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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


Giving up their Saturday evening especially for us...


With me are journalist and author Toby Young


Nice to have you both here, thank you.


The Sunday Times says Theresa May's fired the Brexit starting gun,


saying she'll launch a "Great Repeal Bill" in the Spring,


scrapping the law that took Britain into Europe 44 years ago.


The Express also has that story, proclaiming 'At Last!


Brexit also leads the Observer - with claims from former


Education Secretary Nicky Morgan that the UK turning its back


on the single market and closing its borders doors


to the single maket a hard Britain leaving the EU will lead to bigotry.


It also has an interview Samantha Jefferies,


the widow of Falklands hero, who this week won a High Court


Brexit galore ahead of the Conservative Party conference in


Birmingham, that is the subject likely to dominate the conference.


The Sunday Times says this, May fire is Brexit starting gun, Tim Shipman,


in an interview with him, sometimes we see him at the desk.


How will this great repeal Bill work? The story is that she will


introduce a bill in the next Queen 's speech proposing to repeal the


1972 communities act, that took us in to the European Community. What


it did was make EU law, European Law as it then was, supreme over British


law. This would effectively be restoring sovereignty to the British


Parliament. It is being presented, I think being spun, by to reason and


her team, as a kind of Brexit means Brexit attitude towards Brexit -- by


Theresa May and her team. We will repeal this act and make British law


supreme again. But constitutionally it is difficult to imagine how we


would withdraw from the European Union without repealing the European


Communities Act. She would have to do that. I don't think it has much


bearing on the hard versus soft Brexit debate. She is beginning the


process though, formally, of Britain's withdrawal from the EU.


There is no ambiguity about that going forward but the exact nature


of what the relationship would be with the EU post Brexit is up for


grabs. What is interesting is the fact that she has done this


interview with The Sunday Times. It to political journalists complain


there is not a lot coming from Downing Street, it is pretty


watertight. She is carefully chosen her but all week we've had


columnists gearing up and saying it is time she got started. Peter


butterball on Saturday morning, and they are saying, what has taken her


so long? Clearly this is the right time for her to press the starting


button, don't you think? And I think, also, it has to be the way


she tells it. As Frank Carson used to say, and how she tells it. How


she put it across will matter of great deal tomorrow. If we look at


the Sunday Telegraph's take on it, she says -- it says "Made takes it


to EU law". If we take it all in, we have to rummage through to see which


bits eventually down the track we would want to keep? That would mean


British MPs would vote on it, rather than it being imposed upon us by


Brussels, that is what... But we have always had a say in Brussels,


haven't we? We sent our own ministers and MEPs to Brussels, but


it brings it down to Westminster? I suppose, hitherto something like 59%


of the UK laws originated... Toby, let's not get started on those


percentages! No laws thereafter originating in Brussels would have


to become additional. One of the things Theresa May is proposing to


do -- British law. She is proposing to incorporate all those EU laws


that apply to Britain at the moment into British law, and then decide


which bit she wants to jettison at which bits we want to keep. At the


moment, it would be taking lock, stock and barrel on to the British


statute. So what is the point of Brexit? We had to have some laws to


tide us over, we cannot have a vacuum... There would be a myriad of


difficulties if we did not take all EU laws that apply to Britain, it


would be illegal for the city to continue to trade. Nobody would know


where they stood. We talk about British law, but there's no such


thing, wouldn't Scotland have to take these laws for themselves? They


have a separate legal system. We've not heard a squeak from Nicola


Sturgeon today... She has responded on twitter to some of the things


that people have... Only this evening. One of the details of this


business, David Davis will give a speech, some of that has been leaked


in the Sunday Telegraph, he will say various EU laws apply to workers'


rights that will be incorporated into the British statute books. That


removes the pillar of the labour remained case, which is that these


rights would be in jeopardy the moment we voted to leave. That


seems, I think, designed in part to ensure Jeremy Corbyn does not oppose


the great repeal act. But assuming those laws remain on the statute


books here, in Scotland and England and Wales and Northern Ireland... It


makes my head hurt actually thinking about it! But it is one day at a


time, isn't it? She has pressed the button, it will all start, and I


think if these leaks are all true, she is preparing the way, hopefully


what she is trying to do is get Brexit out way so she can talk about


other stuff. It's the only story around! You have the Observer saying


that hard Brexit would breathe new bigotry, says leading Tory. Nicky


Morgan, the former Education Secretary, she was sacked in July


and she was critical not so long ago that there is not a proper road map,


she did not think Theresa May had a plan and now she is saying that


there will be trump like attitude is growing in this country? Yes, she


has decided to sound a note of dissent -- Trump like attitudes. On


the eve of the Conservative Party conference, she has lead to some of


her speech to the Observer newspaper. One of the reasons


Theresa May is making the speech tomorrow and not as her set piece


political speech later at the end of the Conservative Party conference,


she hopes to park the issue and move on to defining what it is she stands


for and what she wants the government to do over the next four


years, aside from Brexit. She does not want to be defined by that. It


is imposed upon her. It looks like there will be Cabinet members making


dissenting speech to rob the conference, she will not clear the


air at beginning to enable them to set out stall on Wednesday. They


were not going to make it that easy for her. Let's finish with Brexit,


and Matt's cartoon... He is so good at this... There is a man at the


podium and he says this... It's brilliant. I think it is lovely. Who


could have brought together Brexit and The Great British Bake Off? Now


let's stay with the Observer. Syrian children pictured among the


rubble south of Syria's border with Turkey.


The headline, Russia warns US as hospital is hit in UN blitz.


This is a hospital which is being hit for the second time in eastern


Syria in three days. What is the warning from Russia?


Russia is being blamed for these strikes? The whole thing makes you


feel so helpless, I think. We cannot do anything about it. All you can


say is, isn't it awful that they are attacking hospitals and aid convoys?


When that baby was pulled out of the rubble the other day, the aid


worker... The rescuer, he was in tears. I saw Kate Silverton in tears


just talking about it. That's all you can do, you can cry and do


nothing... We aren't even seeing the worst of the pictures. They are so


gruesome we don't even put them on British television because they are


so upsetting. You just want someone to stand up to Vladimir Putin. Yeah,


what is shocking about this, there are a lot of things that are


shocking, bombing a hospital is pretty shocking, but the fact that


Russia is completely shameless. It is making no bones about the fact


that it has barrel bombed a hospital in Aleppo. Essentially putting it


out of commission. The kinds of bombs that burst open with


immense... Causing immense damage because of the stuff they are packed


with. It is a flagrant breach of international law. On the Telegraph


front page, they have Boris, Apple Foreign Secretary, accusing Russia


of double top -- double top strikes, they bomb a


particular area so that first responders arrive on the scene, then


bomb it again. That's old IRA tactics... It brings home how


important it is that Donald Trump is not made president of the US, it


looks like Donald Trump is a Putin puppet. What about the sport, and


light relief. Sergio Garcia, he played amazingly well this


afternoon. Toby and I will take a back-seat on this one... That's


deferred to Philippa, a keen golfer herself, tell us why this is so


exciting. The Ryder Cup is something very special. I have to say, I shot


my blinds and get the ice cream in, and watch it for four days. I have


been watching it all day today... We are lucky to have you here tonight!


The first day was horrendous. Four down, the Americans won the first


four matches, but today, this particular pairing, Sergio?Garcia


and his partner, Cabrera Bello, they were four down again, four down,


they were going to be wiped out but they started to fight back.


Gradually one after the other, they pulled back. Something like four


birdies in a row, and it meant half a point. Half a point does not sound


very much but in terms of spirit, that half point is probably worth


about three points, because they had been up against not only the


American team but a really horrible partisan crowd. The behaviour of the


American... Spectators has been appalling. They've been sharing


missed putts, when someone's ball goes into the water... Heckling?


Yes, it's just been awful. Might have whetted our appetite with that!


Toby, you gone very quiet! Let's hope Toby can help us out with


shoulder pads! This story on the front of the Sunday Telegraph, about


Do -- Dynasty coming back. I don't hold


out much hope. Dallas was revived in 2012, and it lasted for about three


seasons before they pulled the plug. Dynasty was always... It was always


the poor relation of Dallas. The Carrington 's and the Colbys, wasn't


it? Yes, Jerry Collins in Dynasty. I was on the women's page when it came


out, dispatched down to Harrods to do the first shoulder padded jackets


that came in, they were fantastic. I took them into my editor, Sir Larry


Lamb at the time, and we photographed them, just the jackets,


and he looks at me and says, my wife would not wear a jacket like that


without a blouse! And I thought, right, that's the end of my


career... I wonder whether it will catch on again. Would you wear it? I


certainly wouldn't, my shoulders are quite big enough without shoulder


pads! That's all for The Papers this hour but Tony and Philippa will be


back at half past 11 for another look at the stories making the front


pages tomorrow. Stay with us on BBC News, at 11pm, more on the great


repeal Bill announced by the Prime Minister Theresa May. Coming up




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