can the international community do about it?


It is almost impossible, there is no guy in a white hats that you can


back to be the eventual victor. There is no promise of democracy,


there is just horrible people. So it will be messed the matter what you


are going to do and I think it is too late to do anything about it. It


is going to be what it is going to be, it is a vacuum.


Mighty change with a change of American president? No, one


candidate supports the policy status quo had argued he was responsible


for the status quo in Hillary Clinton and the other candidates


point of view in Syria are very hard to concern. They are crazy. They


imply that he's not ready to do the job. Finally, the Stealth bedroom


tax, the poorest pensioners to lose hundreds of pounds a year. But I


thought, that there was supposed to be some kind of exemption or extra


help? There is supposed to be a system by which you can claim by


your local authority some emergency support, but that was a finite fund


that was set up under the coalition government. That money will have


long since run out so it may well be that you will be further hit by a


bedroom tax and there is going to be problems for you. However I did see


something saying that the bedroom tax was not going to be committed


quite as harshly so who knows? And of course its official name is the


spare room subsidy and you could argue that with the housing crisis,


can we afford to have people living in homes bigger than they need?


Equally the scale of housing problem is such that the number of families


affected by it is so comparatively small that the idea of driving one


person out of their home in order to free it up for seven people is


arguably fantasy. I have no reason to say this, but I get the


impression, that what is happening in number ten, everything is on the


table. It might be another area of welfare reform they are trying to


roll back and this is the kind of headline, I have an instinct that it


is the kind of thing that reason they doesn't want associated with


her government. Just as cold. As it is here. That is it for tonight,


don't forget, you can read a detailed review, on the papers page


of our Internet. And each night addition is posted shortly after it


is finished, and also thank you to Tim Stanley and Susan Boniface.


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